Al-Fateh Considers Parliament’s Approval Of Food Security “Organized Theft”

Al-Fateh Considers Parliament’s Approval Of Food Security “Organized Theft”

Al-Fateh Considers Parliaments Approval Of Food Security Organized TheftToday, Thursday, the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ali Hussein, considered the parliament’s approval of the Food Security Law as an organized theft and waste of public money, while revealing the proportion of the law allocated to the Iraqi people.

Hussein said in an interview with the “Information” agency, that “the percentage obtained by the Iraqi people from food security allocations does not exceed 3%,” wondering, “How is the vote on a law whose title is different from its content?”

He added, “The Iraqi people need food and do not need this law, especially at this critical time and in light of a caretaker government, political problems, security instability and disasters in most government areas.”

The leader in Al-Fateh explained that “food security is waste and theft of money, but in an organized manner and does not fall within the financial control, as is the case with the federal budget,” calling on members of the House of Representatives to “feel the level of responsibility that has been placed upon them to serve the Iraqi people, for history is merciless and that the people do not Have mercy and God Almighty is on the lookout.”

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Representative Jamal Kougar, had previously confirmed to Al-Maalouma that the food security law that Parliament voted on yesterday does not match its title with its content, indicating that the financial distribution in the law was negative and far from the main content and objectives of the law and what was allocated for food. Not more than 25% of the original amount

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