Suron reveals the date of completion of the ministerial cabinet

Suron reveals the date of completion of the ministerial cab: Fayadh excluded

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Special – Mawazin News: MP revealed the alliance of the other Qusay Mohsen, Sunday, the date of voting on the completion of the cabinet cabin, while referring to the exclusion of Interior Ministry candidate Faleh al-Fayadh.

Mohsen said in an interview with Mawazine News that “after the meeting of others and Fatah, it was agreed to vote on the candidates of the remaining ministries in the first week of the next legislative term.”

He added that “according to the data, the candidate of the Fath Alliance to the Ministry of Interior Faleh Fayyad is not among the candidates who will be submitted to the House of Representatives to give them confidence.”

On October 24, the House of Representatives granted confidence to the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, while 4 ministries, namely Defense, Interior, Justice and Education, remained vacant.

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UN calls on Iraq to form government soon

The opening session of New Iraqi Parliament held at the Parliament Building on 3 September 2018 in Baghdad, Iraq. [Haydar Karaalp - Anadolu Agency]

UN calls on Iraq to form government soon

The United Nations (UN) yesterday called on Iraq to form a government as soon as possible, asking the country’s political parties to fill the four ministerial positions which remain vacant.

Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq and Head of United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, made the remarks during a joint press conference with the head of Sadrist movement’s political body, Nassar Al-Rubaie.

Hennis-Plasschaert said a number of issues were discussed during the meeting, including the need to accelerate the formation of a government and focus on the provision of services, as well as economic and social development.

She stressed that the international community’s support for Iraq must continue in the future, noting that the UN has spent billions of dollars on areas retaken from Daesh, without giving further details.

Four ministerial positions are still vacant in the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, namely the defence, interior, justice and education portfolios. Several political blocs, including Saeiroon, have rejected the candidacy of Faleh Al-Fayadh for Minister of Interior, as well as that of Faisal Al-Jarba as Minister of Defence.

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Turkey attached to the unification of customs tariff in Iraq

Turkey attached to the unification of customs tariff in Iraq

(VOI) – The Turkish ambassador in Baghdad, Fatih Yildiz, said on Sunday that he had discussed with the Minister of Finance, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Fuad Hussein, the unification of customs tariffs at the Ibrahim al-Khalil crossing.

“I spoke a little while ago with the Assistant Prime Minister and Finance Minister Fuad Hussein,” Yildiz said in a tweet on his Twitter account. “He supported the lifting of internal customs duties in Iraq from the evening of February 16, 2019.”

He explained: will henceforth apply a unified customs tariff in the port of Ibrahim Khalil whether internal checkpoints were removed or not.

The Turkish ambassador in Baghdad said: “I informed him that we will follow up this subject,” noting that the Turkish shipping companies that use the crossing confirmed what the Iraqi minister said.

The General Authority of Customs announced the implementation of the Convention for the abolition of customs points established on the federal border with the Kurdistan region and the commencement of the unification of customs procedures at all border crossings as of Saturday.

The Director-General of the Kurdistan Regional Customs, Samal Abdul Rahman, on Sunday, that it was agreed on a unified tariff table in all of Iraq, based on the tariff of the region, “He said ,” The agreement on the unification of customs tariff was the result of serious work between the joint committees and welcomed the The Iraqi customs authority to remove the customs controls that were established on the main roads leading from Mosul and Kirkuk to the Kurdistan region.

The General Authority of Customs has announced on the eighth of this month, the start and direct implementation of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (13) for the year 2019 on the unification of tariffs and procedures with the Kurdistan Region and all border crossings and the adoption of a unified customs declaration {customs statement} in Arabic and Kurdish.

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Iraq raises its investment in US bonds to the highest level in 2018

Iraq raises its investment in US bonds to the highest level in 2018

Iraq raises its investment in US bonds to the highest level in 2018

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Iraq raised its holdings of US debt instruments during the month of December, last record to the highest levels in 2018.

According to US Treasury data, Iraq’s ownership of US bonds jumped 67.1 percent in December to $ 34.6 billion ($ 41.364 trillion), the highest level in 2018, compared to $ 20.7 billion ($ 24.747) a month earlier From 2017.

On a monthly basis, Iraqi ownership of US Treasuries rose 7.8 percent in December from a month earlier to $ 32.1 billion (38.376 trillion dinars).

Iraq raised its holdings of US bonds in December for the third month in a row (31.1 billion dollars, or 37.18 trillion dinars) in October, and 29.4 billion dollars (35.148 trillion dinars) in September.

Iraq ranked fourth with Arab ownership of US bonds; Saudi Arabia topped the list with $ 171.6 billion (205.148 trillion dinars), second with the UAE at 56.8 billion dollars (67.904 trillion dinars) and Kuwait with 41.3 billion dollars (49.374 trillion dinars).

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KRG “suspends Oil Exports to Iran”

KRG “suspends Oil Exports to Iran”

By John Lee.

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) has reportedly suspended oil exports to Iran.

According to Anadolu Agency, the KRG’s Ministry of Finance and Economy did not specify a reason for the move, and “it remains unclear whether the suspension is linked to U.S. sanctions on Iran.”

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An investigation that inflames Iraqi demands to hold Nuri al-Maliki accountable

An investigation that inflames Iraqi demands to hold Nuri al-Maliki accountable

Amid Iraqi misery and popular discontent over political conflicts and rampant corruption in most parts of the country, Iraqis recalled former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after the US DailyBest recently published an investigation into his involvement and relatives in corruption deals with an American firm.

The US Justice Department is conducting an investigation with the military contracting firm, Sayleport Global Services, to make sure it has allegedly played a role in bribing Iraqi officials in exchange for extraordinary contracts, the paper said.

She added that influential individuals – including Maliki – have relations with a Kuwaiti company called “Horizons”, which allegedly sold the access and facilities of a large number of US military contracts, and the story of the company Horizons and its relations with US military contractors in Iraq came from two amounts disclosed with their information on Despite the personal danger they pose.


She explained that she was able to verify the credibility of some of the allegations through documents and interviews with several people, including contractors and workers in the field of trade in Iraq, who asked not to be named for fear of reaction against them.

Saliport operates military facilities in various parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, but the company’s flagship projects are at Balad Air Base, a base in northern Baghdad that includes US-funded F-16s.

In January 2014, Saliport received a contract from the Air Force to provide security support, training and security services to Al Qaeda, including essential services such as food and electricity, where Saliport received $ 1.1 billion for its services.

A history of corruption

Many consider that the period of Maliki’s rule, which extended between 2006 and 2014, Iraq was exposed to many disasters and crises, including corruption crimes cost Iraq tens of billions.

The biggest crisis witnessed by Iraq under Maliki was the control of the Islamic state organization on large parts of Iraq.

Many are demanding an investigation into the reasons for the bloody fall of the Iraqi army in that period and blame Maliki for it.

Communication activists

After the newspaper revealed the involvement of Maliki and close to him, Iraqi activists commented on Maliki and accused him of corruption.

Activist Mohammed said that Maliki was the worst dictator witnessed by Iraq, and that he came on the back of tanks “Bush”, and destroyed the country in favor of Iran.

Blogger Gamal al-Hakim described the investigation, which was revealed by the US Department of Justice, as an alarming scandal and three-sided, the first is the Saliport company, the second is Maliki and his family, and the third is Afaq.

Iraqi writer Shaho Al-Qarra Daghi questioned Maliki’s accountability for his crimes and the corruption scandals he was involved in, noting that the Daily Daily revealed that Maliki, his son and son-in-law had dealt with a company that played a role in bribing US security contracts.

He called on the Iraqi judiciary to move to punish him and others like him for their corruption so that we believe that there is an independent judiciary in Iraq.

The media confirmed Mustafa Salem that the corruption of al-Maliki resulted in the destruction of cities and thousands of martyrs, adding that the investigations of the US Justice Department indicate his involvement and his son and son-in-law deals corruption.

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Signs of a breakthrough in the formation of the government through the opening

Signs of a breakthrough in the formation of the government through the opening

Signs of a breakthrough in the formation of the government through the opening and ...
Baghdad / Sky Press – Political sources revealed that the Fatah al-Fath al-Fath, and others, discussed during their recent meetings the names of alternative candidates for Faleh al-Fayadh for the interior portfolio. As the deputy of the last two of the consultations of forming the government may restore the sectarian alignment, the PUK announced the decision of the Ministry of Justice for its benefit.

The sources quoted political sources yesterday as saying that al-Fath and Sultoun, during their meetings, were talking about two names for candidates to take over the portfolio of the Interior Ministry in the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi instead of the current national security adviser Faleh al-Fayadh. She revealed that the first name is the leader of the Badr Organization, Tahsin Abdul Matar al-Aboudi, aka Abu Montazer al-Husseini, and the former director of nationality, Major General Yasin Taher al-Yasiri.

Earlier, MP Mohammed Karim Abdul-Hussein, the opening statements in the signs of the release of the crisis to complete the composition of the government of Abdul-Mahdi.

He pointed out that there is a strong search for a new meeting expected between the allies of Fatah and others. He reported on the formation of joint committees between the two alliances to discuss a new mechanism to resolve the internal portfolio. He expected that the coming days will see a meeting between the two alliances to put new names instead of Fayadh.

He warned the deputy from Anbar province Yahya Mohammadi, the re-alignment of political sectarian during the meetings currently underway between some blocks. He explained that all the blocks have seen withdrawals during the past few days. He stressed that all political alliances fragile, and the movement of conquest and others do not include the national axis, and we are afraid of the failure of the project cross-sectarian alliances. He added that the axis is still within the construction coalition, and did not decide or plan any withdrawal at the moment.

There were reports of a delegation from the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the province of Sulaymaniyah yesterday, to hold a meeting with members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, to discuss the formation of the new government in the region and the draft political agreement between them.

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Former PM Maliki accused of corruption, U.S. DOJ investigates


Former PM Maliki accused of corruption, U.S. DOJ investigates

Former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki might be exposed as one of the corrupted officials according a recent investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice is investigating a military contracting company, Sallyport Global Services, to find out if it played a role in the alleged bribery of Iraqi government officials in exchange for exclusive contracts that cost American taxpayers billions.

An investigation by the independent Government Accountability Project for The Daily Beast raised disturbing questions that go far beyond rogue employees of a Pentagon contractor.

Powerful individuals, including Maliki, are tied to a Kuwaiti company called Afaq which allegedly sold access and dictated terms for a significant number of American military contracts.

The story of Afaq and its ties to American military contractors in Iraq comes from whistleblowers, who spoke out at great personal risk, and we were able to confirm several details through public and corporate documents.

Of the more than 30 sources interviewed, including contractors and people in business in Iraq, all asked to remain anonymous, citing fear of potential retaliation.

In January 2014, Sallyport acquired an Air Force contract to provide security, training, and “life support,” which means providing necessities like food and electricity, on base. Sallyport has received $1.1 billion for its work at Balad. It predicts it will earn $800 million more by 2021.

Sallyport operates military installations throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, but its crown jewel is Balad Air Base, a large F-16 base north of Baghdad.

Balad is an Iraqi base, but it’s funded by the U.S. government.

Afaq is ultimately controlled by al-Maliki, according to 10 sources, some of whom had firsthand knowledge of al-Maliki’s involvement, while other sources’ information was secondhand.

Al-Maliki’s son, Ahmad al-Maliki, and later his son-in-law, Yasser Sukhail al-Maliki, were also involved with Afaq, sources said.

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Iraq customs

Travel Visa Services    Iraq customs

Free import

• 200 cigarettes or
• 50 cigars or
• 250 grammes of tobacco
• Up to 1 litre in wines or spirits
• 500 ml of perfume in two small opened bottles
• Up to 25 Dinars can be imported and sums no greater than 5 Dinars can be exported out of the country. (This item was changed to this verbiage as of this morning – “Local currency (Iraqi Dinar-IQD) and foreign currencies: must be declared on arrival”. They took down the part about 25 Dinars imported and 5 Dinars exported? )


• Israeli currency
• Illegal drugs
• Guns, Explosives and ammunition – unless authorised
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Nuclear material – except for legitimate industry or medical purposes
• Meat and milk products
• Artefacts of important religious or historical importance are completely restricted
• Antique carpets
• Magazines, films and other material against the public interest
• Pets and other animals – unless permission has been obtained
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material


• All travellers entering Iraq are required to take an AIDS test. Travellers suffering from AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis or leprosy will be deported.
• Material used in the creation of explosives including fertilizers is restricted from entering the country without a special licence from the Ministry Of Trade.
• Plants and plant products will require permission from the Ministry Of Trade.
• Countries which have suffered outbreaks of bird flu cannot import fowl or poultry products into the country without permission
• Any dogs, cats and other pets will have to be cleared by the Iraq live animal desk before being granted permission into the country. All pets will need an Iraq International Health Certificate confirming that the animal is clean of any contagious diseases and a vaccination against Rabies.

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