Saleh welcomes the date of early elections and supports the dissolution of Parliament

Saleh welcomes the date of early elections and supports the dissolution of the Parliament

Saleh welcomes the date of early elections and supports the dissolution of the {expanded} parliament

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) President of the Republic Barham Saleh welcomed the announcement of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in his proposal for the date of early elections on June 6, 2021.

In a presidential statement, Saleh said, “The call for early, free and fair elections is one of the requirements of the desired political reform, and it is a national entitlement produced by the popular movement, as it was discussed in the last meeting of the three presidencies that we gathered with The Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament, and stressing the need to commit to holding early, free and fair elections.

He added, “In this regard, we welcome the announcement of the Prime Minister in his proposal for the date of early elections, which came in compliance with the pledges made by the government program.”

Saleh stressed “the importance of serious work to achieve this governmental commitment as quickly as possible, the political crisis in Iraq cannot bear procrastination, and the conditions of suffering that our people are going through require a courageous national decision stemming from the people’s entitlement and the right to choose an independent and coherent national government through free and fair elections.” .

And he stated, “Effective solutions stem from the citizen and his independent decision, away from fraud and fraud, and influencing his electoral choice, in order to enable the country to move towards the desired structural reform.”

The President of the Republic called on the “House of Representatives to complete the election law as soon as possible, and send it to the Presidency of the Republic for approval and implementation.”

He also called for “expediting the approval of the amendment of the law of the Federal Supreme Court, and we stress the provision of the budget and facilities required for the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission to ensure its independence and preserve the integrity of the electoral process, especially since the government has initiated the required consultations with the commission, and has announced that in the event of the provision of supplies What is required is that the Commission can then hold the elections within the period proposed by the Prime Minister.

Saleh said that “if the government presents a proposal to dissolve Parliament, we intend to agree to submit it to the House of Representatives, for the purpose of submitting it to a vote, and with the Parliament’s decision, we will formally decide no later than two months after the dissolution of Parliament, and as stipulated by the constitution.”

He stressed, “The holding of free and fair early elections requires international cooperation with the Independent High Electoral Commission, as well as the supervision of international observers to enable them to play their national role, protect them from interference and establish citizen confidence in the electoral process.”

Saleh added, “The national entitlement requires organizing honest elections as early as possible, in order to get our country out of its serious political crisis, and to enable the citizen to freely and independently determine the fate of his country without extortion and forgery.”

He explained that “the essence of the crisis experienced by Iraq stems from the spread of corruption and its direct impact on obstructing the desired reform, which also affected the electoral process in the indicators of fraud and tampering with the results, which led to the absence of citizen confidence and abstention from the elections.”

Ammar Al-Masoudi

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Parliamentary Finance proposes a road map to end “hoarding money”

Parliamentary Finance proposes a road map to end “hoarding money”

Parliamentary Finance proposes a road map to end the file "hoarding money" in homes Ayna News – Baghdad, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Representative Jamal Cougar, on Sunday presented a road map to end the file of hidden funds in homes.

Cougar said in, “A large percentage of Iraqis intend to hoard money in homes and not deposit it in banks, whether financial or private for multiple reasons, stressing that compactness is a mistake and has significant economic damage.”

He added that “pushing the government to adopt electronic payment through a smart card for all the salaries of its employees and to make dealing with it as a unified framework through the disbursement of loans and depositing receipts for the money to the departments will pay the citizens to transfer their money to the electronic trading file in paying its expenses, whether for government departments or the private sector.”

He pointed out that “the file of the hoarding of funds will end up due to the road map that he put forward, which is the most influential and approved in almost all countries of the world, especially the developed economies, pointing to the proposal to raise the interest rate has an impact, but our society is Islamic at 90% and does not interact with interest profits.”

Iraq suffers from a large proportion of the money siphoned in homes despite the presence of dozens of government and private banks due to lack of confidence in them.

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Soon .. A Kurdish delegation visits Baghdad to sign the comprehensive agreement and deliver oil and ports

Soon .. A Kurdish delegation visits Baghdad to sign the comprehensive agreement and deliver oil and ports

Baghdad today – A government source revealed a forthcoming visit by a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad, to discuss the delivery of oil and border ports in the Kurdistan region, through American and European mediation.

The source said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government is scheduled to visit Baghdad after the Eid al-Adha holiday in order to sign the comprehensive agreement.”

He added, “Baghdad and Erbil have ended all outstanding problems with regard to oil and border crossings, and there is an agreement to deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil and 50% of the revenue from border crossings.”

The source, who preferred not to be named, said that “until now, no agreement has been reached on the amount sent from Baghdad to Kurdistan, and there are negotiations to increase the additional 50 billion to be sufficient to pay the salaries of employees and the Peshmerga.”

And that “there was American mediation and the European Union mission to solve the problems and it is likely that a comprehensive agreement will be signed during the upcoming visit of the delegation of the region.”

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Iraqi government implements wide-ranging security and other measures to secure border crossings

Iraqi government implements wide-ranging security and other measures to secure border crossings

Iraq’s Joint Operations Command announced that it was deploying military forces to Iraq’s land border crossings and sea ports.

The deployment follows a pledge by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to assert the authority of the state over all of Iraq’s border crossings to root out corrupt practices, stop the loss of billions of dollars in import duties and impose the rule of law.

The military forces have been deployed to the Um Qasr and Khor Al-Zubair sea ports, and to the Shalamcheh, Abu Flus, Badrah, Al-Mundhiriyah, Al-Shayb and Zarbatiyah land border crossings with Iran.

Forces were also deployed to Safwan land border crossing with Kuwait, Al-Qaim border crossing with Syria, Trebil with Jordan and to Arar border crossing with Saudi Arabia.

Iraq’s Ministry of Defence also announced that Basra Operations Command is securing the perimeter of the Shalamcheh border crossing with Iran by constructing a trench and other barriers to prevent smugglers from using unofficial entry points near the border crossing to evade the official customs post.

Restoring the rule of law

During a visit to Mendali border crossing with Iran in Diyala Province in July, the Prime Minister said that it was time to end corrupt practices at Iraqi border crossings and to confront what he described as the “shadowy figures” who intimidate and threaten Iraqi business people and citizens.

He added:

…”This is a message to the corrupt: today we began restoring law and order. The time when public money was being wasted under different guises is over. Today we started a new phase, as we promised we would, with regard to border crossings, which have become a den, a conduit and a foothold for the corrupt. Iraq’s customs posts will be under the protection of military forces”.

Later, during a visit to the city of Basra, the Prime Minister specifically addressed corruption at Iraqi sea ports and reiterated his determination and that of the Iraqi government to end corrupt practices and the waste of public money at the ports:

…”The ports of Basra must be under the authority of the state. Billions of dollars have been wasted at the ports which went to the pockets of the corrupt”.

While in Basra, the Prime Minister ordered eight senior customs officials to be removed from their posts at Um Qasr ports.

Modernizing customs operations

The Prime Minister said that securing the customs posts and border crossings was the first step, to be followed by other measures including the modernisation of customs operations through the introduction of automation and streamlining procedures to combat corruption, end the waste of public money and improve revenue collection.

Wide-ranging reforms

Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Ali Allawi underscored, soon after coming into office, that this Iraqi government identified the diversification of the sources of state revenues, through ending the waste of public money, tackling corruption and increasing income from customs, as a top priority.

Dr. Allawi said that the new Iraqi government is committed to submitting a White Paper to Parliament in September 2020 which will set out a roadmap to reform the Iraqi economy, combat corruption, encourage investment and grow the private sector.

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Special forces secure the outlets completely and forge the central bank bills

Special forces secure the outlets completely and forge the central bank bills

Special forces secure the outlets completely and forge the central bank billsAyna News – Baghdad, President of the Border Ports Authority, Omar Al-Waeli, confirmed on Wednesday that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi personally supervises the plan to secure the ports, which are now all secure, while pointing out that the actual measures to eradicate corruption included recycling of port workers and changing corrupt cadres.

Al-Waeli said, according to government media, that “since he assumed the position of managing the Border Outlets Authority four and a half months ago, he presented a study to the Prime Minister on the reality of the border ports and the corruption and needs that are taking place in the government to solve them,” noting that “among the The proposals submitted to the Prime Minister need for a force to protect the outlets because the existing human resources are insufficient to counter any external aggression by outlaw groups. ”

He added, “The government has responded to this request, and the Prime Minister himself supervised the protection plan for the ports, visited the Mandali border outlet, imposed the prestige of the state and the law, and provided protection to the ports of Munthiriya and Mandali in Diyala, and this is the first step for the government to impose its control on these ports and then go to the seaports in Umm Qasr North, Central, South, Al Khor, Abu Flus and Al-Maqal port. Also, the Naval Force Command and the Basra Operations Command were assigned to provide a force to be present in the seaports, and then the protection force extended to the Al Shayb port in Maysan Governorate and the Safwan and Zarbatiya port in Wasit, indicating that the duty of the protection force is Providing protection for the border outlet as well as tightening control over the portal gates to prevent entry to any unauthorized person, and preventing any person who has not been authorized by the state from carrying out any customs work inside the outlets.

Al-Waeli added that “during the era of the previous government, the Border Ports Authority seized smuggling and violations after an external force managed to storm the port and enter these prohibited materials,” stressing that “all land and sea ports are now fully secured by the Special Forces and the Joint Operations Command”?

He pointed out that “these forces are unstable and in the case of continuous replacement every fifteen days to prevent acquaintance and coordination by officers and ranks,” noting that “the Prime Minister is greatly interested in the border crossing file, and there is a real will to control it to serve the citizens.”

Al-Waeli explained that “the procedures for eliminating corruption in the outlets are not superficial, because they are actual procedures that included recycling the outlets workers and changing the corrupt cadres. (90) officers were returned to the Ministry of the Interior from the affiliates, to eliminate the flabby, corruption, and interference, and they were replaced by cadres from the border outlets and received their tasks.” Calling for “closer control of the security forces to the ports, despite the presence of an outlaw group that the Prime Minister called ghosts and which supports the corrupt employee and will be eliminated, as happened in the Mandali and Munthiriya ports, after seizing prohibited items from importing milk and chicken by a security force from Taking out these goods, investigation committees were formed, officers were punished, imprisoned and tried, and all of this will not happen after the changes that were made under the direction of the Prime Minister because the employee will feel safe and will not repeat thanks to the Special Forces battalion stationed at the gate and a rapid response to address the situation to prevent any abuse.

He pointed out that “there is continuous coordination with the Operations Command around the clock, and three officers from the Authority have been assigned to work in the Joint Operations Command, liaison officers in the operations room, their mission is to communicate around the clock with the outlets and operations command to coordinate and exchange information to succeed the Prime Minister’s plan to impose the prestige of the state “.

He explained, “The procedures included the replacement of all border border managers in addition to their assistants, and a vision was presented to the Prime Minister regarding the application of this approach in the remaining departments operating in the outlets, which includes (15) departments in each outlet and in it are corrupt and righteous employees.”
He stressed that “the Border Ports Authority is the first government institution to change on the basis of integrity and efficiency within four months and after that there is an evaluation, which proves its efficiency remains or is replaced by another,” noting that “a study was presented to rotate all workers but it needs time with that has been started With the change in the most important departments and the rest gradually gradually, and a group of customs was recently replaced and all this change will have a great positive return on the country. ”

The Head of the Ports Authority revealed a plan to link the ports in the Kurdistan region to the federal outlets, stressing that there are eleven outlets in the Kurdistan region, of which only six are officially recognized from Baghdad and there are five informal outlets, explaining that “there is a real plan for connecting the ports in the region With outlets in the federal government soon. ”

He added that “there is a decision No. (13) for the year 2019, as the second paragraph of it stipulated that all the ports of the region should be linked to the federal ports, but so far it has not been implemented, and we have not reached any solution during the many discussions and meetings for more than a year,” noting that ” During the recent delegation’s visit to Baghdad to solve the problem of salaries, the issue of outlets was discussed and the delegation stated that any decision taken by the federal government must be presented to the Kurdistan Parliament for approval, and the delegation was asked to expedite the resolution of this issue.

Al-Waeli pointed out that “the prime minister’s vision is to tighten control over the federal ports and then go to the ports file in the region,” stressing that “the Ports Authority does not want to enter into a dispute with the region and seeks to solve this file through meetings and exchange of visions and in the event that it is not done Finding a solution, there will be other alternatives such as returning customs points or placing specialized authorities in the field of customs and customs and organized crime on the way to the main entrances to Mosul, Kirkuk and Diyala in order to impose fees on incoming goods.
Al-Waeli called for “the necessity of working on one agricultural calendar to ensure that the prohibited items from the region do not enter the rest of the provinces.”

Al-Waeli pointed out that “after the Corona crisis, most of the border ports with Iran and Kuwait were closed and only Trebil, Al-Qaim and the important seaports remained at seven outlets, and two important points were achieved. And food, that is, without fees, “noting that” this measure affected revenues and there are customs exemptions on some items. ”

He explained that “the Supreme Committee for National Safety issued several decisions, including the issue of airports, and stipulated that protection methods should be followed to prevent corona infection,” noting that the decision to open airports came in the wake of the urgent need of the citizen, which led to the establishment of a mechanism to tighten the entry, exit and return of travelers.

Al-Waeli stressed that “movement was carried out on the eastern outlets of the country first for the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Iran, so the ban on it then came from the outlets of the region and with Kuwait as well, unlike what happened in Syria and Jordan, and secondly is the subject of abuse that was occurring in these outlets more than others.” He pointed out that “Trebil’s port with Jordan is stable and generates high revenues. As for Syria, there are three outlets which are Rabia, Al-Qa’im and Al-Walid, two of them are suspended from work due to terrorism, only the existing one works and the exchange volume is weak.”

He noted that “the Safwan outlet is closed until now for the information that the work has been resumed from the twenty-third of this month, but it has not been officially opened and there is no commercial exchange because the corresponding Abdali outlet in Kuwait is closed,” stressing that “the outlets with Iran opened two days a week.” .

Al-Waeli stated that “the commission deals with all the outlets and with all the neighboring countries with a single standard and there is no difference between them, and the prime minister sent a delegation ten days ago headed by the Minister of Finance,” explaining that “among the important topics discussed is the opening of the Arar outlet with Saudi Arabia and Preparing all requirements in terms of the operating departments, all of them are present, and most of the preparations have been completed, “noting that” eighty-five percent of the passenger line with the Saudi side has been accomplished with a Saudi grant, but the work was stopped due to the Corona pandemic and the Saudi side asked to resume work and see the needs, there is a will It is real to open this outlet and the joint operations command was contacted, which confirmed that the road is completely secure. ”

He pointed out that “all meetings concerning the joint ports with Kuwait indicated that the Kuwaiti side allocated a grant to build the Safwan border port and requested that the land and the required plans be allocated,” explaining that “the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers sent a letter to Basra Governorate and the General Secretariat to prepare requirements with the Kuwaiti side and start to The construction of this port in record time and on high specifications of sophistication and sophistication. ”

Al-Waeli stressed that “there are procedures to protect the product in all outlets and that an important meeting with the National Security and all leaders was conducted and its focus was how to protect the national product by preventing the entry of some materials and it was agreed upon decisions that will be issued soon that will limit their entry, stressing that” there is seriousness and will to protect The national product and no one will be allowed to tamper with public money. ”

Al-Waeli pointed out that “the volume of revenue and since the beginning of this year until now has reached five hundred and thirty-seven billion dinars,” noting that “in 2018 revenue in sixteen border outlets reached one trillion, one hundred and eighty seven billion, two hundred and seventy-seven million dinars.”

He continued that “the revenues achieved in 2019 amounted to one trillion two hundred and forty three billion and eighty four million dinars in seventeen outlets,” noting that “it is always repeated in the media that the outlets are supposed to earn ten billion dollars compared to what is paid from the bills to the central bank and it must be Noting that most merchants who take bills from the central bank do not deal with them in the right way, such as the merchant withdrawing a billion dollars to import electrical and home appliances while in fact he imports cheap materials such as paper towels by one hundred million and the rest uses it for other things, and there is forgery of documents and bills and the matter does not return For the authority of the ports, but to the Central Bank and other parties, but there is a determination to tighten control and achieve higher revenues.

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KRG: We are ready to fulfill our constitutional obligations with Baghdad in exchange for securing our rights

The Kurdistan government: We are ready to fulfill our constitutional obligations with Baghdad in exchange for securing our rights

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, phone, screen and indoorBaghdad / The Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers held today, Wednesday, its regular session, headed by Masroor Barzani, and with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, through a closed-circuit television system (video conferencing).
At the beginning of the meeting, according to the statement of the regional government, of which the “Al-Ikhbariya” newspaper received a copy, “the Prime Minister touched on the positive atmosphere and understandings generated by the talks between the political parties in the Kurdistan region to end the internal tensions, as he praised on behalf of the Council of Ministers these talks and meetings for their representation An important step to close ranks and increase support for the Kurdistan Regional Government.

After that, Barzani pointed out “the importance of the presence of government ministers in the hosting sessions in the Kurdistan Parliament, and he gave them, on behalf of the Cabinet, his sincere thanks, given their information and clarifications in response to the inquiries from members of Parliament. The Prime Minister also valued coordination and work with the team spirit The one in the ninth ministerial formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government. ”

The concerned ministers presented, according to their competence, a “summary of the answers to the questions of parliamentarians in my sessions on the 27th and 28th of this month, which focused on several files, including the situation in the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the region, and measures to combat the Corona virus, in addition to the financial and economic situation in the region and another The latest developments with the federal government.

During the meeting, “The Prime Minister highlighted the latest developments of the talks between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government, and indicated that they are continuing and that the Territory government is once again showing its willingness to fulfill its constitutional obligations in exchange for securing constitutional rights and entitlements for the region, especially since there are a number of proposals That aims to reach an agreement. ”

The Prime Minister affirmed: “We hope, and at the earliest opportunity, that these talks, after the Eid holiday, result in a balanced agreement in which the interests of both sides are taken into account.”

The Cabinet stressed “the necessity of continuing the plans aimed at overcoming the current economic crisis, focusing efforts to secure financial dues and salaries, which is a priority for the government.”

At the end of the meeting, “the Cabinet discussed preventive measures and health instructions to combat the Corona Virus pandemic, particularly during the days of Eid al-Adha, and in light of this, the Cabinet directed operating rooms to take appropriate measures for the safety of citizens.”

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The Baghdad Post on Twitter

The Baghdad Post on Twitter
#BREAKING: Iraqi government announces a total #COVID-19 lockdown during the days of Eid-al-Adha starting from July 30, until August 9 in all over #Iraq, except for Kurdistan region.


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Parliamentary Integrity: Half the political class will be extinct by applying the penal code

Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirmed, on Saturday, that more than half of the political class in Iraq will disappear if the Iraqi Penal Code is applied and deactivated bills are done in the Council.

Member of the Integrity Committee, MP Jawad Hamdan, told / “Information” that “there are bills that were blocked by the political blocs in the parliament regarding amendments to the penal laws that do not serve their interests.”

He added that “the next stage requires the application of the penal code, the adoption of discontinued amendments in the House of Representatives, and the work of the judiciary away from political interference.”

He explained that “by ensuring the implementation of the Iraqi Penal Code, more than half of the current political class who have indicators of corruption and accused of stealing public money and protecting the corrupt will disappear.”

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Economist warns of a “scenario” that will limit the Iraqi economy

Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎رخداد × Download now an application Baghdad Today Baghdad today FREE In Google Play View بحث An economist warns of a "scenario" that will limit the Iraqi economy 25000 0 10000 usandDina 5000 Skip pasti 458 13:22 2020 07/25 Economie Editor: am Baghdad today Diyala‎'‎
The Independent / – An informed source confirmed that the Central Bank of Iraq management has finally decided to stop the auction of foreign currencies after the Iraqi economy was subjected to severe setbacks due to the Corona pandemic and the drop in oil prices to record levels, and the Central Bank followed a failed monetary policy.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Al-Mustaqila that the central bank’s governor has been subjected to great pressure in the past few days by many political blocs, the media and economists because of his unjustified insistence to proceed with the foreign currency auction window despite all the losses and risks incurred by the economy Iraqi.

The data published on the website of the Central Bank indicates that the last date for which a currency auction was held was on Thursday, 21/5/2020, when more than $ 180 million was purchased with the participation of more than 30 banks at the auction.
Below is the link for the results of the foreign currency sale window

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