Planning announces the allocation of 4 trillion dinars to the provinces

Planning announces the allocation of 4 trillion dinars to the provinces

التخطيط تعلن تخصيص 4 ترليونات دينار للمحافظات - وكالة العهد نيوزThe Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, announced, on Wednesday, the allocation of 4 trillions to the provinces, while he confirmed the allocations for the development of regions, which are good within the current year’s budget.

The media office of the Minister of Planning stated, in a statement that Al-Ahed News received a copy of, that “Al-Najm chaired an expanded meeting of the governors, in the presence of Kazem Al-Sahlani, secretary of the Supreme Coordination Committee for the provinces.”

Al-Najm affirmed, “The Ministry of Planning’s support for the efforts of local governments to enable them to accomplish their tasks, foremost of which is the implementation of service and investment projects in each governorate.”

He pointed out, “The Ministry has put in place easy and accessible mechanisms to ensure the completion of projects according to their timing, and in a way that contributes to providing services to citizens,” noting that “there are new powers for governors, including the possibility of transfer between the doors, and spending on the development of regions.”

He pointed out, “Establishing important measures that will be announced, to deal with the effects of changing the exchange rate on contractors,” calling on the governors “to focus on continuing projects, especially projects that have witnessed advanced completion rates.”

He added, “The Ministry of Planning will provide the best conditions to assist the provinces in implementing their projects, in accordance with the legal mechanisms.”

For his part, the Secretary of the Supreme Coordinating Committee for the Governorates, Kazem Al-Sahlani, confirmed that “the Ministry of Planning today plays an important and vital role in supporting the efforts of the provinces, indicating that the approval of the budget law in the first quarter of the year will provide a good time space for the governorates, to move forward in the achievement Projects, with the availability of appropriate financial allocations.

According to the statement, the meeting “discussed a number of issues related to the mechanisms for implementing ongoing projects, and the inclusion of new projects within the regions development program for 2021, according to the financial allocations allocated to each governorate.”

The governors emphasized that “the easy measures taken by the Ministry of Planning have contributed to and contribute to creating a state of stability, which will positively affect the implementation of projects.”

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