Iraq begins a process of financial reform to protect the economy

Iraq begins a process of financial reform to protect the economy

No photo description available.Baghdad – The Iraqi government announced today, Saturday, the start of a financial reform process that will strengthen and protect the Iraqi economy.

Finance Minister Ali Allawi said in a video clip published by the ministry today, Saturday, on Twitter: “We started with reforms. We have started the process of automation, and reforms related to the currency and the exchange rate, as part of measures aimed at strengthening the Iraqi economy.”

In a new government promise, he added, the citizen will see an improvement in light of the results that will happen, in improving the performance of the state and employees, especially in the operations of citizens.

And he added that the state will transform from a state that complicates and obstructs, to a state that helps and serves, and all this will be done through the process of modernizing devices through responsible and efficient policies.

It is noteworthy that a strong popular opposition is facing the state’s policy of raising the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar by 148 dinars per 100 dollars.


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