Nujaifi: Iraq began to thwart the empire of Iran in the region

Nujaifi: Iraq began to thwart the empire of Iran in the region

Former Iraqi parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi said in an exclusive interview with al-Arabiya and al-Hadath that parties holding power would not give up easily, but street pressure would force them to heed the protesters’ demands.

He also stressed that the Iraqi people reject Iran’s hegemony over its territory and interfere in its affairs, especially in the central and southern regions, which Iran was betting on, adding that the Iranian presence in Iraq will end even after a while.

The presence of Iran in Iraq will end

Nujaifi added: “We are going to early elections to correct the political process in Iraq,” stressing the need for UN supervision of the upcoming elections. “Iran is interfering in Iraqi affairs and will not allow its presence in Iraq to be weakened.” He pointed out that Tehran will not hand over Iraq easily, and is working to establish an empire in the region “This is beginning to fail in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.”

He called the former Iraqi parliament speaker to involve the demonstrators in the drafting of the election law and the Commission to ensure stability, wondering the role of the state in the case of clans took up arms to protect the demonstrators?

Lost control of the country management

Najafi felt that Iraq was going to unknown if the insistence of political forces not to change, pointing out that the demonstrations came out of the womb of suffering and if any external intervention Vhoh simple.

He added that the resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi was involved in the killing, “and there are people running the political process.” He added that Abdul-Mahdi gave the real power to non-state actors, he was lacking will and control over the management of the country’s affairs directly.

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