A member of the parliamentary talks about “corrupt” businessmen under the protection of influential figures in the state

A member of the parliamentary talks about “corrupt” businessmen under the protection of influential figures in the state

Baghdad Today-Baghdad: A member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, Salem Tufayli, on Saturday, November 30, 2019 about the presence of businessmen whom he described as corrupt are protected from influential figures in the state, while stressing the need to hold everyone accountable according to the law and that no one above it.

“There are businessmen involved in the theft of money and involvement in mock projects, with the help of political figures who are often in force in the state,” Tufayli said in an interview.

He added that “the law should be applied to everyone and no one should be above the law,” pointing out that “there are dozens of arrest warrants and recruitment issued against businessmen involved in the files of corruption and theft of public money.”

He pointed out that “the fight against corruption in the country should not distinguish between the corrupt abuser or the contractor or simple employee, so the law should be applied to everyone without exception, and keep the judiciary and regulatory agencies from political pressure.”

The former Chairman of the Commission on Integrity, Rahim al-Okaili, counted Wednesday (27 November 2019) laws enacted by the House of Representatives during the last period to fight corruption “suspicious”, among the Iraqi people have become unbelievable political forces that legitimized, which protect the corrupt and threaten those who pursue them .

“We cannot eradicate corruption without raising the level of accountability, and what is happening now is a good procedure to prosecute the corrupt people, which is under pressure from the demonstrations,” he said during a show hosted by Dr. Nabil Jassem.

He pointed out that he was not optimistic about the elimination of corruption. He said that this was caused by a lack of political will to fight corruption.

He stressed that “the political class in most of them have the potential to pressure the regulators and prevent them from doing their work and this is the reason for the failure to fight corruption.”

On the laws initiated by the parliament during the last period to fight corruption, Okeili said that “the laws that legislate to fight corruption are suspected because people have become unbelievable political forces that legislate.”

He pointed out that “this class has tools to prevent the accountability of the corrupt belonging to them, and there is a clash between the political forces in the file of corruption applies the title (shut up me and shut up about you).”

He pointed out that “there is a significant involvement of political forces in the file of corruption, and must allocate large funds equivalent to the money allocated in the fight against terrorism,” stressing that “the judiciary can not take its turn if the parties that have money and weapons threaten the authority and prevent From doing their duty. ”

“There are well-known corruption files that must be done to topple the whales of corruption and the judicial authorities need strong support from the demonstrators to face political money and the influence of the forces in which the corrupt are present,” the former head of the Integrity Commission said.

“The fight against corruption should be headed by a judge who is professional and impartial and must have protection to encourage it,” he said.

He went on to say, “Wherever you reach out in the Iraqi state, you find countless corruption and do not occur to human beings.And the most prominent files of corruption are speculative sums of money, which is guessing the purchase in the ministries of imported materials and getting the deals of aircraft, weapons and others, which is not difficult to stop.”

“Our thieves are stealing in the daytime without fear and do not need the tools of theft at night. The law of graft has been in place since 2011 and will not be applied and there is exploitation of popular protests now to practice corruption and not to fight it.”


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