Iraq at the tail of the attractive countries for investment

Iraq at the tail of the attractive countries for investment

BAGHDAD: Iraq ranked 106th in the list of countries attracting foreign investment out of 109 countries surveyed. The main reasons for this significant decline was the weak financial structure of the state due to the lack of clarity and transparency of the application of laws. According to economists.

The weak ICT infrastructure, the lack of economic blocs and the lack of access to credit facilities have led to this low status.

In spite of the availability of important factors attractive for investment as licenses and the availability of raw materials and natural resources, human and the right environment for work, but these factors were affected by the negative factors that led to this decline.

Iraq occupied the penultimate position among the Arab countries in the same list
and the United Arab Emirates ranked first among the Arab countries where it ranked 23rd globally, followed by Qatar at 37th place and Bahrain at 41st place, Saudi Arabia at 48th place globally.

It is clear that the main reasons for the weakness of investment are due to the established reasons and not fixed and therefore the ability to attract foreign investment may be faster than expected in the case of an executive and legislative authority whose primary objective is to improve the investment and the absence of the reasons for its weakness.

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