How much has the Iraqi money smuggled out of Iraq?

How much has the Iraqi money smuggled out of Iraq?

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq has smuggled and looted funds amounting to $ 150 billion, some of those funds are registered with the names of the former intelligence service and secret names and numbers, a lawmaker said on Tuesday .

Masoudi said in a statement to the information, that the issue of recovering the smuggled money transferred and immovable before and after 2003, where it was put in parliament and a law has been enacted to recover those funds and showed in the folds of talk in the parliament that there are Iraqi contributions to banks and sports clubs, It is therefore difficult to account for these funds. ”

He added that “the money smuggled between (100-150) billion dollars, where spread over large areas of the world and reach South America, in addition to the money overlooked by the government and registered with the names of the intelligence service and the names and secret numbers and these are among the money smuggled before 2003 ”.

He explained that “after 2003, a lot of money was stolen, especially in the era of (J Carno and Premier) in addition to money and gold coins looted from banks, in addition to money laundering operations amounting to $ 100 billion, and these funds exist in several neighboring countries, Egypt and the UAE “It has become commercial centers, real estate, airlines, banks and large-scale trades.”

And that “the magnitude of funds and lack of knowledge of their positions made the House of Representatives enacted a law providing for up to $ 10 million to those who know the government about the sites of these huge funds smuggled abroad.”

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