Counterfeit currency: How the career of Mafias and parties in Iraq?

Counterfeit currency: How the career of Mafias and parties in Iraq?

Counterfeit currency: How the career of Mafias and parties in Iraq?

Proliferated in recent years , the phenomenon of counterfeiting Iraqi and spread in the local markets, which leads to heavy losses for traders who deceive them this currency, as soon as the Ministry of the Interior to announce the arrest of gangs and mafias of counterfeit currency in the country.

Investigation agency “sure” reveals ways of counterfeiting in Iraq and the mafias visiting the currency and how to detect them and supported.

Billions of dinars fake

Data indicate the Central Bank of Iraq to the Iraqi monetary mass circulating in Iraq , the size of between 40 and 45 trillion Iraqi dinars, which is fluctuating number of banks as a result of withdrawals in various provinces damaged currency and compensated later a new currency.

However , the large monetary mass is added to this at least 4 billion Iraqi dinars counterfeit currency forged by mafias and gangs , according to the director of the release and cabinets in the central bank , “Ghulam Jafar.”

He reveals in his speech to the “certainty” that banks Iraqi discovered every month amounts are not worth less than 200 million dinars, during the receiving amounts deposits from citizens, pointing out that the discovery of these amounts individually have Iraqis have fallen victim to their receipt of counterfeit currency, as well as to announce by the Ministry of Interior to set fake currencies.

Ghulam adds that monetary categories of counterfeit are often class fifty thousand dinars and the category of 25 thousand dinars and less to the category of 10 thousand dinars, pointing out that workers in cash can counterfeit easily currencies revealed, as the Iraqi currency in which at least 20 seals and character mark impossible tradition, which is a means of protecting currency from counterfeiting.

At the end of his speech to our Agency, Ghulam pointed out that the new editions of the Iraqi currency now includes new security additions such as paper transparent cardboard and glossy and stamped, which is difficult for the most skilled counterfeiters counterfeited, noting that the coming months will see the replacement of the majority of the cash categories of large class 10 thousand and 25 thousand and 50 thousand new editions.

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