We have fled 40 tons of gold from Mosul to Syria and Baghdadi in Turkish control areas

We have fled 40 tons of gold from Mosul to Syria and Baghdadi in Turkish controled areas

Agency of the orbit – The so-called Minister of Oil ‘Daash’ called Oussama Owaid Saleh, that the organization escaped about 40 tons of gold from Mosul to Syria and elsewhere.

Osama Awaid al-Saleh, who has been detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces (Qusd) for 11 months, said that the Da’ash organization managed to smuggle tons of gold and large quantities of movables and precious materials seized during his control of northern Iraq.

According to a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces ‘Qusd’ Mustafa Bali, who published a series of tweets on his account via Twitter, on Monday, he called for the financing of his operations through the smuggling of these stolen Iraqi.

On the whereabouts of the leader of ‘Da’ash’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Minister of Oil ‘Daqash’ that he is in the Syrian-controlled areas of Turkey (in reference to Idlib and its vicinity) or adjacent to it, stressing that the links between the organization and the dominant forces in these areas created a complex relationship Many facilities for the organization of selling its profits and renewing its arsenal of weapons.

He said he had heard the details of this information from reliable sources and familiar with the investigations conducted with the Minister of Oil Dahesh, noting that the latter acknowledged some unknown facts about the organization, including how to manage economic relations with governments.


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