Kaperoni – Dinar Guru   As for how fast the dinar could rise…just look back at 2004-2005 when the CBI  under Dr. Shabibi unpegged for about 6 months and reduced inflation from about 33% to 5% or less raising the dinar exchange rate from near 3000 / $1 to 1170 /$1. This demonstrates the pace the dinar once again could have during the investment/market economy phaseBut again, this process is up to how fast investors/investment comes to Iraq. It is not a random act. Again, many articles on this process to read from the IMF and other organization.   …Remember this is not some idea I came up with. The professionals at the IMF that work directly with Iraq have documented that is their intention for the CBI and the dinar. [post 2 of 3]

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