Kaperoni – Dinar Guru   Many think the dinar could never free float and must be some sort of manage float. They may be right!   I …do not really care what type of float it is other than that is how monetary policy works, floats are a tool that the CBI uses to counter pressure.Random acts like RV’s RI’s etc are not tools the CBI uses so we can rule such an event out. As well there are other reasons like money supply, economic shock that prevent such an event from ever happening.  If they do float (which they will) the float will begin at whatever the current rate is at..such as 1190. The reason is simple…any other value would be a RV of sorts and not be within the tools the CBI uses. Not to mention, it would circumvent the CBI’s ability to profit from the buy/sell of currency commissions. Which after all, is what the CBI is in the business of…making money. Central banks every single day control the sale of their currency to make money. [post 1 of 3]

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