Washington’s procrastination reveals the US administration’s intentions for a long-term occupation of Iraqi lands

Washington’s procrastination reveals the US administration’s intentions for a long-term occupation of Iraqi lands

Washingtons procrastination reveals the US administrations intentions for a long-term occupation of Iraqi landsThe procrastination shown by the American side regarding the file of its forces inside Iraq indicates the existence of a plan that aims to continue the military presence and occupy Iraqi bases with strategic locations with the aim of achieving the interests of Washington and its allies in the region, especially the Zionist entity, in light of the current escalation that the region is witnessing.

Washington’s disregard for Iraqi demands for its forces to leave the country comes within a plan through which the American administration seeks to repeat the scenario of its agreement with Japan, under which American forces remained in this country for decades and to this day, at a time when the national forces and the Islamic resistance emphasize the importance of ending the American military presence inside Iraq, especially since it represents an occupation of the country and a factor of threat and destabilization of security, politics and society.

The national forces are working to exert pressure for the government to fulfill the demand to end the occupation’s presence on Iraqi soil. In this regard, Al-Fatah member Khaled Al-Saray told Al-Maalouma, “Discussing the American exit file is a very important file for the Iraqi side due to its negative repercussions, and serious work must be done to end it quickly, especially with the presence of the US Assistant Secretary of Defense in Iraq,” calling for exploiting this visit to clarify the reality of this presence and the benefit of its remaining in Iraq in light of the security situation that the country is witnessing thanks to the Popular Mobilization Forces and the security forces.”

He added, “The Iraqi national forces must unify their ranks, coordinate their positions, and unify their word in order to pressure the withdrawal of American forces from Iraqi territory, as this decision will end a dark era in the history of Iraq.”

It seems that political pressure on the government is not present at the present time, as the occupation forces are still present in Iraq without fulfilling the will of the people who reject their presence. The official of the northern organizations in the Badr Organization, Muhammad al-Bayati, told / Al-Maalouma / that “the procrastination shown by the American side, representing the international coalition forces, with the Iraqi side is intentional because it wants to stay for a longer period, exploiting the lack of seriousness and intensity in their demands to leave.”

He explained that “the withdrawal of the coalition forces, including the American forces, requires two things: the first is activating the decision of the House of Representatives and forcing the government to implement it, and the second is the availability of a complete will by the political forces to support the government in its negotiations with the American side strictly without providing any facilities for staying, especially since Iraq has become a politically and economically stable country.”

On the other hand, political researcher Saeed Al-Badri confirmed to Al-Maalouma that “America spoke publicly and confirmed that it will not delve into the issue of the withdrawal of its forces from Iraq or the scheduling of their withdrawal, whether the forces are American or international, and the transition to bilateral relations, except after the American elections are held.”

He added, “The Americans were clear about their forces in Iraq, as the issue of the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq was not discussed during Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s visit to Washington.”

He pointed out that “America seeks to keep its forces in Iraq, as is the case with their forces in Japan, and seeks to conclude an agreement with Baghdad like Washington’s agreement with Tokyo, so that these forces are not treated according to Iraqi laws, and these actions represent a violation of Iraq and its sovereignty.”


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