Biden is a weak and untrustworthy president

Biden is a weak and untrustworthy president

Information / translation… A report by the American newspaper Top Insight, confirmed that the world has come to see the resident of the White House as a weak and elderly man who is neither trustworthy nor stable in his convictions or mental abilities, and who is destroying America’s image before the international community.

The report, translated by the Maalouma Agency, stated, “The world has begun to see an almost elderly CEO struggling to maintain his position in front of short-term press conferences, as it appears that some questions have been revealed to the White House in advance, and Biden also slipped and fell several times during “He climbed the stairs to board Air Force One, to the point that his aides have now forced him to use the shorter stairs at the back of the plane.”

He added, “According to Special Counsel Robert Hoare, he issued a damning report describing him as an elderly man with a weak memory, while many critics revealed that Biden’s unusual State of the Union address was only possible because he took stimulants to keep him active during the ceremony.”

The report noted, “The White House has a history of concealing presidential illnesses from the public to project an image that presidents are healthy, capable, and active. In the case of Biden, his doctors tell us that he is healthy enough to run for a second term and complete his term, even though he will be 85 years old.” When he hands over the presidency to the winning candidate.”

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