MP: The 2024 budget schedules will reach Parliament next week

MP: The 2024 budget schedules will reach Parliament next week

Information/Private… Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, MP Mudar Al-Karawi, confirmed on Tuesday that the budget schedules will arrive next week.

Al-Karawi said in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “The 2024 budget tables are almost ready with the government, and we expect them to arrive in the House of Representatives next week,” pointing out that “the tables are very important, but it is too early to determine what changes can be made, but in a way.” “Generally, there are efforts to reduce the fiscal deficit gap.”

He added, “Voting on the 2024 budget tables requires at least 3 weeks to complete the consultations and conduct the first and second readings to reach the vote, and we may need a higher time limit,” noting that “the tables will be audited before being presented to the vote.”

He pointed out, “There are efforts to include the rights of many segments and groups, including contracts, within the framework of completing procedures in coordination with the government.”

The schedules included financial disbursement mechanisms and the release of governorate budgets to finance projects and services.

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