Imported ready-made recipes will not cure the Iraqi economic and financial collapse

Imported ready-made recipes will not cure the Iraqi economic and financial collapse

Dr.. Abd Ali Awad – Economic researcher and writer

The Iraqi laboratory has become one of the world’s richest laboratories in the field of political, economic and social experiments. As the various dilemmas accompanying its collapsing consequences still follow him … If silence prevailed on the part of those concerned with the Iraqi economic and financial affairs, we would have said that it is inevitable to bring ready-made prescriptions from abroad and to seek the help of international economic and financial institutions and international scientific research centers, but after 2003, various studies were published. And research to address the Iraqi economy and how to advance it did not find deaf ears.

THE LAST STATEMENT OF the Minister of Finance – Ali ALLAWI – to MAKE THE PRICE OF EVERY 1{00} DOLLARS EQUAL TO 3{00} THOUSAND DINARS, AS IT WAS BEFORE 2003, CONFIRMS that he ADHERES to the directives of the WORLD BANK, on the pretext that the salaries of the employees of the state sector are burdening the budget!

He did not bother with his consultant team to involve the Ministry of Planning to develop an integrated study to transfer the majority of state sector employees to the private sector, which in turn stipulates providing job opportunities by granting loans with the application of the Social Security Law for the employees of that sector. I mentioned several years ago that the national economy, with its private sector, needs an estimate of 50 thousand industrial, agricultural and service production projects, and this huge number of projects can absorb unemployment in its both declared and disguised parts / the redundant state sector employees /.

It seems clear to us that there is a contradiction between Parliament legislation and executive authority agreements that take the nature of deals, so where is the commitment of the Council of Ministers to implement the laws on protecting the national product and protecting the consumer!

The inherited problem in running the state is that the ruler has the absolute right to dispose of state funds, which are the people’s money, unlike what is prevalent in countries with long-standing democracies with their constitutional institutions .. And here we are on the eve of a tripartite meeting between Al-Kazemi, King Abdullah II and President Al-Sisi, and the indications for that meeting It suggests that Iraq should be a consumer market for the goods of those countries in addition to Jordan and Egypt’s insistence on completing the extension of the oil pipeline from Iraq to the port of Aqaba at the expense of Iraq and the beneficiaries of that project are Jordan and Egypt. Iraq is the only one affected ..

Likewise, Egypt’s desire to export its labor to Iraq is as if Iraq suffers from a shortage of internal manpower … Whoever wants to build his country must set his sights on Iraq to infinity.

It is possible to conclude any agreements between Iraq and any other country if those agreements are in the interest of the two countries, but if they are in the interest of the other country and cause harm to Iraq, then there is no need to think about them.

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