Al-Samarrai Calls For The Restructuring of the Central Bank

Al-Samarrai Calls For The Restructuring of the Central Bank

السامرائي يدعو إلى الالتزام بباب الحقوق والحريات من الدستور العراقي | وكالة الصحافة المستقلةFormer House Speaker Iyad al-Samarrai called for the restructuring of the central bank in line with the structures of international central banks, with the unification of the exchange rate in all banks.

“The exchange rate is very important, and any major change in the exchange rate and the float will be a disaster for the economy and its consequences will be complex and the economy will not recover for decades, an example of this is what happened in Jordan, Egypt and many other countries,” Al-Samarrai said in an article.

He pointed out that “gradual change is very important if it is necessary, as the local currency and its stability are among the most important tributaries of the economy’s strength.”

He stressed that “first the central bank must be reconfigured in line with the structures of global central banks and have a committee of experts who do not interfere in executive matters only, specializing in setting and monitoring policies, and is not subject to the government and does not interfere in its policies.”

He also stressed that “the exchange rate must be the same in the banks, as for the black market and the cancellation of exchange companies specialized in taking hard currency from the central bank and selling it in the market and the resulting great corruption.”

He called for the price to be the same in the bank and at the cashier, “taking into account the sale and purchase commission, canceling the auction of selling the currency and making it available to all banks and exchange companies and for legitimate dealings of import and export and the needs of citizens, and it is not a reason for smuggling money, especially the money of corrupt deals.”

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