Economist warns of a “scenario” that will limit the Iraqi economy

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The Independent / – An informed source confirmed that the Central Bank of Iraq management has finally decided to stop the auction of foreign currencies after the Iraqi economy was subjected to severe setbacks due to the Corona pandemic and the drop in oil prices to record levels, and the Central Bank followed a failed monetary policy.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Al-Mustaqila that the central bank’s governor has been subjected to great pressure in the past few days by many political blocs, the media and economists because of his unjustified insistence to proceed with the foreign currency auction window despite all the losses and risks incurred by the economy Iraqi.

The data published on the website of the Central Bank indicates that the last date for which a currency auction was held was on Thursday, 21/5/2020, when more than $ 180 million was purchased with the participation of more than 30 banks at the auction.
Below is the link for the results of the foreign currency sale window

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