Al-Abadi presented a major project in which most of his money was looted in order to buy party votes

Al-Abadi presented a major project in which most of his money was looted in order to buy party votes

Baghdad today – Baghdad: Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Kujer, (Tuesday, February 11, 2020), revealed a corruption file which he described as “big”, regarding building schools in all Iraqi cities.

Cougar, in an exclusive interview with (Baghdad Today), said that “in the previous session, when I was a member of the Parliamentary Education Committee, there was an A-project for building 3,000 schools in all governorates.”

He added, “This project has only 300 schools out of three thousand completed,” stressing that “the remaining funds were looted and stolen by some of the influential parties.”

He pointed out that “the project was submitted by the former Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, and it may have been pushed for in order to buy the votes of the parties to be supportive of it.”

The former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi directed on (22/1/2018) during a cabinet session held under his chairmanship, the launch of financing the completion of unpaid completed projects related to housing the poor and building schools.

The MP, Abdel-Khalek Medhat, confirmed on Thursday 16 January 2020, that “the essence of corruption” in Iraq lies in the economic offices of the influential parties.

Medhat said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “corruption in Iraq is great and it is no less harmful to terrorism with its repercussions and negatives,” noting that “the essence of real corruption lies in the economic offices of the parties that were behind the creation of the black scourge, in reference to corruption “.

Medhat added, “All solutions to tackle corruption in Iraq are formal, and most of them end without deterrent solutions and procedures.” He stressed that “implementing a law from where did you get this and removing the country’s capabilities from the economic offices of the parties is the one that addresses the scourge of corruption in the country that was behind the conditions reached The current special. ”

He pointed out that “most of the governorates suffer from a lack of services despite the large budgets that have been allocated for 17 years.”

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