Al- Ugaili reveals massive corruption and the reason for preventing the opening of large files

Al- Ugaili reveals massive corruption and the reason for preventing the opening of large files

Figures .. Al-Ugaili reveals the enormous corruption and the reason for preventing the opening of large files

Former head of Integrity, Rahim al-Ugaili, revealed the size of the huge corruption files and the reason for preventing large files from being opened.

“There is a positive development in dealing with the issue of corruption,” he said. “The circumstances of the protests and the popular uprising in Iraq may have led the investigative and judicial bodies to carry out their duties more seriously, which is a more promising gesture at the hands of the judiciary and the Integrity Commission in those procedures.”

He pointed out that “people may be worried about two things. First, we hope that these measures will not be a reaction to the popular protests. After that, the second thing is that the new measures that we have seen good are no doubt about their safety.” Corruption issues known to the Iraqi people.

Al-Okaili added: He pointed out that “there is concern that these prosecutions will be limited to some small issues; but as long as the judiciary and the life of integrity find popular support we will find open to these issues, but I think that the political blocs and parties intervening in the judicial and investigative are prevented the opening of large files,” but “will not There will be no anti-corruption unless you open the big files and prosecute the corruption. ”

“One of the senior politicians once said that opening the big corruption files will topple the political system and political heads that are symbols at the present time,” he said. Dangerous files involving senior political leaders. ”

As for the Anti-Corruption Council, the former head of the Integrity Commission explained, “This council is not an investigative institution or a judicial institution, but it is a coordinating institution that has no role in investigating or dealing with the files of corruption by bringing the accused or arresting them. “As a subordinate to the highest executive in Iraq, he can bring the information, evidence and documents to the investigative and judicial bodies.”

He added, “Regulators are subject to the control of other parties, so I do not think there is concern about this issue and I think that the issue of corruption or misbehavior within the integrity of the integrity is not serious within the limits that we call.”

On the indicators of corruption and the amount of money lost Okaili confirmed, “according to estimates and media reports pointed to nearly {350-400} billion wasted between the years 2006-2014, and there are indicators pointing to more than (6) thousand projects worth {227} billion Iraqi dinars The percentage of completion in spite of the expiration of the implementation period between {1-5%} only and {12} thousand projects until 2012, of which only {500} projects have been implemented despite the disbursement of all the funds of those projects.

“Obviously in the land features, you don’t find in Iraq spent or income to the budget actually about {1100} billion dollars,” he asked. “Where did the money go, we did not find any impact only in the Kurdistan region somewhat, but the rest of Iraq does not find It has an impact, although I once heard from former Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi saying that it is possible to spread the land of Iraq gold, but I say no doubt that it went into the pockets of corrupt. ”

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