The Iraqi government issues a second package of resolutions to meet the demands of the demonstrators

The Iraqi government issues a second package of resolutions to meet the demands of the demonstrators

The Council of Ministers issued at its meeting held on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the second package of urgent measures of the Council of Ministers in meeting the demands of the demonstrators.

Firstly. Formation of the High Committee for the distribution of residential land under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and membership of:

Minister of Construction and Housing as Vice-Chairman of the Committee

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers – member

Head of the Secretariat of the Higher Commission for Coordination between the provinces – member

Director General of State Real Estate – Member

Director General of Military Survey – Ministry of Defense – Member

Director General of Agricultural Lands – Ministry of Agriculture – Member

A representative of the Prime Minister’s Office as a member

General Manager of Real Estate Registration – Member

The Committee shall:

Preparing the agricultural lands necessary for the allocation of the housing plot to eligible citizens according to the decision No. (70) of 2019.Study the expansion of municipal boundaries and the requirements of extinguishing, expropriating and modifying the use of land and changing its sex for the purposes of the committee’s work.

Second . Include in the draft budget law for 2020 the freezing of the laws and instructions in force that give the right to receive the person more than a salary, retirement or grant and the option of receiving one.

Third. The Ministry of Electricity shall distribute integrated solar energy systems to 3000 poor families free of charge and allocating a total of (15) billion dinars.

Fourthly. For the purpose of providing a large number of job opportunities for unemployed youth decides:

The Ministry of Commerce simplifies the procedures for registering small companies for young people (for the age group 18-35 years) and exempting them from the wages created for the purpose of providing job opportunities for this category in the following works:

Cleaning companies (educational institutions, health institutions, residential investment complexes)

B- Horticulture and gardening companies.

C- Contracting companies for secondary works.

Waste recycling plants.

Software companies.


Ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the Governorates are granted the authority to directly refer works (repair, maintenance, construction, expansion and addition, erection, operation, equipment, cleaning, transportation), which cost up to 500 million dinars, as well as projects that cost less than one billion dinars to these companies. Or contractors of Iraqi youth who are not classified and with the exception of the contracting methods stipulated in Article (3) of the Instructions for the Execution of Government Contracts No. (2) of 2014 and the Instructions for Execution of the Budget in Force on Time.

Companies that have government contracts from ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the governorates shall refer part of their business, not exceeding (500) million dinars, to contractors that are not classified by contracting them in the form of (a nominated contract) with the employer or the contracting authority to guarantee the rights of the secondary contracting parties.

The Ministry of Planning shall issue controls to facilitate and implement this issue mentioned above in paragraph (4). The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs shall take the necessary measures to provide mobile vehicles for the manufacture of ready-to-eat foods, refreshments, hot beverages and specialized vehicles (such as maintenance and cleaning cars of all kinds) for unemployed youth who are registered in their database and are funded either through:

A- Non-Profit Loans Fund at the Ministry of Labor

Or (b) soft loans with nominal interest from the Rafidain and Rashid banks for those not registered in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs database.

The Municipality of Baghdad and the governorates shall simplify the procedures of granting them the license to practice the profession and organize their places in the commercial areas.This type of vehicle is exempt from customs duties.

V. The Ministry of Electricity shall employ the unemployed youth of the age group (18-35) years to work as collectors for electricity wages and according to their areas of residence according to the bills issued by the Ministry, through the operational forms and incentives at 5% of the value of the amounts collected daily to be trained and given work Daily 5,000 dinars for the first three months from the start of training.

Sixthly. Supporting vocational education and the distribution of agricultural land: In order to support vocational education and play its role in providing a skilled professional workforce qualified to establish small and medium-sized private enterprises and provide employment in the agricultural sector,

Granting students of agricultural preparations a monthly grant of fifty thousand dinars during the school year and from 2019-2020.Administrative and financial disengagement of vocational education schools from the general directorates of education and re-association with the general directorate of vocational education in the ministry of education.

Allow the investment of technical and vocational abilities of vocational education schools for productive and service purposes (as well as training purposes) and allocate a percentage of the proceeds of products to students and teaching and training staff, to develop the school environment and market their products, with the development of independent accounting units therein to facilitate the work of these schools.

The Ministry of Agriculture allocates agricultural land with water share to graduates of agricultural preparatory (as well as graduates of colleges and agricultural and veterinary institutes) to establish specialized cooperative societies and investment of these lands, and covered by the law devoted to agricultural full-time No. 24 of 2013.

The Ministry of Agriculture, in coordination with the Ministry of Water Resources, allocates agricultural land, including deserts, for the unemployed agricultural full-time and others, and establish specialized cooperative societies to invest without fragmentation of large agricultural areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture shall reassess the contracted agricultural projects to the private sector, cancel the non-operating projects contracts and re-offer them as investment opportunities without fragmenting them, and provide a new vision to employ them in supporting the agricultural sector and the employment of labor.

The Ministry of Agriculture shall evaluate the contracted agricultural lands according to the land reform law No. (117) for the year 1970, and the law of lease of agricultural lands No. (35) for the year 1983 and other laws in force, and cancel the contracts of unused land and re-lease it to the unemployed agricultural and veterinarians and others.

The Ministry of Agriculture shall activate the Agricultural Credit Facilitation Fund and allocate the recoveries from the Agricultural Initiative Funds for the purpose of lending to the unemployed and those who have been allocated agricultural land.

VII. The Ministry of Industry and Minerals shall train unemployed young graduates and others who wish to establish local products manufacturing projects within the expertise available in the factories and companies of the Ministry and allow them to exploit the unused productive halls in the factories and provide industrial services to them free of charge. Profitable projects or the Youth Employment Initiative launched by the Central Bank.

VIII. The Council of Advisers at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to study the reduction of the retirement age of employees and provide a vision for the Council of Ministers within two weeks in order to replace them with unemployed youth.

IX. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other ministries and non-affiliated bodies shall launch the job grades resulting from the movement of owners assigned to holders of higher degrees for the purpose of providing job opportunities for them within two weeks in accordance with the stated controls, competence, need and transparent competition between applicants and within two weeks.

Tenth. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:

a. Obliging universities and colleges to accommodate appropriate numbers of graduate holders according to the available capacity through the adoption of teaching staff by (1) teacher: (25) students in the administrative and humanitarian disciplines, the ratio of 1:20 in the disciplines of pure sciences, and the ratio of 1:15 in the disciplines Engineering & Medical Group.

B. Increase the admission rate of vocational school graduates in technical institutes and colleges to 10%, starting from the academic year 2020-2021

eleven. In order to improve municipal and environmental services and to encourage small-scale industries used for waste recycling products,

The Municipality of Baghdad and the governorates shall undertake the procedures of contracting with investors to establish waste treatment and recycling plants using modern methods.The Ministry of Electricity shall purchase all electrical energy produced from waste treatment, if any, at encouraging prices.

twelfth. Requiring ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the governorates to cover their needs of local products, including private sector products that have an added value of more than 20%.

thirteen. The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers shall form committees in the governorates to follow up the decisions of the Council of Ministers to meet the demands of the demonstrators. The Ministers shall complete their work within a maximum period of three months.

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