Kurdish deputy: Baghdad and Erbil serious to resolve two files soon

Kurdish deputy: Baghdad and Erbil serious to resolve two files soon

Deputy Kurdish, on Sunday, the possibility of the Iraqi parliament’s role in resolving the contentious issues with Baghdad, expressing optimism to reach solutions close to a number of outstanding issues.

The deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Pistone Zangana of the new Arab, that “there is seriousness by the governments (Baghdad and Erbil) to resolve the differences that remained stuck between them over successive parliamentary sessions.”

He stressed that “a high-level Kurdish delegation will visit soon to Baghdad, to discuss and complete the results of the Baghdad delegation’s visit to Erbil recently, by the Minister of Oil and other officials in the government of Baghdad. There is a serious response from both parties, especially in the files of oil and gas and salaries of the region that we seek To resolve it. ”

Zangana pointed out that “there will be important topics on the table, including the budget of 2020, and we will endeavor with the beginning of the legislative chapter to resolve the outstanding differences on them, and those on the share of the region, salaries of the Peshmerga, and other financial allocations, in return for the commitment of the Government of Erbil to deliver oil imports to Baghdad, the border outlets. ”

He stressed “the possibility of the Iraqi parliament to play an important role in resolving differences, and the Kurdish parties had meetings and dialogues with other parties and blocs and leaders of political blocs, and reached some understandings on a number of files, and we held several previous sessions,” explaining that “there is an understanding within the parliament for the number Of laws that come into contact with the crises of Baghdad and Erbil, which are controversial laws between them, and seek to resolve them, and we await the new legislative chapter in the hope that follow-up on these important files. ”


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