Possible return to the premiership ignites a media war between the coalition of Abadi and Badr bloc

Possible return to the premiership ignites a media war between the coalition of Abadi and Badr bloc

BAGHDAD – A coalition of victory, led by former Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Monday, the comments made by the head of the Badr parliamentary bloc, and announced the refusal to return Abadi prime minister after a statement to the latter confirmed that he would not object to that in If the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi did not succeed in completing its constitutional term.

The leader of the coalition MP Nada Shaker Jawdat, “The return of Abadi to prime minister, is not the hands of the parties, because such a thing must be a word for the people, and the people know the great achievements achieved by Abadi during the leadership of Iraq, in the previous stage.”

“These achievements support Abadi to get the prime minister a second time,” she said. “Talking about Abadi’s return to the premiership is not a dream, as some are promoting, but this is very likely, and is absolutely unlikely.”

The head of the Badr parliamentary bloc, Hassan Shaker al-Kaabi, earlier on Monday, the statements of the head of the coalition of victory, former Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, in which he said that the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi may not continue and ends its work before completing the four years being formed through alliances fragile .

Al-Kaabi said that “the current government has not formed as a result of alliances, but strong consensus and the alliance is something and consensus is a second thing, formed by a consensus between the conquest and the rest, and the government is strong and going on its way and lead internally well and externally continue to open to Arab and foreign countries in the interest of Iraq.”

He stressed that “the current government is not fragile and every new government faltering at the beginning of its work, and then correct the tracks, especially that it was necessary to replace ministers are not at the required level.”

He pointed out that “the talk of Abadi not to object to the presidency of the government in the event that the government of Abdul Mahdi on the way rejected, because his previous government did not provide anything to Iraq did not manage the financial crisis properly.”

He stressed that “Badr will not agree to take Abadi prime minister again, and this is just a dream of Abadi, and will not allow his return because he did not offer anything to the Iraqi people.”

Abadi stressed on Sunday that the current government is worse than the quota governments, saying it is the result of a coalition of “anxious and fragile,” while he expressed his readiness to consider assuming the presidency of the government in the absence of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi continue.

Abadi said in an interview with the agency “Sputnik” Russian, “The current government is worse than the governments of quotas, the quotas benefit the entitlement of each block to form a government, which happened is to hold government quotas in isolation from the rest of the blocks.”

“We wanted to form an independent government with national professional competencies, but this did not happen, and I do not expect a streamlined government action based on this principle.”

Abadi added that “the current government produced by an alliance does not adopt the constitutional principle of the largest bloc, the result of a coalition of concern and fragile, and government performance is still below the required level,” noting: “We supported the government and supported the formation, although we did not share it.”

He continued: “Victory authorized the prime minister to choose competent ministers competent, but it happened that the share of victory that we gave up went to others,” pointing out that “refused to take over the post of Foreign Minister and all the positions offered to him.”

“The (coalition) of victory, which I work for and through him, is a project to reform the state.”

Abadi refused to download the adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister for National Security Affairs Faleh Fayyad responsibility for the lack of a ministerial cabin, saying: “I do not imagine that the reason is centered around Faleh Fayadh, there are a number of reasons: the difference of government coalition on the proportions and size and weight of quotas among them, Some parties to keep the equation of governance is concerned and unstable for reasons of their own, and there is external interference and its effects on the form and direction of the government.

He stressed that “his assumption of the premiership in the absence of the continuation of the government of Abdul Mahdi is decided at the time,” noting that “has a successful experience of leading the country and save them from terrorism and division and isolation and collapse, and that he will not abandon his national responsibilities in any location was.” )


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