Sources: A scheme to curb the detection of corrupt in Iraq

Sources: A scheme to curb the detection of corrupt in Iraq

Political sources revealed the existence of a plan adopted by political figures and leaders in Iraq to take to the streets and use their armed wings and cause chaos in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces if they were summoned to investigate financial corruption.

The sources pointed to the sending VIPs known to the Iraqis of corruption, threats contained through indirect messages to the team that runs the work of the Supreme Council to combat corruption, that they will use their armed wings to cause chaos in Baghdad, if their corruption is revealed before the judiciary and called for investigation, Abdul Mahdi has two choices without a third, either exposing the corruption of figures who looted the money of Iraqis, or silence, which will make his government weak can not make any difference from previous governments.


The sources stressed the existence of political pressure on Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi against the positions of the second degree, under the pretext of the right component and representation and the right to vote, including the file of the administration of positions by proxy.

The sources said that the government program for Adel Abdul Mahdi, which was approved, requires a wide changes in positions in which the owners spent more than six years, and the positions administered by the proxy, and now there is talk about movements of political parties and blocs, demanding to ensure their share of these positions, Within terms that they can use to hide behind them to achieve party interests.

She added: Ā«Prime Minister may resort to the method of electronic window, which he used during the competition for ministerial positions to get rid of these pressuresĀ», stressing that Abdul Mahdi is obliged to end the file management of government positions by proxy before June, because of the existence of a budget item necessitates it, Which means starting the battle of special grades early.

Serious files

In the context, the sources said that there are serious files with names and figures linked to the corruption of senior politicians, reached the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption, which are files of corruption over the previous years, indicating that the Supreme Council to combat corruption is determined to reveal names, To the judiciary regardless of his social or political position. She added that Abdul Mahdi wants to apply the recommendations of the religious reference, which he put before his election as prime minister, to hit an iron hand on every corrupt, whatever his position.

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