New responsibility for Ivanka Trump

New responsibility for Ivanka Trump

New responsibility for Ivanka Trump

{Euphrates News} A White House official said Ivanka Trump would assist in the selection of Trump as an American candidate for the post of World Bank president.

On Monday, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the issue was not publicized, dismissed a Financial Times report that Ivanka was named as a potential candidate and repeated by several other media outlets over the weekend.

Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin and White House chief of staff Michael Mulfini asked Ivanka Trump to help run a candidate selection process because she worked closely with the World Bank leadership for two years, the official said. Reports that she is a false candidate. ”

The spokeswoman for the Treasury Department was not available for comment.

Ivanka Trump and the World Bank and its chairman, Jim Young Kim, will leave for two years to launch a $ 1.6 billion fund for business leaders, in collaboration with 13 other donors, to raise funds for business leaders in developing countries.

The United States has a dominant voting interest in the World Bank and has traditionally chosen the head of the institution since the bank started operations in 1946.

Kim announced last week that he would leave office as of February 1, before his term expires more than three years in 2022 amid disagreements with policies US President Donald Trump’s administration on climate change and the need for more resources for development. Kim will join Global Investor Partners’ direct investment fund.

The bank announced that its Executive Board will begin accepting nominations from February 7.

He said that the candidates must adhere to the implementation of the Bank’s development goals for the year 2030 and others

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