UNAMI welcomes Iraq’s return of Kuwaiti property

UNAMI welcomes Iraq’s return of Kuwaiti property

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has welcomed the return of a shipment of Kuwaiti property found to the Kuwaiti authorities in a handover in Kuwait City today, which was attended by the United Nations as an observer.

“This is a positive and encouraging step taken by the Iraqi authorities in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 2107 (2013),” said Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq Alice Wallisboul, who demonstrates the determination of the two countries to further promote bilateral relations and the legacy of the bitter legacy of the invasion and violence behind them. Best neighborly relations “.

Preparations for the transfer of Kuwaiti books and other materials took more than a year. His Excellency the Foreign Minister of Iraq, Mr. Mohammed Al-Hakim, has made extraordinary efforts to ensure that this important and complex file of outstanding issues with Kuwait has been expedited since he took office a few weeks ago.

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has actively participated with Iraq and Kuwait as an observer to facilitate efforts to resolve outstanding issues. While UNAMI applauds Iraq’s move on the lost property portfolio and its commitment to resolve all outstanding outstanding issues with Kuwait, the Mission acknowledges that the search for the priceless Kuwaiti national archives should continue.

The Deputy Special Representative said that, despite Kuwait’s strong support and Iraq’s commitment to international and humanitarian obligations, the full normalization of relations would only be achieved once all outstanding issues had been resolved.

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