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National Alliance reveals the mechanism by which solved by naming the ministers of defense and interior

BAGHDAD – ((eighth day)) A source at the National Alliance, that the leaders of the National Alliance will meet on Wednesday in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to resolve the naming candidates for the defense and interior ministers.

The source said in his speech ((eighth day)) that “our Mbdoaan in naming the ministers of interior and defense the first to adopt the principle points it must have advanced the nomination of the number of points sufficient to Tsam inner bag But if it adopted the principle of consensus should be the candidate is not affiliated to any political bloc and is independent. ”

“Today looking resolving the issue of any political party points are the points enough to take this position is due and if it was agreed to be independent, it must not be linked to the political bloc.”

Kanani and pointed out that “the National Alliance meeting yesterday during which they discussed several issues, including the visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to the United States.”

The political body of the National Alliance has looked at its meeting yesterday, political and security situation in the country, and the need to complete the line-up, especially deciding the issues of the security ministries; Iraq of the current challenges threatening the security and sovereignty “.


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News for re-nomination for post of Minister of Interior

Candidate for the position of the Ministry of Interior / Riad Ghraib

National Alliance intends to re-nominate Riad Ghraib for the second time for the office of the Interior Ministry after that failed to win the confidence of the parliament during its 14th session in the sixteenth of September last year.

The source revealed in a press statement on Wednesday that “the re-nomination of the National Alliance Riad Ghraib again to be the minister of the interior, stressing that Parliament will vote on the candidates for the security ministries after the end of the holiday of Eid al-Adha.”

The source added that “the leaders of the political blocs to feel the importance of resolving the file and the interior and defense ministries as soon as possible because of the reality of the security being witnessed by the country.”

The strange failed as a candidate for the National Alliance to get the confidence of Parliament to take over the inner bag after it voted in favor, one hundred and seventeen deputies out of two hundred and fifty-one.



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Abadi rejected the nomination of Ameri again and will present the names of the strange and Jabri again

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press - source revealed from within the coalition of state law on Wednesday, the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, rejected the nomination, Hadi al-Ameri, a new Ministry of the Interior.

The source told / Iraq Press / that “a delegation of some of the blocks were part of the National Alliance visited Abadi and asked him to nominate Al Ameri, the inner bag, but the prime minister refused adamantly to be Amri, the head of the Interior Ministry, he said: a proposal to nominate the secretary general of the Badr Organization, has become of the past. ”

He added that “al-Abadi told the delegation that the mass Ameri exhausted points of the government no longer has there is no entitlement within the ministerial cab,” stressing that “al-Abadi told the outskirts of the National Alliance, he would run with names that put in session to vote on the security ministers who are all from Riad Ghraib, Jaber al-Jabri After the agreement with the parties to the political process in the coming days. ”

Ring by saying that “the National Alliance will hold a formal meeting, on Wednesday, the whole political home of the head of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari to discuss the security minister in the presence of Abadi and move closer to resolving the names under the Prime Minister’s insistence on the previous names.”…



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Supreme Judicial Council denies Issawi handing himself (over) and acquitted of charges

BAGHDAD / obelisk denied the Supreme Judicial Council, on Wednesday, news that talked about the delivery and the accused Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi to the Iraqi judiciary, and acquitted of the charges.

The council spokesman said Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar in an interview for “obelisk”, “The Rafie al-Issawi did not turn himself in to the Iraqi judiciary, and the news that talked about the subject are unfounded.”

Bayraktar and added, “She also spoke about the news Issawi acquitted of the charges against him, and he entered a court to protect American, which is also incorrect news, and do not exist at all.”…


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Iraqi Dinar/Dollar auction 10-02-14

Currency Auctions Announcement No. (2786)

This daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 02-Oct-2014

The results were as follows:

25k-Iraqi-Dinar-200x96DETAILS                                                              NOTES
Number of banks                                                 10
Auction price selling dinar / US$                    1166
Amount sold at auction price (US$)                137,430,000
Total offers for buying (US$)                            137,430,000

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Ministry of Finance: the state budget empty because of Maliki thefts!

Download (7)Baghdad / said a source in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury that Iraq suffers from a financial deficit caused by the scary former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki could lead to cut the salaries of state employees in the coming months. He said Source: The State Treasury Iraqi contain three billion dinars only When asked officials from the Finance and Central Bank threw the reason for al-Maliki, who claimed that Iraqi funds were disbursed to finance the Iraqi army in the battle against Daash without receipts or guarantees because of the security situation that Iraq is going through, adding the source said most of the money went on the campaign trail for the owners and not to arm Army Army because armament contracts mostly been paid for in previous years and either popular mobilization, they have not been paid since 5 months He explained the source that the budget deficit current which did not recognize the total 60 billion dollars due to the halt of oil exports from Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region, which has caused a great loss daily where that Iraq is losing one million barrels per day .obin source said the poles of the National Alliance on Abadi suggested linking the export of oil from Kirkuk to the Kurdistan Region as a temporary solution to address the crisis while stifling that has plagued Iraq.                                                      aliraqnews.com

More interesting Headlines…

Anbar provincial council: the formation of the first nucleus of the National Guard

Council announced Anbar province, on Tuesday, forming the nucleus of the first National Guard troops from the sons of Amiriyat Fallujah.

The deputy chairman of the Council Faleh al-Issawi, a reporter for the agency all of Iraq [where], “it was the formation of the first regiment of the National Guard troops in the Amiriyah Fallujah in Anbar includes 500 fighters of the sons of the tribes.”…


Jubouri in Arbil to discuss the outstanding issues between the center and the region

Arbil / obelisk arrived House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Wednesday, to the city of Erbil to discuss the outstanding issues between the center and the region.

A source told “obelisk” that “al-Jubouri, arrived in the city of Arbil to meet with Kurdish officials and discuss the outstanding issues between the center and the region.”

The source, who requested anonymity, said that “al-Jubouri will also discuss, online file displaced in the province of Kurdistan.”

The Second Deputy Speaker of the House of Aram, Sheikh Mohammed has confirmed, on Tuesday, the determination of the President of the Council Salim al-Jubouri, visit the Kurdistan region on Wednesday…


Official: al-Maliki during the next two months will be tried as a war criminal

1 (45)Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed an official source in the Iraqi government, headed by Haidar al-Abbadi details are being studied by a secret committee of competent expensive Abadi, on the trial of former Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki and his aides with the most prominent during the next two months in a court source, who Khash.oukal requested anonymity, because within the Committee that “the most prominent candidates for the presidency of the Special Tribunal Judge Munir Haddad, a former deputy head of the Supreme Criminal Court as well as the judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin, and Judge Arif Shaheen and there will be an investigative body composed of 25 investigative judge and the prosecution is composed of a number of judges who have been trained, some in Geneva and Amsterdam, “he said, adding the source in his speech that” the number of deputies prominent in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and some political figures and leaders of some political blocs and large delegations American had already held several meetings and meetings in Baghdad within the vicinity of the American Embassy in Erbil and Amsterdam and Geneva to finalize and discuss the most important files and crimes committed by the former Prime Minister in preparation for trial, along with most of his aides and being granted the penalty fair on what their crimes against the Iraqi people, “Indicating that” what went up the pace of crimes is the large number of lawsuits and judicial complaints filed by citizens in various governorates of Iraq, demanding the punishment of the just-Maliki as a war criminal against humanity, “adding that” these demands received special attention from the United Nations and human rights associations. ”                                                                                                aliraqnews.com

Iraqi forces walk during a patrol looking for militants from what was then called the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, in a neighborhood in Ramadi, May 14, 2014. (photo by REUTERS/ Ali al-Mashhadani)

Iraqi prime minister criticized for halting strikes on cities

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi decided to end the bombing of cities where Islamic State (IS) fighters are holed up among the population, a campaign that was causing civilian casualties. The decision has been greeted with general approval, especially as it coincided with the start of extensive aerial bombing of IS sites by a US-led coalition. Abadi, however, has not been spared criticism about the decision, especially among those expected to block attempts at the political reforms outlined in his government program, which has received unprecedented internal, regional and international support.

Abadi has made a series of reforms since taking power in an effort to be inclusive and ensure the unity of the country. Among the measures thus far is the elimination of the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and replacement of a number of military leaders whose names have become associated with various crises and security collapses. Of course, Abadi’s government is only a few weeks old and needs more time to implement many of the reforms he promised. Nonetheless, these past few weeks have already exposed him to criticism, some of it from within his own State of Law coalition.

Some blamed Abadi’s decision to stop bombing Iraqi cities for the Saqlawiya incident, near Fallujah, where IS gunmen stormed Iraqi army barracks, killing and capturing a number of soldiers. Against the backdrop of this accusation and one that the Shiites are making more concessions than necessary to other political forces, calls for protests against Abadi began circulating on social media sites.

Ahmed al-Attiyah, a National Union of Forces parliamentarian, blamed former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and a number of his bloc members for these calls. Muhammad Ali al-Masoudi, a National Alliance representative, described those advocating protests “corrupt [individuals] whose interests were harmed by the formation of Abadi’s government.” Maliki, however, was quick to disown the fledgling movement and called on his supporters not to participate in any demonstrations.

The controversy surrounding support for protests has itself been a hot topic on social media and reflects the need to revisit basic democratic concepts, including freedom of expression and the right to defend it peacefully. Those advocating protests did not succeed in mobilizing the street. Apparently Iraqis thought it unjustified to try to topple a government that was only a few weeks old. Also, their ultimate goals were unclear. Meanwhile, those opposing the protests made scathing accusations against their opponents, defeating the spirit of democracy and of tolerating differences.

Critics of the decision to halt the aerial bombing of cities have failed to produce any evidence that it advantaged IS. The bombing, which began June 10, did not prevent the IS’ advance over large areas under shelling. Meanwhile, Fallujah residents said the bombings were inaccurate and mostly hit houses, hospitals, schools and locations far from IS concentrations.

Further, the decision to stop the bombing, during which Russian Sukhoi fighter jets were used, did not include areas of fighting and did not prevent the air force from protecting army barracks, like Saqlawiya, outside the cities. In fact, Abadi announced on Sept. 29 that Iraqi airstrikes against IS had increased by 20%. For the first time, IS locations south of Baghdad were hit, by the international coalition. A spokesman for the Iraqi army said that the attacks were effective.

Iraq’s problem is more complicated than partisan bickering, which regardless will lead to more security defeats. The rare political consensus that produced Abadi’s government requires the various forces to abide by their promises. This means collectively focusing on the battle against IS first, before proceeding with mutual political attacks.


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