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Kurdish list calls Barzani to apologize and end his “political life”

Baghdad today – The Kurdish new generation called on Monday for Barzani to apologize to the people of Kurdistan and immediately resign from his post, ending his political life, while threatening to resort to the street.

The list said in a statement that “Barzani and the leadership of the five ruling parties in the region must submit their resignations immediately, because they are the cause of the current situation,” indicating that “if the regional leaders did not recognize responsibility for these events, they will seek to move the street to end this government Failed “.

The list added that “the events of Kirkuk have shed the curtain on the situation in Kurdistan, and showed that the traditional parties have failed to deliver our people to safety, but on the contrary they put the Kurds in a dark spiral, and the failure in Kirkuk back to that political elite controlling the political life In Kurdistan since the early eighties of the last century. ”

According to the statement, “what is happening now is only the preliminary results of the referendum, which Massoud Barzani insisted on the September 25, 2017 with the help of political parties and their traditional leadership, and the exclusion of advice and suggestions of friends of our people at home and abroad and to make personal interests above the higher interests of the people of Kurdistan” .

The list demanded “the removal of the government of Najran Barzani, the acceleration of the formation of an interim government does not organize traditional political figures, and the new government in cooperation with the United Nations to prepare for the elections of the parliament of Kurdistan in accordance with international standards,” noting that “the Kurdish people face a serious dilemma, In which everyone will critically examine the new reality and hold accountable those responsible for these events. ”


BGG ~ While I doubt very much Barzani jumps up and resigns today because one of the fringe opposition parties says he should…

…this is exactly the developing narrative I outlined from very early on. This referendum had NOTHING to do with Kurdish independence and EVERYTHING to do with KRG internal politics.

All of which is why you saw the Gorran/PUK support for the vote softening in the last week leading up to the referendum. They had it figured from very early on. They had an idea of what the U.S. deal looked like. They knew Barzani passed on their GOLDEN TICKET. Why? Simple.

The Kurdish GOLDEN TICKET didn’t include Barzani as the regional President anymore… in fact, the documents referred to his role “post-Presidency”. It looks like, at this point, he had no intention of bowing out of the KRG ruling class during this next electoral cycle. It was all lies.

Let’s see which way he jumps next.



Iraq’s Role in Countering The Islamic State’s Finances

Ali Mohsen al-Alaq, the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, discusses his organization’s efforts to cut off and isolate financial institutions in territory controlled by the Islamic State following the terrorist group’s creation in 2014. As authorities push IS out of its core territory, investigating and disrupting its remaining financial networks in Iraq can help weaken its ability to operate as a terrorist organization and insurgency.


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Legal: The Constitution is a bright spot in the history of Iraq

The Constitution is a “shining station” in the history of Iraq, stressing its importance as a safety valve for all Iraqis. They noted that despite the gaps, but he achieved the principles of democracy, pointing out that (the Constitution) was a leader at an important stage of life. Sunday marked the 12th anniversary of the referendum on the Iraqi constitution.

Laying the foundations of democracy

“The Constitution was voted by most of the Iraqi people, and the unity of the Iraqis, and within its unity in the article first, while Article V of the Constitution states that the sovereignty of the law and the people is the source of authority. Article VI translates the circulation of power peacefully, Are compatible with democracy and the international community and with the march of the Iraqi people to reach the essence of the democratic truth that wants to live according to its principles.”

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Governor of the Central Bank heads to the United States to attend meetings of the IMF and the World Bank

The central bank announced on Sunday that the central bank governor has gone to the United States to participate in meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

The central bank said in a press statement received by “Economy News”, “headed a delegation headed by the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Ali al-Alak to the United States to participate in meetings of the IMF and the World Bank this week.”

He added that “it is hoped that the meeting on the sidelines of the meetings of a number of central bank governors headed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Holland and the Governor of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia,” noting that “there will be a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of the Arab Monetary Fund in addition to meetings with a delegation from the Treasury and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs And many other economic and financial figures. ”

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Reveal the contents of Tillerson’s message to Barzani ahead of the referendum

[Ayna-Erbil] – Kurdish news agencies published the text of a letter from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani before a referendum on September 25.
The letter included support for the United States for the negotiations between the governments of Erbil and Baghdad, which extends for a year to address all outstanding issues.

The text of the message: …

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MilitiaMan (Dinar Guru) –   Article:  “Al-Rafidain: MasterCard International allows granting advances and loans of all types”    Loans equate to interest rates. That is huge.. imo  

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Recent Headlines…

Barham Saleh: Authorities in the Kurdistan region agree to freeze the results of the referendum

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Peshmerga: Baghdad did not give us 48 hours to get out of Kirkuk

BGG ~ (That’s right – it was the PUK that asked Baghdad for a 48 hour reprive during which they could confer internally. So – while technically accurate, Baghdad did not “give” the Peshmerga an ultimatum, they were on their way to retake positions in Kirkuk when Abadi got a direct phone call from the PUK)

Reveal the contents of Tilerson’s message to Barzani ahead of the referendum

Read: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?54827-Reveal-the-contents-of-Tilerson%92s-message-to-Barzani-ahead-of-the-referendum&p=179685#post179685

BGG ~ When you really dig into what Tillerson and the US offered Barzani to step off this “vote” and quit stirring everyone up… it becomes quite clear NONE OF THIS was about what is best for the Kurdish people, but what is best for BARZANI. OMG!! They gave him the keys to the KINGDOM!! They pretty much offered him the WHOLE PACKAGE. UN, IMF, World support, independence (of sorts), revenue – JUST UNREAL!!

Here’s what they left out – him as El-Presidente’… it refers to his role “post-presidency”… so he really didn’t mean any of what he was saying about not being part of the next regional elections in Kurdistan. Not one word.


Kirkuk: police security conditions are stable and there is no truth to what some have touted

Baghdad scales news – Kirkuk Police Chief, Omar Aref, speech Saturday, the security situation in the city is calm and stable and there is no truth to what some have touted in the media.

Dean issued a press release faxed/Arif scales news/, which reassured the townspeople to stabilize the security situation and tempers, considering what is promoted in some media “wrong and has no basis in reality.”

He added that “after touring revival of Kirkuk by markets; and say that security conditions are stable, safe and all citizens of Kirkuk are safe,” adding that “it is doubtful that him getting around Kirkuk to watch life safe and natural spread of the security forces and their contribution to providing Requirements for stability.

And they were pieces of the Iraqi army and the rapid reaction forces and the popular crowd, began the first movement since Friday night, in the areas surrounding the city of Kirkuk and other disputed areas between the Centre and the Kurdistan region, while two troops withdrew from several areas of agreement with the troops.

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BGG ~ Thanks so much to 1Bobby for this piece!! Facts – just the facts…


Adam Montana (Dinar Guru) –   Lots going on right now. I’ll say one thing for all the rumors… they may not seem to get the “dates” right, but when there’s buzz on all the rumor sites…it is usually right in front of a big event.   …Before Chapter 7, there was a crazy amount of hype. You all know I temper my posts, in an effort to keep people grounded, but even I got pretty excited about that event.  It was a major milestone, and a significant key to Iraq’s progress.  The rumor sites all promised an RV at that time, and it was certainly a possibility, but we all know it wasn’t a certainty.  [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

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Al-Nusseiri hails the Central Bank’s actions in developing and reforming the banking sector

The economic and banking adviser, Samir Nusairi, praised the developmental and reform measures carried out by the Central Bank of Iraq two years ago to meet the challenges faced by Iraqi banks because of the economic and financial crisis experienced by Iraq.

Al-Nusairi said during his participation in the symposium held by the Higher Institute for Accounting and Financial Studies at the University of Baghdad entitled “The requirements of financial and monetary reform in Iraq under the direction of the International Monetary Fund” and attended by “Economy News”, “The Central Bank of Iraq has taken the measures of evolution and reform two years ago to meet the challenges Which suffer from the Iraqi banks because of the economic and financial crisis experienced by Iraq because of falling oil prices and the war on terrorism and structural and structural imbalance in the management of the economy, “noting that” despite the Central Bank to prepare and launch a strategy for the years (2016-2020), which included primary and secondary objectives to achieve financial stability and develop the banking system in accordance with new mechanisms and work points. However, this does not prevent the Bank from adopting visions and proposals through the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance analyzing the current and expected financial position of the banks (2017-2020) To activate the economic cycle in all areas and to develop a proactive plan to prevent bankruptcy and the collapse of some banks and the maintenance of the wheel of banking under the current circumstances and the use of new mechanisms and tools for monetary policy applications.

He added that “the current banking financing structure is plagued by many failures and obstacles and in order to increase credit and total funding from banks and to activate their contribution to various aspects of investment and reconstruction and to push the development process and move the economic cycle in Iraq, we see a serious step is to re-examine the policy of lending and bank financing and activating the optimization of financing private projects Small and medium as a social and economic objective with special priority and urgent and that the Central Bank of Iraq has an effective supervisory and supervisory role. ”

He pointed out “the importance of activating the role of government banks, specialized banks and private banks to provide easy loans to the private sector, national individuals and companies in accordance with the initiative of the Central Bank to finance small and medium enterprises as well as finding solutions to the problems of taxes and accumulated benefits of the owners of projects suspended production.

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BGG ~ Thanks so much to Okie Dinar for this find yesterday!! Super piece… this one is an excellent piece giving us some clues as to the economic status in Iraq right now…


Adam Montana (Dinar Guru) –   When Abadi vs Maliki was happening, that was another major step for Iraq. Again, it wasn’t a promise of immediate RV, but let’s face it – a major change in value of the Dinar was never going to happen with Maliki at the helm. Maliki simply had no reason to act in Iraq’s best interest when he had such a huge ability to pilfer the system under his power. I firmly believe that Abadi is not like Maliki, and when he won that battle, our landscape changed for the better…but even that was not enough. There was still the issue of the HCL, which MUST be resolved before (or simultaneously with) an RV.   Now let’s look at today…this immediate point in time, where once again the rumor mills are churning and people are getting excited.  I’m going to make two specific statements right now, and I hope they stick:  1. None of the gurus can call the Date.   2. Despite #1 above, the current level of activity is not to be ignored. Things ARE happening.  [post 2 of 2]

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Iraqis demand trial, execution of Maliki over Mosul fall to ISIS
Maliki is role in Mosul's fall

Iraqis demand the trial and execution of former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki for being responsible for Mosul’s fall in ISIS’ grip, Zuhair al-Jabouri, the spokesperson of Nineveh Guard said on Saturday.

This comes as a response to Maliki’s accusations, as he claimed that Mosul’s residents are behind the city’s fall.

In press statements, al-Jabouri noted that Mosul’s residents shall not be held accountable because they did not give orders to five military brigades to withdraw from the battlefield, adding that this order facilitated the city’s fall in ISIS’ clutches.

At the time, Nineveh provincial council and its governor have asked for Peshmerga soldiers’ help to fight ISIS, which was officially and categorically rejected by Maliki, he added.

Mosul’s residents collaborated with ISIS, causing the fall of the city in 2014, Maliki said in a statement to Sputnik, a Russian news agency, on Friday before his visit to Moscow.

On Saturday, former governor of Nineveh Atheel al-Nujaifi lashed out at former prime minister’s over his latest statements.

Earlier, the parliamentary legal committee requested last month the attorney general to reopen the issue of Mosul’s fall in ISIS’ grip, a move that will lead to the trial of Iraqi officials, including Maliki.

Read More: http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/14739/Iraqis-demand-trial-execution-of-Maliki-over-Mosul-fall-to-ISIS

BGG ~ This piece is from July 23rd, 2017. It is recent. No one has forgotten. Maliki will not escape the coming wrath. Whatever place he is trying to bribe his way into will not help him.


WASHINGTON – Annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are being held at an event that is the highlight

Baghdad / The six-day annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were held in Washington, DC, on Tuesday. The agenda of the meetings on the first day included a discussion on what the IMF is doing and what are the main and unregistered objectives. Christophe Rosenberg, on how the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finances its operations, while the IMF’s General Counsel and Director of the International Monetary Fund Shawn Hagan pointed out how to develop the IMF’s capabilities.

The first day of the event, the most important event in the world economic affairs, was held by Al-Mada, a press conference on the prospects of the global economy, and the IMF’s interest in global economic issues and its role in the international financial architecture. And the Fund’s services to the global media.

The meetings will discuss several topics, including the examination of emerging lessons on consultation, participation and disclosure. The Inspection Panel, the World Bank’s Independent Accountability Mechanism, will publish its latest report in a series of lessons learned on experiences from consultation, participation and disclosure, The lessons will serve as a forum to discuss what makes citizens’ participation successful, the challenges faced by development practitioners in this area, and how the World Bank experience has reached the criteria for participation in the new environmental and social framework.

Among the keynote speakers at the event were World Bank Chief Executive Officer Cristalina Georgieva, Oxfam President and CEO Abby Maxman, World Bank Chief Executive Officer Jason Alford, as well as other economists and specialists in global economic and financial affairs. Of accredited journalists to attend these meetings from around the world.

The IMF and the World Bank are sister organizations within the United Nations system and share a common goal of raising living standards in their member countries. The two institutions follow two complementary approaches to this goal. IFAD focuses on macroeconomic issues while the Bank focuses on long-term economic development And poverty reduction.

Read More: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?54762-WASHINGTON-Annual-meetings-of-the-International-Monetary-Fund-(IMF)-are-being-held

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U.S. Priorities in the Kirkuk Standoff

In the coming days, Kirkuk will either explode into open fighting between Kurdish and Iraqi forces or spur a much-needed dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil.

On October 12, the oil-rich Iraqi province of Kirkuk came very close to witnessing a major clash between two U.S.-armed militaries — the federal Iraqi army and the forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The army has been unable to access its old bases in Kirkuk since its June 2014 collapse at the hands of the Islamic State, and Kurdish Peshmerga have since taken full control of these areas and their oil fields. The recovering federal military has now made its first attempt to reenter the Peshmerga-controlled zone.

Yesterday, a column of army units, special forces, and Popular Mobilization Forces loyal to the moderate cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani advanced over the Kurdish frontline berm south of Kirkuk city, within a fifteen-minute drive of the provincial capital and key oil fields. Local Peshmerga reportedly came very close to firing on these forces, which halted just in time after Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi received a phone call from one Kurdish faction — the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) — asking for forty-eight hours to confer internally and with the other major Kurdish faction, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). The clock is now ticking, and the deadline will expire by early Sunday morning local time.

In all likelihood, one of three outcomes will unfold. First, Baghdad’s forces could resume their advance after the deadline, then halt or turn back if Peshmerga block them from entering Kirkuk’s military bases and oil fields. Second, federal forces could succeed in pushing onto their objectives. Either of these initial scenarios could generate a major crisis. The first would spell political trouble for Abadi and likely spur intensified multilateral sanctions on the Kurds, including border closures with Turkey and Iraq and removal of the KRG’s capacity to generate customs and oil revenue. And whether federal forces succeed or fail, blood would be likely be shed during the confrontation, casting a very deep shadow over Abadi’s efforts to serve as a unifier in the 2018 elections and further disrupting the military campaign against the Islamic State. Kirkuk’s oil fields might be heavily damaged as well.

Fortunately, a third, more attractive option is available. Since the September 25 KRG independence referendum, Baghdad has been unwilling to enter unconditional negotiations with the KRG, requiring Erbil to publicly renounce the vote in some fashion before coming back to the table. Yet the Kirkuk crisis gives Baghdad a clear pretext for direct emergency talks, and without losing face for setting aside its renouncement demand (at least in the short term). These discussions could center on the PUK’s proposed compromise: “temporary joint administration” of Kirkuk. The portions of Kirkuk that the PUK controls — the main air base, the K1 military base, and some energy facilities — would be good spots to develop a joint security mechanism between federal and Peshmerga forces.

This approach could take some heat out of the crisis, placate Turkish and Iranian fears of growing Kurdish nationalism, and reduce military tensions in Kirkuk. To be sure, further negotiations would be needed regarding the city’s KDP-held zone, which includes two large oil fields, Bai Hassan and Avana. But at least the process would be started.

The United States has rightly expressed that it will not allow any actor to take military steps against the Kurds in their three core provinces — Erbil, Dahuk, and Sulaymaniyah. It has also quietly but insistently signaled Baghdad that any effort to regain access to disputed areas such as Kirkuk should not involve violence, should not be led by Iranian-backed militias, and should leave ample room left for negotiation. Thus far, Abadi seems to have respected these concerns, and the Kurds have likewise been urged to refrain from using force.

Washington should now push for negotiations during the remainder of the forty-eight-hour truce, supporting extensions to the deadline as warranted. Toward that end, it should maintain its small military advisory presence in Kirkuk, which aids situational awareness and crisis communication between the sides.

In particular, U.S. mediators should call for de-escalation measures: a freeze on sending reinforcements to the area, the removal of heavy weapons such as artillery and tanks to a mutual distance, a ban on nighttime movements, and two-way communication to make each side aware of new troop movements. They should also prioritize a partial, incremental solution to the crisis in the near term — such as the return of limited federal military missions to PUK-controlled sites in Kirkuk — instead of an expansive “mega deal” that requires the immediate return of large federal forces to all areas surrendered in 2014. These forces are needed for operations elsewhere in the country anyway, and Kirkuk is not yet equipped to give them the necessary housing and logistical support.

U.S. support to small Iraqi military missions in Kirkuk could be the start of a trilateral combined security mechanism for the city, which federal, KRG, and U.S. forces might then extend into other disputed areas. There are many ways to reintroduce federal security forces without requiring the Kurds to welcome back heavily armed military units; for instance, lightly armed federal oil field police are much needed to prevent Islamic State insurgent attacks on key hydrocarbon resources. Above all, Washington needs to act immediately to keep its allies from fighting each other in the coming days, with a focus on measures that encourage incremental progress and confidence building.

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Post RV Checklist (it’s getting to be that time!! Listen up!!)

Dos and Don’ts of Windfall Wealth:

Treat it like a PowerBall win

– Tell no one, not even family. If you must talk, do so with one who is already in the know.

– Don’t run out & buy new “stuff”. People notice.

– Get an unpublished number and give it out very sparingly.

– Get a tax accountant you can trust to make sure the IRS is satisfied (Certified Opinion is something to look into) and pursue asset protection…

Read Complete List: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?18519-The-Post-RV-Checklist-and-Flashback-documents&p=128477#post128477

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Thanks – BGG!!


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