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BGG - Article quote:  “Iraq today – the parliamentary finance committee the central bank demanded the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the three of currency instead of issuing new editions of major categories.“  This is obviously THE BIG news of the last few days…Demanded…they’ve essentially “Demanded” an RV…I don’t know how else to say it…the Finance Committee got their point across to the CBI.

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Kurdish newspaper reveal a new proposal by the Baghdad region to resolve outstanding problems


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Abadi: We will liberate through the gray days and Carter got the wrong information

Long-Presse / Baghdad He favored the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, freeing the city of Ramadi (110) west of Baghdad from the control of the organization Daash within days, as expressed surprise at the US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s remarks on the unwillingness of the Iraqi forces to fight and confirmed receiving the wrong information, stressed the importance of control of the Iraqi-Syrian border to cut off supplies (Daash).

Ebadi said in an interview with the radio station, the BBC and British television and I followed (range Press) “It is possible to edit gray city from the control of the organization Daash within days”, adding that “the fall of the gray bloodiest my heart.”… (breaks his heart)…


BGG ~ My first thought is these public comments were intended to illicit a response from Iraq. Obviously Abadi is responding… whatever the intent – it has gotten Iraqi leadership’s attention.

Al-Jabouri: 22 laws ready for voting

Tomorrow press Baghdad: the head of the House of Salim Al-jubouri, Monday, 22 law ready to vote after the completion of the second reading and debate them.

Al-jubouri said while chairing a meeting of the leaders and representatives of political blocs and the heads of parliamentary committees and attended by “tomorrow,” “the meeting devoted to the discussion of all the issues of the political dimensions and main task” bills, stating that “the current very important moments can be if we reach a deal to build a new stage for the country’s political situation and move on to another party to the current topics under discussion would require a great deal of responsibility of representatives of the competent committees and bodies”.

He stressed “we have no choice but to reach an inclusive agreement, especially in the joints of the Iraqi political situation”…


Parliamentary Finance Committee calls for the central bank to delete the zeros


Iraq today - the parliamentary finance committee the central bank demanded the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the three of currency instead of issuing new editions of major categories.

A member of the committee MP Abdul Qader Mohammed Omar that ‘the central bank plans to issue new editions of great categories 50 000 dinars and 100 for thousand dinars , while project to delete the zeros of the three of deferred currency implemented until further notice ‘.

He added:’ project to delete the zeros is the best of the issuance of new editions under the current circumstances, calling for the implementation delete the three zeroes to restructure the local currency and to reduce the money supply in the country ‘.


BGG ~ Did you all just read this?!? I think I recall pointing out that just such a conflict probably existed (or predicted it…) on a recent call… and here it is.

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Parliament prepares to vote on a package of new laws Thursday

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: the heads of blocs agreed on Monday to deliver the completed laws of the vote session next Thursday, while the parliamentary source said that differences over the laws of the Federal Court and the parties and the National Guard continued and blocks other meetings will be held on them.

The source said in a statement followed the “obelisk” ,, “The heads of blocs profanity and committees who met today, headed by Speaker Salim al-Jubouri agreed to provide some unfinished laws ready to vote in the parliamentary session to be held, next Thursday.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “the heads of blocs agreed to hold a meeting tomorrow in connection with the agreement on the Federal Court Act,” noting that “the Kurdistan Alliance is one of the most prominent objectors to the Federal Court Act.”…


Conscious / Presidency and representatives of the parliamentary blocs are looking project of the Federal Court Act

Conscious / Baghdad / P u: Meeting of the Presidium of the House of Representatives on Monday with the heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs to discuss the project of the Federal Court Act.

She said a member of the parliamentary legal committee smile Hilali in a press statement transferred reporter (and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) that “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, headed by President of the Council, Salim al to discuss obstacles to agree on the Federal Court Act.”…



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Economist: the issuance of a new class is the restructuring of the coin and not to improve the situation directly

Press direction / Special: Denied economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on Monday, about an intention to issue a new Iraqi currency from large groups or to resort to the process of deleting the zeros.

Antoine said in an interview with “direction Press,” he said the new currency issue or deletion of zeros is the currency restructuring process and not to improve the situation directly.

Antoine said that the idea of ​​a new currency of a particular class is issued for the purpose of minimizing market trading and the use of large pieces and small pieces instead.

He said economic expert, that the issuance of currency reduces large categories of banks and of its trustees problems in counting the money. Noting the inability to solve the proposed percent of thousand Iraqi dinars instead of dollars percent currency because he can not solve his work rather than his other twin, and there was no one can replace the other, but instead can be solved a lot of problems with the market.
He advised a number of specialists in economic affairs government to implement the project to delete the zeros, instead of issuing a large categories of currency because it will lead to increased inflation.

It is noteworthy that the central bank decided after the federal government is required to wait to apply the project to delete the zeros and get rid of the bloated money supply in Iraqi currency through printed Banknotes category (50) thousand dinars.


Iranian general Qassem Suleiman

Iranian General Suleimani Blames US For Fall of Ramadi

Accuses Washington of helping IS militants to smuggle Iraqi oil

The US has done “nothing” to help Iraq`s army battle Islamic State (IS) militants in Ramadi, according to a senior Iranian general involved in the fight against the jihadist group.

Qassem Suleimani, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards` commander of foreign operations, hit out at Washington after Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said Iraqi forces “failed to fight” in Ramadi, which has fallen to IS.

“Mr. (Barack) Obama, what is the distance between Ramadi and Al-Asad base where US planes are based?” Suleimani said in a speech late Sunday in the southern province of Kerman carried by state news agency IRNA.

“How can you be in that country under the pretext of protecting the Iraqis and do nothing? This is no more than being an accomplice in a plot,” said Suleimani…


BGG ~ This is more ridiculous Iranian rhetoric… incendiary comments. While I have little confidence in our current Administration – this line of reasoning is wholly and intentionally misleading…


Iraqi Dinar/Dollar auction 21-5-15

Currency Auctions Announcement No. (2955 – the most recent listing)

This daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 21-May-2015

The results were as follows:

Number of banks 17
Number of remittance companies 0
Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
Auction price buying dinar / US$ —–
Amount sold at auction price (US$) 157,654,606
Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —–
Total offers for buying (US$) 157,654,606
Total offers for selling (US$) —–

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Abadi promises to liberate Ramadi ‘in days’

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi claimed in an interview on Sunday with the BBC that the provincial capital city of Ramadi can be recaptured from the Islamic State “in days.”

The prime minister also criticized remarks by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter who gave a scathing assessment of the Iraqi security forces battle against ISIS in Anbar province. Carter accused Iraqi troops of abandoning Ramadi despite greatly out-numbering the jihadists.

Carter told CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday that the Iraqi forces lack the will to fight the militias.

Abadi said Carter’s claim “shocked” him. He acknowledged and that Carter is supporting Iraq but said the top US defense official had “received wrong information.”

Despite the support of US-led airstrikes, ISIS seized control of Ramadi, Anbar’s capital, on May 15. The strategic defeat placed the Iraqi Army under harsh criticism from local officials and military experts.

“They [Iraqi troops] have the will to fight them [ISIS], but local commanders authorized the troop’s withdrawal without Baghdad’s coordination,” said Abadi in support of Iraqi forces…



US dollar USD 1166.000 1164.000

US dollar USD 1166.000 1164.000
Euro EUR 1301.722 1301.072
British pound GBP 1824.207 1823.295
Canadian dollar CAD 948.893 948.419
Swiss franc CHF 1253.224 1252.598
Swedish krona SEK 140.843 140.773
Norwegian krone NOK 154.718 154.640
Danish krone DKK 174.572 174.485
Japanese yen JPY 9.633 9.628
Drawing Rights
SDR 1640.480 1639.660

Indicative rates – 25.05.2015


State-owned banks to support the civil counterpart to liberalize the economy from routine restrictions 


Jubouri meets committees and parliamentary blocs to exit formats final of the laws of the National Guard and the parties and the Federal Court


Extensive meetings on the Federal Court Act


Banks re-dollar prices to previous rates 


Council Maysan stop the introduction of the new tariff

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Maysan province, Jawad al-Rahim al-Saadi, Saturday, for suspension of the operation of new tariff and work the old tariff with effect from tomorrow, attributing the cause to as “weigh” the shoulders of the citizen, while explained that the work that will continue until the end of next June and then look to the subject…


Chalabi: the next phase need a radical change in the economic policy of the country

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Faleh Hussein - The head of the Finance Committee MP Ahmad Chalabi, Thursday, to the necessity of activating the investment side and give the role of the private sector for the advancement of the national economy, while noting that the next phase need a radical change in the economic policy of the country.

Chalabi said for “Sky Press,” that “the decline in the general budget growth in Iraq rates and the difficulty of carrying operating expenses and work to rebuild the military system under the difficult security situation, we need to find solutions to the lifting of economic movement solutions through domestic and foreign investment.”

He added that “there are positive steps have been taken now by Iraqi businessmen in their support for the movement Urban in Baghdad and the provinces, in addition to local banks to support the reconstruction and the market at this stage, either future stage, Iraq needs a radical change in economic policy and the development of a new foundation for the advancement of the country’s economy to find new financial resources through the support of industry, agriculture and the opening of domestic and foreign investment door.

Iraq and many countries in the world is witnessing an economic crisis, as a result of falling oil prices, the global stock market, below $ 48 per barrel, after it was $ 110.

Iraq relies, by 85%, on oil as well as Iran and Russia Almtdharran biggest with Iraq in lower prices, as a result, the Iraqi government was forced to announce, an austerity operations, generally in the country in an attempt to fill the budget deficit, as well as the government announced Iraq, reducing the salaries of cabinet 50%.


Advisor to the US Army: 6000 elements of Iraqi forces collapsed in front of 150 ISIS in Ramadi

Shafaq News / The former adviser to U.S. Central Command , Ali al-Khedery said, that he had information indicating the collapse of the six thousand elements of the Iraqi forces in front of 150 fighters of the Islamic State organization in Ramadi city , the center of Anbar province.

al-Khedery said in an interview with “CNN” that ” a Kurdish official has informed me on a statistical and told me that, according to their intelligence information , six thousand Iraqi police in Ramadi collapsed in front of 150 members of ISIS organization.. as ten car bombs have been used and a large proportion of weapons were seized, this is a tremendous setback. ”

“We met with several Iraqi officials during the last few days and what I heard is already terrifying, all of them expressed their concern and fear of things that I have not heard worse than the civil war in 2006 and 2007 in Iraq.”

He added that “the evolution in Ramadi represents a major setback for Iraq and the international community, it appears that the strategy does not work in other words, there is no military solution to this problem.”

About sending the Popular Mobilization Unites to retake Ramadi city, Khadderi said, “The truth is that ISIS represents a group that must be defeated, religious and Sunni extremist militias such as ISIS cannot be defeated by Shiite religious militias”, as he put it.


Sources told the world: rising dollar exchange rate «constant» even delete the zeros and the issuance of «large cash categories»

The government resorted to «restrict» import movement to support local product and prevent «money laundering»

Baghdad Amer Aljdua - informed sources in the Iraqi Central Bank revealed that the government wants to control the “money laundering” through the “restriction” import movement and prevent the importation of certain goods which are made ​​locally, high salinity that the dollar exchange rate “is intended to force the merchants to promote local industry “, as pointed out that this rise” will remain until the completion of the project to delete the zeros of the local currency and the issuance of large cash categories to make the dinar strong or other currencies “, but the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives warned that the deletion process” requires big money can not be for Iraq provided in the current time. ”

high-level sources confirmed “the world” that the government “intends to control money laundering and the smuggling of currency operations, as well as forcing some traders on the domestic industry, and restrict imports from abroad”, believing that the high exchange rate “force them to deal with the domestic industry . ”
and revealed that the government and in agreement with the bank “wants to maintain the dollar exchange rate in the amount of 130 000 dinars per $ 100, and the possibility of exchange rate appreciation in the coming days until the end of this year.”

The sources, who asked withholding her identity, because they are not given permission, to “The central bank, and before the issuance of the big currencies, wants to work a project to delete the zeros,” indicating that “in the event of the project was the application of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar will be a close, and therefore do not need the citizen in hard currency.”

It showed that the bank “will focus effort in time current on obtaining full approvals on the project with the possibility of making large cash categories, in conjunction with the deletion process, what makes the Iraqi dinar strong against other currencies. ”

He was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed Hama Rasheed said that “the proposal to delete the zeros existing four years ago, and there are proposals Several of its application, “noting that” the time is not right at the present time for the application of the procedure, because the Iraqi economy, exhausted and suffering in a lot of joints, especially after the significantly lower oil prices recently. ”

He said Rashid said “the process of deleting the zeros need to be an economic power large, “pointing out that” currency replacing the process after deletion of zeros require large funds, Iraq is unable at this time to do these procedures. ”

He continued, “In the event possessed the Iraqi economy enough force, can talk about the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, and the decision in consultation with the The central bank “, calling for” benefit from the Turkish experience in changing its currency, the positive and reflections that have been achieved through that procedure, “stressing that” the Finance Committee discussed all proposals submitted to it, and the deletion of zeros and one of those things, not be issued a formal decision from the Commission on Thread. ”

The sources confirmed that the coming days, “the lack of dependence on the dollar will appear,” pointing out that “Iraq’s foreign dealings in various fields will not be affected if the dollar exchange rate rose, the fact that the country receives money from the dollar sale of oil.”

For his part, sees Maitham defect, an observer of economic affairs and academic, “The government left itself between the hammer determine the dollar amount sold and the anvil to reduce the dinar exchange rate,” adding that “both over, and the reason is the depreciation of the local currency as it became clear.”

Paragraph 50 of the general federal budget law for 2015 on “the central bank is committed to identifying sales of foreign currency (dollar) in the daily auction ceiling does not exceed 75 million dinars a day with exercise justice in the sales process, and calls for participating in the auction Bank to provide goods enter documents and statements of tax settling accounts and savings Alkmarki within 30 days of Date of purchase for the amount and otherwise apply to the bank penalties stipulated in the central bank law or instructions issued from it, and use other banking instruments to maintain the strength of the dinar against the dollar. ”

He added coffee in a telephone interview with “the world” that “these two matters large scars are high commodity prices and goods, especially that most of them imported and purchased foreign currency. ”

He continued that “determine the sales volumes of the dollar leads to the separation of the relationship between supply and demand for that currency”, leading to sales at a particular price, and with a last price parallel. ”

He adds defect “while in The reduction in the dinar exchange rate will not lead to that separation. ”  And that “lowering the exchange rate will benefit the budget.” shops Banking owners said that “the dollar exchange rate is on the rise despite the central bank confirmation pumping additional quantities to the market in order to reduce the exchange rate.”

In the opinion of His banking , declined to be named, said in an interview with “the world” yesterday that the bank “does every time the announcement of the supplement market additional amount of the dollar”, claiming that the implementation of the resolution are “after 10 days or 15 days and do not know why is it,” .
decided the Central Bank, last Tuesday, increasing the share of dollar sales for banking companies and foreign transfers and reducing the length of time for the implementation of foreign remittances.

The directors of a bank in a press release, “The meeting resulted in the development of procedures to ensure to address the situation of some private banks and cash-strapped including ensure processing their positions. ”

The statement continued that “the Bank has agreed to launch an amount trillion dinars for private banks to finance small and medium enterprises for citizens loans and approve their own controls.”

He said the bank according to the statement to “approve instructions regulating the work of guaranteed bank loans companies,” noting that ” Economic expert Majid picture started work a member of the Council of the Central Bank. ”

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