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OOTW - Article quote:  “The country suffers the deficit as Iraq could not support its currency only if it received grants from third parties, and if possible its implementation is important (THE ZEROES PROJECT), reframes the currency indirectly supporting the national currency, and when the currency they restructure will reduce inflation in Iraq.“   AFTER THIS ARTICLE CAME OUT, I’VE BEEN INUNDATED WITH QUESTIONS ASKING ME IF I BELIEVE THIS IS A ‘LOP’ ARTICLE - ALL I CAN SAY IS A LOP WILL NOT ADDRESS INFLATION - SHE’S SAYING (IT SEEMS TO ME) THAT THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN SUPPORT THE WORTH OF THE CURRENCY IS TO ASSIGN MORE VALUE TO IT, IF NOT, THEY’LL NEED (ADDITIONAL) LOANS. WHY WOULD THEY NEED ADDITIONAL LOANS WITH ALL OF THE RESERVES, INCL GOLD THEY HOLD, IF THEY WERE NOT GOING TO INCREASE THE WORTH OF THE DINAR, VIA THE PROJECT “DELETE THE ZEROS”?…JIMO

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*** Current News ***

Source at the Central Bank: banks will begin the implementation of remittances to their customers starting next Sunday

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad  - A source in the Iraqi Central Bank, on Thursday, the banks will begin the implementation of remittances to their customers starting next Sunday, noting that it came after the completion of all the procedures and mechanisms by banks.

The source said in an interview with Alsumaria News , “The banks will begin the implementation of remittances to their customers starting on Sunday 03/08/2015.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “This came after the completion of all the procedures and mechanisms by banks.”

The source of early detection, in the (February 25, 2015), the Central Bank of Iraq began to apply the new system of remittances and sell the currency, as he pointed out that the bank denied stopped selling the dollar.


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Expert: delete zeros supporting the national currency and reduce inflation in the country

Baghdad: the … Economic expert asserted Dr. Salam smeisim, Thursday, the importance of the subject delete zeros from Iraqi dinar, saying that to support the national currency, and reduction of inflation in the country.

Smeisim said, in a statement to “set the Iraq News, the” delete zeros contains two basic objectives, delete the zeros, and the restructuring of the Iraqi currency, instead of the $ 100 worth 120,000 Iraqi dinars, then delete the three zeros becomes 100 $ 100 worth of Iraqi dinar, which equals $ dinar, this means strengthening the Iraqi currency.

“The country suffers the deficit as Iraq could not support its currency only if it received grants from third parties, and if possible its implementation is important, reframes the currency indirectly supporting the national currency, and when the currency they restructure will reduce inflation in Iraq.” Finished/13


Expert: delete the zeros supports the national currency and reduce inflation in the country

BAGHDAD / … confirmed an economic expert d. Peace Sumaisem, on Thursday, on the importance of the subject of the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar, considering it as a support of the national currency, and a reduction of inflation in the country.

Sumaisem said, in a statement to “Ein Iraq News”, “delete the zeros includes two basic objectives, the deletion of zeros, and the restructuring of the Iraqi currency, instead of the $ 100 equals 120 000 Iraqi dinars, after deleting three zeros become a $ 100 equals 100 Iraqi dinars, which is equal to the dollar and the dinar This means strengthening the Iraqi currency. ”

“The country suffers deficit as Iraq does not it can support its currency unless received grants from third parties, and whether this possible implementation it is important, reframes the value of the currency indirectly supporting the national currency, and when structuring currency returned it reduces inflation Iraq “. Finished / 13




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Integrity Committee: trillion and 14 million dinars from Iraq funds registered for corrupt officials

Integrity Committee: trillion and 14 million dinars from Iraq funds registered for corrupt officials

BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee on efforts to re-trillion and 14 million of Iraq’s money smuggled in post, as pointed out that Lebanon at the forefront of those countries where corrupt money invested.

He said the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives member Haider Alfoada in a special statement to the Agency / BD /: The Integrity Committee Tbzlk efforts and movements, and in coordination with the Integrity Commission to return the money, which recorded the names and the assets of some former officials and those close to them who occupied important positions in the state were involved with corruption Mali and they transfer public money into a personal account in banks and purchasing real estate and residential units and factories and companies in the countries of the world or recorded the names of those close to them, revealing the size of the financial aid smuggled abroad reached amounts to a trillion and 14 million dinars.

He stressed the need to restore some of the legislation and formulations legal to hunt down the corrupt, noting that the return of such funds collides with several problems of different laws and regulations in place between one country and another, and the adoption of Iraq to the Committee at the United Nations to fight corruption and work without the level of ambition, and that Lebanon in the forefront of those countries that have invested in corrupt Iraq’s money.


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Keywords: cash sales dollar continuously .. no ceilings on the withdrawal of funds

Keywords: cash sales dollar continuously .. no ceilings on the withdrawal of funds

BAGHDAD / Amer Mohi - Denied the central bank, on Tuesday, he stopped selling the dollar, pointing out that the bank gave the green light to implement the project to delete the zeros from the currency, while stressing taken new measures to trading in dollars, expect a decision parliamentary finance committee return dinar to his strength, returned central decisions to ” good “because it is a challenge of smuggling currency out of the country.

The decision of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed Hama Rashid in the “long”, that “the central bank’s plan to abolish the daily auction of the coin and determine the amount of $ 75 million a day, is a good step to prevent foreign currency smuggling out of the country,” noting that “the decision returned good easily neutralized through this period. ”

Rashid added by saying that “hard currency prices stabilized after a few days of taking the central bank’s decision to cancel the daily auction, and that this contributed to the strengthening of the Iraqi dinar,” expected “The coming days will witness the return of the dinar to strength again.” 

He stressed that “a meeting between the parliamentary Finance Committee and the Central Bank and has been discussed many issues, including the issue of the daily auction of the coin and the strengthening of the Iraqi currency,” pointing to “the formation of a small committee temporarily inside the Finance Committee to discuss the latest developments with the Central Bank by hosting maintain the relationship.” .

The governor of the bank on the Keywords during a press conference, held in the bank building area Jadiriya in Baghdad, said that “the central bank went to the new mechanisms on the sale of currency window after studying extensively formerly followed which affected one way or another on the market because they carry a lot of problems, including money laundering, “pointing out that” the mechanism used currently maintain a market economy, as well as support for the dollar exchange rate against the dinar by linking foreign remittances through the financial deposit paid by the dealer before buying the goods are placed in banks abroad and thus not join inconsistencies in dollars, and the entry of the goods entirely according to invoices submitted. ”

He added that the relationship “cash sales of dollars by selling the currency continuous window and there is no interruption, but it will be in a new way and there are no limits to the amounts for those wishing to obtain the dollar.”

On the other hand pointed Keywords that “heading the bank is real and effective support of private banks in Iraq by persuading the government to develop a financial deposit in those banks as well as dealing with the outgoing ones in the state departments of all instruments”, noting that “the bank is considering now deposit law is now under preparation and if completed it during the next few days will pay to the House of Representatives for approval. ”

Keywords that “revealed an ongoing process to delete the zeros of the currency has not canceled but is now in preparation and study the subject and to say the least over the next three years, largely will be worked out because this is an important administrative and financial operations cannot rush it.”

For his part, said an expert on economic affairs Majid picture in an interview for the “long”, that “the abolition of currency auction came to the goal of the organization of the currency sale in the market, especially after the great smuggling currency out of the country after the opening of the auction on a daily basis,” noting that “the basic problem is the development of paragraph in the federal budget to determine the dollar selling in the daily auction of the Central Bank, “stressing that” the CBI plans are good for organizing the sale of hard currency for the market. ”

He added that the picture of “the existence of hard currency by more than 150% of the local currency exporting is good and indicates that Iraq will not suffer from a lack of hard currency,” noting that “the presence of large amounts of dollar strengthens the dinar against the dollar and regulates the sale of currency process.” The Central Bank of Iraq, denied, on Tuesday, closing window sell the currency, said “take new mechanisms to sell the dollar.” 

Parliamentary Finance Committee held (March 2, 2015) meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords and director of TBI Hamdiya dry to discuss the financial situation and the issue of transfer of funds from the commercial bank to Kurdistan without collateral.

Confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi (February 2, 2015) that the rise in the dollar exchange rate “will not last long”, and demanded that the central bank using monetary tools to control the market.

She added that “the Commission predicted rise in the dollar exchange rate against the dinar, when the roof identified 75 million dollars for the auction of the Central Bank, the General Budget Law, while not confirmed the continuation of the long rally, called for the central bank using monetary tools to control the market.

The MP Magda al-Tamimi said that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee predicted a rise in the dollar’s exchange rate against the dinar, when identified ceiling 75 million dollars for the auction of the Central Bank, the General Budget Law,” noting that “such a paragraph came because the Iraqi central bank sales were between 200 to 250 million dollars a day, which led to the depletion of the country’s hard currency reserves and low of 77 to 67 billion dollars or less.



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Central Bank gives the green light to implement “the deletion of zeros,” 

Long-Presse / Baghdad - Detection Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords, on Tuesday, giving a green light to direct the implementation of file deletion of zeros from the currency, and as he emphasized that the completion of administrative matters of this file will take two years, pointed out that the bank began creating new currency models.

Alak said during a press conference held by the bank building Jadiriyah district in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press), that “the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency file is put into practice,” asserting that “the Bank gave the green light to implement this.”  The Keywords, that “the completion of administrative matters on this file will take two years,” noting that “the bank began creating new currency models.”

The Central Bank of Iraq (November 28, 2014), announced the adjournment of the subject of the deletion of zeros from the currency at the present time.



Central Bank lowers fees imposed imposed on banks by half

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} central bank announced Tuesday, reduction of the fines imposed on banks by half the proportion of {200%} to {100%}.

According to a statement of the bank and agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it “later Bamamna No. number 12/684 in 12/02/2013, which included the imposition of fines on banks, according to the specified percentages and that’s where the imposition of fines was to evaluate the performance of employees in banks and reassure the public the number of completion Securities received by the banking system and to the approval of the Governor decided to reduce the fine imposed on the irregularities {shortage, and various foreign securities} discovered in Eyadaatkm ratio of {200%} to {100%} “.

“The decision to suspend the fine to ensure counterfeit papers discovered by {500}% make up the shortfall with effect from 03.01.2015″ .anthy


More interesting Headlines…

Tomorrow is a new mechanism for buying and selling the dollar

Baghdad Tariq al-Araji - Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords revealed that on Sunday 22 of this month, will stop work ERA Bank and the adoption of the banking system as being responsible for foreign remittances, pointing to the direct preparation of a study to demonstrate the feasibility of removing zeros in this Almrahlh.oavad relationship, a statement singled out the “morning “, that “the central bank since I assumed responsibility for the work to bridge the gap in his dealings,”noting that “it was the finalization of the new version and leave the old ways, coupled with certain conditions can not remain governor at the central bank, which has the functions and tasks big and important activities the national economy.”


Governor of the Central Bank, explained that “It is not true that the central stays busy selling the currency like ATM daily”, stressing that “the transition to a new phase is to conduct foreign remittances through the banking system within the mechanism developed for it.”

Keywords added that “all banks reported this mechanism”, and as pointed out that “the Central no longer a party to the process of buying and selling the currency,” revealed that “on Sunday will be the application of this mechanism.”

And on the project to delete the zeros from the currency Keywords stated that “the project is still there,” adding that he “has direct develop a study to demonstrate the feasibility of its application and ensure the safety of its application procedures” that “Central will take enough time in the implementation of this program,” referring to “Plan Steps project to delete the zeros”.

These two events seem closely associated – the stopping of the auctions and the “removing of the zero’s…”

On a related situation, a report issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, received a “morning,” a copy of it, for it is based on the provisions of the Iraqi Central Bank Act for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the Bank and the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currency through optimal use of foreign exchange resources to meet the needs of all and not the central occupancy of functions which are at the heart of the work of the banking system and the relevant departments, with a commitment to the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Financing of Terrorism Central decided to new instructions issued in this regard.

According to the statement, “The Central Bank of Iraq to strengthen banks balances wishing to do so at their correspondents abroad to finance permitted banking law and set out in detail in the attached list, according to the appropriate indicators to ensure the stability of the exchange rate and trade finance and other operations.”

The statement added that “the banks are willing to strengthen their balances dollar deposit the equivalent in Iraqi dinars in their accounts of the type 216 before fifteen days from the date of submission guarantee coverage amounts equal to their requests, to be not less than the amount required for a certain extent decided by the central bank” .albean continued that “the bank submit a written application to the Directorate General Investments asking promote tally with its representatives abroad, attach a copy of the entry to strengthen the balance of his account in Iraqi dinars from type 216, equivalent to the amount to be converted, to be submitted with the request and subsequent reinforcement disclosure shows the details of the amounts used, which was converted to its customers.”

He pointed out that the central” apply “know your customer” principle for the purpose of legal and banking safety of special procedures Bmstryate and sales of foreign Various applications currency guarantee, the Monitor compliance department of internal control and the unity of money laundering at the bank to play its role in this area and to report any treatment of suspected”.

It pointed out that the bank “retains disclose accounts with correspondents showing the movement of the account and uses of funds transferred by the central bank.”

The statement noted that “the banks are sending statements, details of the amounts transferred in foreign currency by the Central Bank of Iraq and their use to the Directorate General of banking and credit control.”

And that he “will be selling the dollar to strengthen the balance abroad for the purposes of all by 1187 dinars per dollar, and the cash sales price shall be 1190 Iraqi dinars per dollar,” pointing out that the work “continues to Ptalimatna own cash sale through the Department of window buying and selling foreign currency, is not required to provide lists of the names of the dollar in cash buyer, and reserves the vendors ‘banks and companies’ disclosures detailed the names of buyers and enhanced documentation for that and regulated by the Central Bank of the field.”

And holds the Directorate General of the banking and credit control, according to the statement, following up the implementation of banks to the instructions in the event of any irregularities exposed the bank to the penalties provided for in the applicable laws and regulations.”

Central detect and put a plan with the banks for “capacity building and create the potential for expansion in the letters of credit in the banking practice of foreign trade,” null and void “all previous instructions that are inconsistent with these instructions.”


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President Barzani: KRG supports Iraq’s political system

Fuad Masum and Masoud Barzani

Fuad Masum and Masoud Barzani

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – President Masoud Barzani said the Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to support Iraq’s political system, according to a statement office following a meeting with Iraq’s President Fuad Masum.

The presidents, who met on Wednesday at Salahaddin resort in Erbil province, discussed political and economic issues, the ongoing war against ISIS, and the new Baghdad-Erbil oil agreement, according to the statement.

“Both emphasized the significance of negotiations and commitment to the agreement ratified between the KRG and the central government in December which is for the benefit of both parties,” the statement said.

“The Kurdistan Region will continue supporting the political system in the country,” the statement added.

The situation of refugees in the Kurdistan Region was also discussed.

“The central government’s obligation to serve the refugees in the Kurdistan region was assessed, and the central government should supply the refugees with the basic necessities they need,” the statement said.


Female Kurdish fighters battling ISIS win Israeli hearts

Israelis have become captivated by the YPJ’s female fighters. AFP photo.

TEL AVIV, Israel – On December 22, Israelis sat down before their TV sets to watch the popular investigative news program “Uvda,” or Fact. They saw a familiar personage in Itai Anghel, well-known to Israelis for his reports from war zones around the world, including Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq.

This time Anghel was reporting from the frontlines of the war with the Islamic State (ISIS), focusing on the role of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

His report on the Kurdish fighters made a splash: Israelis were especially captivated by the female fighters of the YPJ, the YPG’s women’s wing.

As a liberal democracy in a part of the world where women’s rights are routinely violated — if they exist at all — Israel takes pride in the status of women in the Jewish state. In the Israel Defense Forces women fulfill a variety of combat roles, including as fighter pilots, in combat intelligence and light infantry.

But to see women from another Middle Eastern nation fighting — and defeating — ISIS in entirely female fighting units was remarkable. Israelis saw proud, young female Kurdish fighters going in to battle ISIS with no discernable hesitation. In fact, they even announced their presence with ululations, meant to strike fear into the hearts of the jihadists, who believe they will be deprived of heaven if killed by a woman.

One female Israeli artist was so inspired by the Kurdish fighters that she painted a picture of Medya, a senior YPJ commander featured in the news report and asked Anghel to send it to her.

The TV report, narrated by Anghel, showed him crossing the Euphrates River into Syria and being welcomed by Kurdish guides in Syrian Kurdistan, known to Kurds as Rojava.

“Daesh shoot and kill everything that moves, and are taking control across the region, and the world stammers,” he narrated, using the name Arabs have given to ISIS. “We are now seeing the story through the eyes of the only fighters who have succeeded in stopping them: the Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq.”

The YPG has been fighting ISIS in Syria, while the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces have been a bulwark against the extremists in Iraq. Both forces sometimes cooperate, as the Peshmerga did in evicting ISIS from the Syrian city of Kobane last month.

“Are you afraid of Daesh?” viewers saw Anghel ask a female fighter named Ahin. “No, the opposite. They are afraid of us,” she replied with a grin. “We are the nightmare of Daesh. I’m waiting for them.”

Indeed, one captured ISIS terrorist told Anghel that when the female fighters approached, the jihadi commanders ordered their men back so they would not get killed by women.

Anghel’s report gave a particular focus to the female fighters, especially the commander Medya, whom the reporter first met in 2010 on the Turkish-Iraqi border.

Though she is one of the top targets for ISIS, she isn’t especially fazed by the group.

“You visited us in the past and saw how we operate against countries that are supposed to be bigger and stronger than us,” she told Anghel on camera. “Listen: whoever thinks of them as a powerful military force simply falls into the Daesh propaganda trap. The truth is they are not such mighty fighters. They don’t have the bravery and fighting spirit that they show in the propaganda videos.”

Medya told Anghel that she felt a special responsibility toward her female fighters –- to keep them from falling into ISIS hands, to free female prisoners and to avenge what the jihadists have done to women.

“For these types, even hell isn’t enough of a punishment. Our job is to make sure they get a one-way ticket there,” she said.

Anghel told Rudaw he was “really impressed by the YPJ women, because they weren’t trying to impress me.” He said he was especially struck by their dignity.

He still is in awe of the level of education and knowledge of the YPG and YPJ fighters, especially about Jews and Israel.

Anghel said Medya spoke to him in-depth about Jewish history -– Zionist leaders, philosophers, the Holocaust and the founding of Israel. He added that the YPG sees Jews as a model, an oppressed people who were able to recover from a horrific genocide and form a prosperous state in a hostile region.

“If there is one nation in the world that suffered like us, it’s your nation,” said Medya in a message to Israelis. “We learn and study a lot about the history of Israel and the Jewish people. And in so many ways, we suffered a similar fate of pogroms, genocide and Holocaust. And here, you created an important country that has created philosophers, scientists and intellectuals. That is something we dream about as a model for our future.”

Anghel told Rudaw he felt his documentary had an important effect on the Israeli public, opening their eyes to Syrian Kurds and why the Kurds in general should be supported.

Among other things, Anghel’s report also touched on the role of Turkey in the flow of foreign fighters to ISIS. All of the captured passports a Kurdish commander showed him were stamped by Turkish immigration, and many of the fighters themselves were Turkish.

There is also an important realization and feeling of guilt, said Anghel, that Israel’s close ties with Turkey meant that Kurds were being harmed.

Medya told Anghel that Israeli support for Turkey still leaves feelings of betrayal among the Kurds. “She did not elaborate,” Anghel remembered, “but said with Kurdish understatement, ‘It hurts. It hurts us.’”

Despite the shared suffering and pain, the lack of empathy from Israel and its policy toward Kurds was saddening, Medya said. “You are also a Middle Eastern country, facing the same danger; the war today in Kurdistan may be tomorrow in Israel.”


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