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United Nations Secretary General: we hope to achieve a Government representing all communities in Iraq

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutiérrez, Wednesday, we hope to achieve a Government that represents all the components in Iraq.

He welcomed Guterres in his speech during the Arabic League Summit in Jordan, “progress in Mosul and Iraqi troops restored to lands of ISIS’s control.

“We must stop, said Guterres all Israeli settlement activity for peace”, adding that “the two-State solution is the only way to achieve peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.”

He pointed out that “the fight against terrorism in Syria requires access to a political solution,” adding, “it’s time to end the fighting in Syria.”

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Abadi says he wants to keep an American force in Iraq

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi expressed his support for the survival of part of the US forces in Iraq in order to support the Iraqi forces after the defeat and the liberation of Mosul.

“Iraqi forces need US troops to continue their training, logistical support and intelligence cooperation,” Abadi told Fox News in an interview published on Sunday.

Since the occupation of Mosul in 204, the United States deployed 5,000 troops in different parts of Iraq within the framework of the International Alliance. Asked about the possibility of 1,000 American soldiers remaining, Abadi said, “a little more.”

The Prime Minister stressed that during his visit to the White House last week, he felt a commitment by the US administration and Congress to support Baghdad in its war against an oppressive organization.

Abadi predicted during his meeting with the US station months to defeat the military dizziness in a few weeks, pointing out that at the same time that “the Daash will continue to exist until removed from Syria and other parts of the Middle East.”

“We are going to defeat them now militarily, but they will try to continue as a terrorist organization, so we need help from others to expel them from Syria and other areas,” he said, adding that President Obama did not want to take part in the war against Da’ash. 40 percent of Iraqi territory.

“Obama wanted to forget about Iraq, I mean the massacres that took place against our people have generated great pressure on President Obama,” Abadi said. “The United States is now determined to defeat Iraq,” he said, adding that “the United States and Iraq are allies, which made the decision to ban Trump the first to travel Iraqis seems unacceptable.”

“It is very difficult for them to tell the Iraqis that we are working with you, but we consider you as a threat to the United States,” he said.
US military officials told ABC News that the Pentagon plans to send two extra troops to Iraq to help Iraqi forces fight for the return of Mosul. It is estimated that there are about 200 to 300 soldiers.

“Additional elements from the 82nd Airborne Division, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, will go to Iraq on a temporary mission to provide additional support and advice to Iraqi forces,” said Col. Joseph Sacroka, a coalition spokesman, adding that “these are not adding new combat capability as much as they are Provide more advice and assistance to our Iraqi partners. ”

The unit from the 82nd Airborne Division currently has 1,700 troops based in Iraq and Kuwait, helping to advise and support Iraqi forces.
Reports last week indicated the Pentagon’s intention to send some 1,000,000 extra troops from the 2nd Combat Brigade for advice and support for the Mosul battle.

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Abadi calls for unified position against violations of Iraq sovereignty

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday called on Arab countries to adopt a unified position towards violations committed against sovereignty of Iraq.

As he addressed the Arab League meeting in its 28th session, he said:”I am strongly opposed to violating sovereignty of Iraq or any other country.”

Abadi also stressed that terrorism, extremism and internal conflicts have led to deviating from the right path, stressing the need to preserve the unity of our peoples and preventing external interference.

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Chattels (Dinar Guru)-   Article:  “Iraqi News reporting US troop level increases. “America sends more troops to Iraq”   It will be interesting to look for commentary in the news from Sadr and others.

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Kaperoni (Dinar Guru)-   Article:  “Governmental directives to amend legislation in the transition to a free economy”  Quote:   “The government proceeding towards a free economy and stimulate the private sector and this trend is accompanied by procedural and legal amendments.”  He added that ” the General Secretariat will spare no effort to support the upgrading of Iraq on the highest indicators according to the World Bank standards.”  We will have to watch the agenda’s the next few weeks and see if parliament acts

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Saudi King to Abadi: with restoring Iraq to turn in big area

King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Arabia’s support for Iraq to restore its role in the region and strengthen relations with at all levels.

Abbadi’s Office said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} copy of it today, “Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi met on the sidelines of the Summit Arabic King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

“They discussed promoting understanding and cooperation between the two countries in trade and economy, investment and joint security coordination.”

“As the victories were addressed Iraqi troops on ISIS gangs.”

King Salman Ibn Abdel Aziz, according to the statement “the importance of relations between the two countries as Iraq State with history and great potential wealth we with great session restore region and strengthen relations with him on all levels.”

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Hamoudi to encourage projects “House producer”


Presidium Member Humam Hamoudi, four, to encourage projects “House producer” and considers it the most lucrative national economy.

Hammoudi, said in a statement issued on the sidelines of the friars of the best productive projects for Iraqi women received/balance of news copy, that “small and medium-sized projects carried out by women within the home is a real beginning to move the national economy in the country,” pointing out that “House product is the starting point for strengthening confidence and women themselves and to society.”

And the price, “an initiative of the Ministry of labour prepared in training women in small enterprise development products until you reach every home.”

Hammoudi, invited to provide soft loans to make supplementary projects and pottery and handicrafts and agricultural and other “, showing his eagerness to” marketed in cooperation with media support to strengthen national product initiative two years ago.

And a student member of Parliament, President of the Commission for the advancement of Iraqi women commemorate XXXXXXX “taking initiative and supported and developed towards a new horizon qualifies women to strengthen morale and its capabilities as the basis of manufacturing generations and their contribution to activate Iraqi national production from inside her house,” stressing the need to “promote the product House project by all stakeholders as the most lucrative national economy.”

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Iraqi Dinar/Dollar auction 03-29-17 (most recent listing)

Currency Auctions Announcement No. 3411

This daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 03-28-2017

The results were as follows:

Number of banks 35
Number of remittance companies 11
Auction price selling dinar / US$ —–
Auction price buying dinar / US$ —–
Amount sold at auction price (US$) 161,036,814
Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —–
Total offers for buying (US$) 161,036,814
Total offers for selling (US$) —–

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Dollar rates against the Iraqi dinar .. Monday morning

Economy News / Baghdad …The dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar, according to banking markets in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, a brief summary on Monday morning, March 27 for 2017.


Selling USD / 100 = 125,850 dinars price (1 USD = 1258.5 IQD)
Purchase price of $ / 100 = 125,650 dinars (1 USD = 1256.5 IQD)


Selling USD / 100 = 126,000 dinars price (1 USD = 1256.0 IQD)
Purchase price of $ / 100 = 125,800 dinars (1 USD = 1258.0 IQD)

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The following .PDF is the review by RCookie of the IMF board’s publishing of Iraq’s SBA (excellent info) – He would have wanted you all to have it.. posting the whole .PDF was the only way to get it on here. Enjoy. BGG


Robert Cook  CSW  CSS  CBP  CST  CTC




US dollar USD 1184.000 1182.000
Euro EUR 1285.706 1285.063
British pound GBP 1486.512 1485.769
Canadian dollar CAD 885.300 884.857
Swiss franc CHF 1200.933 1200.333
Swedish krona SEK 134.778 134.711
Norwegian krone NOK 139.176 139.107
Danish krone DKK 172.796 172.710
Japanese yen JPY 10.708 10.703
Drawing Rights
SDR 1617.214 1616.405

Indicative rates – 03.29.2017


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