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Whining and complaining isn’t going to change things one iota. Try focusing on the positive. I can tell you when I started following this way back, we would go months sometimes before we saw anything positive. Lately we’ve seen more positive movement forward than ever before. There are days when all the researchers here at Dinar Updates can barely keep up. I’m sorry for those of you who may of bought into this thinking it was a guaranteed ticket to overnight riches. That’s not how investments work. What we try to do here, and I think I can speak for most, is to portray the big picture. It’s not always what some want to hear but… reality is what it is.

Charles B.


US, Russia, Britain will protect oil companies in Iraq

Observers said that the United States, Russia and Britain will launch a military operation to protect the oil companies operating in Iraq amid ongoing protests witnessed in a number of provinces.

They pointed out that the three countries would intervene militarily if their oil companies or their employees were targeted by Iran Militia in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) terrorists.

The observers stressed that the Iranian plan regarding the isolation of Basra and targeting oil companies there has become well known.

On July 8, protests erupted in Basra against shortage of jobs, electricity, water and basic services.

Observers said that Iran seeks to target British, American and Russian companies in southern Iraq, noting that the three countries will intervene to protect their companies that are being currently targeted by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

They added that protesting in front of oil companies and blocking access to them proves that Iran is determined to spread chaos in Basra, Maysan, Dhi Qar, Najaf and other Iraqi provinces.

The observers said that Iran felt that Ahwaz would hold mass demonstrations this summer, so it turned the attention into Basra.

They added that IRGC’s existence on the Kuwaiti border aims to threaten the security of the Gulf and its oil fields, stressing that mullah’s regime is trying to implement a plan that aim to withdraw about 15 million barrels of oil from the markets and stop oil exports.

Observers who spoke to The Baghdad Post said that Iran stands behind the protests witnessed in southern Iraq.

They said that Iran is not only responsible for cutting electricity and water in the south, but it also inciting Basra’s residents against oil companies operating there because they are not recruiting them.

The observers pointed out that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threats that process of preventing oil companies in the Gulf from working and exporting their oil would start from southern Iraq prove that Iran is standing behind the crisis.

They called on the government of Haider al-Abadi to respond quickly to the demands of the people of Basra in order to not give Iran the chance to use the situation to destroy Iraq.

Analysts stressed that Iran is playing a “dirty game” as the mullah’s regime has promised to spread chaos in the region to disrupt oil sales in the Gulf.

Observers called on Haider al-Abadi’s government to protect Iraq from the international intervention to protect foreign oil companies, as well as thwarting Iran’s plan that seeks to spread chaos in the region.

Article Credit: Thebaghdadpost.com (Special Thanks to Charles Bright)

The state of law reveals the fact that it presented “concessions to Barzani” to collect a third term for the owners

Article Credit: Baghdadtoday.news

BGG ~ This is one of the main articles over the last few days that I really wanted to get into… just sooooo much here. This one was out of a BARRAGE of news pieces over the last couple of weeks seeming to favor Maliki.

Everyone so upset over anything positive for Maliki, they didn’t stop to read it!!

First, nowhere in here does it say that they actually had, have or will have a deal. Also – this strong budding U.S. support for the Kurds doesn’t bode well for any alliance with deep ties to Iran. Which would be the cornerstone of an Ameri, Abadi, Maliki and Barzani alliance. Way too much Iran there for the U.S. to put up with. The Kurds need us more than anything in the long run.

Ultimately – they are only saying they are willing to offer concessions to Barzani. It doesn’t say he agreed or that they have a deal.

This is an SLC spokesperson who is “revealing” information… great. Obviously, this news – whether true or not, would help Maliki. If true, it would not be good for Sadr, who would be the the odd man out, and probably push him to an “opposition” role in Parliament. Even if it’s not true – it sows some discord and puts pressure on the deals currently in place and whatever negotiations are coming between Sadr, Abadi, Ameri, Barzani and Hakim. In fact, the big winner from this round appears to be Abaidi. Right about the time this came out – within the next day or so, Sadr dropped his single requirement of Abadi for his support as the next PM.

Further, Chihod is not a reliable source. He’s a wind-bag from way back. He says this visit was natural between winning parties to exchange views on the formation of a strong government (Maliki lingo and a minor cheap shot at Abadi – more later) AWAY from concessions or political deals (I guess he’s referring to the two alliances already in place?). I hate to break it to him… there are 3 other “more winning” parties ahead of anyone in this meeting.

In the very next paragraph he’s then pointing out that they, too, are willing to make concessions, but for the “homeland” and that these meetings were held in public. The only thing he’s doing is making themselves look worse and worse. Both Maliki and Barzani were the ones caught in hinky, back door, oil smuggling schemes making themselves rich on stolen oil, in exchange for allowing the Kurds and Peshmerga to expand at will and no resistance to Maliki’s agendas.

This article also lays out the Barzani side of the conversation, saying any alliance they wind up in with Baghdad will be based on 3 conditions…

1) They need to make (or have) “historic relations”

2) Implement the Constitution with logic and rationality

3) and abide by the principles of partnership.

Nowhere does it say Barzani and Maliki are in another deal. In fact, I kind of wonder if the Kurds are even willing to go this way again.



Breitling (Dinar Guru) –  The price of oil when from 74 to 70 today.  I might have changed.  No one needs to revalue today.  But they are going to have to.  And that’s the language that they’re using.  So very remarkable.  Some very interesting stuff…90% of what Iraq makes is from oil.  It’s coming down.  It’s going to revalue.  The market will change…Iraq is going to have to add value to their currency.  Remember it’s artificially low.  They want open access to their currency.  That’s their goal.  That’s what they want to do.  And they’ll get there.

Read more: http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/

Nouri al – Maliki .. His presence is a disgrace to Iraq and his role is suspicious and criminal

Maliki is using the scene threatened by civil war if not a key part in the formation of the next government

Iraq news – Maliki is exploiting the burning scene in southern Iraq to implement his threat to ignite the civil war if not major part of the formation of the next government.

We will give you the details in turn…

Article Credit: Thebaghdadpost.com


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Mnt Goat (Dinar Guru) –   The news now is all about the re-counting of the ballot results from the May 12th elections. ...Yes, yet another intentional act to delay the progress of the countryWhy are they doing this?Many of these gurus will tell you it is orchestrated by Nori al-Maliki and his gang to stall for time, hoping to delay the results long enough so he can put together his own majority coalition. I agree with this notion but be assured it is not going to work for him and is now only backfiring on him, as the citizens will surely find out who orchestrated this fiasco in the future and who stalled the formation of the govt. This will happen when the re-counting results show no significant changes. …So this is a very dangerous tightrope Maliki is now walking but I think he has been out maneuvered and is losing his leverage by Sadr.

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Sadr abandons his only condition to support Abadi’s candidacy for PM

Sadrists say they will nominate next prime minister of Iraq

Head of Sadrist Movement Moqtada al-Sadr abandoned his only condition to support Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi’s candidacy to another term in office, a well-informed source in Sairoun coalition said.

The source explained that Sadr’s condition was Abadi’s resignation from Islamic Dawa Party in exchange for supporting his candidacy for another term in office.

In addition, the source underlined that Abadi has the capabilities to remain in office, as a result of his success in leading the country under difficult security and economic circumstances.

The Parliamentary elections was marked by record low turnout. It was the first since Iraq declared victory over the ISIS group and the fourth since the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

Article Credit: Thebaghdadpost.com (Special Thanks to Charles Bright)

Mnt Goat (Dinar Guru) –   …Remember that we know that everything from the CBI standpoint if already completed and all they need is a “suitable environment” to continue with the “project to delete the zeros”.  They told us there was FRAUD and MANIPULATION that prevented the project from moving forward. We know this is in dealing with the currency auctions and involved almost 1/3 of the parliament members and their banking and money laundering schemes.  So it seems logical that if we want to know where the CBI now stands on the RV, why not look at what is going on to rectify these issues. …Many of these culprits will lose their immunity and thus can be served their arrest warrant on charges of corruption, but only after the election.

Read more: http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/

Adam Montana (Dinar Guru) –   [What do you think is holding up the HCL?]  HCL at this time – it’s completely political. Everything I discussed…is directly related to the delay on the HCL, and that’s coming to an end quickly.  I’m excited to see this chapter conclude and see some HCL news in the coming weeks. Can’t be far off now!

Read more: http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/

Some interesting headlines…

Maliki is currently without immunity and Iran is afraid of movement from Sadr to pursue him

Majid al-Nasrawi receives dollars and escapes to Iran after issuing arrest warrants against him

Rafidain Bank and KI partnership to provide global services soon


Will Trump implement his own policy toward Kurds?

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – “The Kurds are great people. They’re incredible fighters,” President Donald Trump said on Thursday, following the NATO summit in Brussels.

“They’re wonderful, warm, intelligent — allies, in many cases,” he continued, replying to a question from Kurdistan 24’s Barzan Hassan.

“I believe they’re great people,” Trump affirmed.

Kurds and their friends were delighted at the President’s words, which brought back memory of Trump on the campaign trail when he also spoke warmly of the Kurds.

“We should be arming the Kurdish [troops.] They’ve proven to be the best fighters. They’ve proven to be the most loyal to us,” he said.

“They have great heart. We should be working with them much more than we are,” Trump said in Nashville.

After Trump won, Kurds looked forward to his presidency. “Trump Fish” restaurant opened in Dohuk, because, as the owner told Kurdistan 24, “[Trump] has expressed support for the Peshmerga forces in the presidential election campaign.”

Trump’s first (and short-lived) National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, was sympathetic to the Kurds. So, too, was the man who replaced him, H.R. McMaster, who worked with the Peshmerga during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF.)

So when the US did virtually nothing to stop the Iraqi assault on Kirkuk in October 2017, Kurdish anger at US inaction was accompanied by a deeply-felt sense of betrayal.

What went wrong?

The Trump administration, like its predecessor, saw Iraq, including the Kurds, in terms of the war to defeat the Islamic State (IS.) It did not think much about what would follow. It assumed the past was the future. So Iraq was not a high priority—say, on the level of North Korea or Iran.

The question of the future of Iraq was left to the bureaucracies, which are, typically, creatures of habit. They continued with their Obama-era thinking. That included accommodating Iran’s growing influence in Iraq, not recognizing it as a problem, even not acknowledging basic facts—like the clear evidence of the central role played by Iran and its proxy forces among Iraq’s Shia militias in the assault on Kirkuk.

As Trump’s tough new stance against Iran emerged, they failed to address the contradiction between confronting Iran pretty much everywhere on the planet but accommodating it in Iraq.

Michael Pregent, a Fellow at the Hudson Institute, who advised Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. Raymond Odierno during OIF, suggested that Trump was not thinking strategically about “the significance of Kurdistan.”

Trump “limits his praise to the bravery of the Peshmerga,” as they fought IS, Pregent said, but “what he needs to understand is that the way to keep [IS] from coming back and the way to curb Iranian influence” is to recognize the Kurdistan Region “as an American ally and an American investment.”

The Kurds are an American ally because the US can work with them to restrain Iran while preventing IS’ re-emergence, and the Kurdistan Region can be an American investment because it is a success story.

“It is literally the only thing we have left in Iraq that is a shining example of what we were able to do there,” Pregent said. However, the bureaucracies are not presenting these issues to the president from this strategic perspective, and so it is not recognized.

The formulation of Iraq policy fell to the State Department, where Secretary Tillerson was a remote and disengaged figure, focused on priority issues, like North Korea, and on reorganizing the State Department, a prolonged process, which left important positions unfilled.

Into that vacuum stepped Brett McGurk, a lawyer, with limited knowledge and experience of the Middle East. McGurk, whom Barack Obama had made Special Presidential Envoy to the coalition to defeat IS in November 2015, after Gen. John Allen stepped down from that position.

Originally, Trump intended to replace McGurk with Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, whose stature and experience was comparable to Allen’s. But when Michael Flynn was obliged to resign as National Security Adviser, McMaster was tapped to replace Flynn, and McGurk kept his position.

In the absence of an Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, McGurk assumed the role of US arbiter of Iraq’s future. Three major setbacks followed.

The first was the Iranian-orchestrated assault on Kirkuk. McGurk did not inform the White House of Tehran’s role, perhaps, because he, himself, was unaware of it.

The second was the re-emergence of IS in Kirkuk and other disputed territories.

The third was Iraq’s May 12 elections. America’s man in Iraq—Haider al-Abadi—finished third, behind the mercurial Shia cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, and Hadi al-Amiri, head of the Popular Mobilization Forces, the most powerful of which, including his own, are backed by Iran.

How is Washington dealing with this? The US-led military coalition has responded to the deteriorating security situation by increasing coordination with the Peshmerga; emphasizing its continuing support for the Kurdish forces; and promoting talks to restore security coordination between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

In addition, senior US officials now publicly acknowledge that Iran’s influence in Iraq is a real problem. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regularly speaks of the challenge posed by the Iranian-backed Shia militias.

Most dramatically, perhaps, the State Department recently revealed that Iran is running terrorist training camps in Iraq. It identified the Bahraini Al-Ashtar Brigades as one group receiving such training, but it would be little surprise if there were not more.

Of course, this does not explain how the US will address the challenge of Iran’s malign role in Iraq, but acknowledging the problem is, at least, a start.

And it raises the question: given that this is the nature of the Iraqi government, why insist that the people whom Trump describes—“great people” and “incredible fighters” and “most loyal to us”—must remain subject to this modern-day Babylonian yoke?

Article Credit: Kurdistan24.net



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Spokesperson: Coalition between Maliki, Sadr ‘unlikely’

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Political Bureau of Iraqi election winner Muqtada al-Sadr says a possible coalition with the Head of the State of Law faction, Nouri al-Maliki, is not possible as they hold him responsible for the fall of Mosul to the Islamic State (IS) in 2014.

Dhiya al-Assadi, Head of Sadr’s Political Bureau, said in a statement on Wednesday that forming a coalition with Maliki is unlikely because he holds legal responsibility for what happened in Mosul and other Iraqi cities due to his role as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces at the time.

Assadi stated that Sadr had made more than one attempt to present projects aimed at building a fair state, noting it remains unclear whether Maliki’s faction will get any ministerial positions as the decision is not up to the Sairoon Coalition, which won the majority of votes in the May 12 elections.

According to Assadi, Maliki must first reveal the people involved in the fall of Mosul and hold them accountable for all the bloodshed, the lands occupied, and properties destroyed before an alliance is considered with his party.

“One of [Sadr’s] attempts is to create a technocrat-based committee to elect ministers to replace the ones in [Haider al-Abadi’s] cabinet,” he said, adding due to personal and political interests by decision makers, these plans were never implemented.

On June 23, Iraq’s parliamentary election winner Sadr and current Prime Minister Abadi announced that their political blocs would form an alliance.

Earlier this month, Sairoon and Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi’s al-Fatih Coalition, who finished runners-up in the polls, said they had reached an agreement to create the largest alliance in the next Iraqi Parliament.

Article Credit: Kurdistan24.net (Special Thanks to Charles Bright)

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