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WMAWhite - IMO…the CBI will change the staus of the IQD when it is ready…when it has what it needs in place (worldwide). Remember, the CBI is working with numerous financial entities around the globe to do this.  Remember, the IQD will be a product of Iraq and the CBI is the store. Through all of these trade agreements that Parliament has been signing is lining up the eventual customers that the CBI will need to help strenghten the IQD.  I look at what we see today and compare it to 4 1/2 years ago and this is great. What we don’t hear is the fact that Iraq still has foreign companies coming into Iraq to do business. They know what is coming. Growth.

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Parliament speaker announces the imminent arrival of the current year budget to Council for approval


Free - Warned House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Wednesday, the decision to shift the issuance of the death sentence against the former MP for the province of Anbar, Ahmed al-Alwani, the issue of ‘internal strife’ in the country.

Jubouri said in a press conference held in the House of Representatives that while we respect the judiciary and the merits of the verdict against al-Alwani, and we do not interfere in the work of the judiciary, we would like to Nwcr the tribe of Albu Alwan, stands on the front line of Anbar with Daash it is supposed to take into account this matter

Jubouri said he should not make a case that the events of a private internal dissension we are in a critical stage, and that the people of Anbar face terrorism ‘.
Jubouri also announced the imminent arrival of the financial budget for the current year to the Council for approval, noting that he is not a legislative holiday for the arrival of the budget of this chapter.

Jubouri said that ‘the most important budget has been handled with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Minister for the speedy approval’.

He added that ‘there are some preliminary budget coming of the end of the current legislative term indicators’, noting that ‘no legislative holiday for members of the council in the event of the arrival of the budget to the council.’


Deputy Liberal: Parliament does not need legislative holiday

Information / special / .. MP for the Liberal bloc Hadi Dalimy, Sunday, that the House does not require a legislative holiday, but continuous work for the adoption of important laws.

He Dalimy Agency / information /, “The legislative season for the first parliament is supposed to these days ends, but the Presidency considered extended to the end of next December for the important things,” calling for the need to “be the work of the new parliament, regulatory and legislative real relieves pressure on the shoulders of the citizen.”

“We do not need a holiday, but to continuously work to resolve thorny issues and legislation laws serve Iraq and its people,” noting that “there are important laws awaiting legislation including the Federal Court and the service and labor laws.”
Dalimy stressed that “the members of the council to pay attention more general situation and come to the people who are elected by the service.”

It is scheduled to start the recess of the legislature of Representatives during the next month to resume work after about a month.


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Parliament to raise its after tomorrow, Thursday and finished reading the first and second of four laws

[Baghdad-where] - Majlis deputies ended its session held on Tuesday, led by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 262 deputies for the first and second readings of the four bills…

…The House of Representatives and he finished the second reading of the draft law on ratification agreement on the encouragement and protection of investment between the Republic of Iraq and the Government of Jordan submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the Economy and Investment Law…


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Council of Ministers approved the rules of procedure, after years of procrastination Maliki

Long-Presse / Baghdad An official source in the government said that the Council of Ministers approved at its usual Tuesday, its rules of procedure, and after years of procrastination former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in approval.

The source did not give additional details about the formula that settled disputes through the blocks, but he said “they had agreed on all points, and the rules of procedure is acceptable to everyone now.”

Remained Maliki clings not to approve the rules of procedure, and refuses to urgent requests from other blocks, in order to give himself more freedom in government decision-making, what promise rivals unique in power, and the absence of rules and how to make decisions in the Council of Ministers, and promised that the constitutionality of a clear violation.

The adoption of this system, the commitment of the Government of Haider al-Abadi, the political agreement which produced his booth ministerial deal, which provided for the many reforms in the army and the judiciary and independent bodies, and in the same cabinet…


Iraqi banknotes damaged

Kirkuk is considering solving the problem of currencies “shabby” and is working on the application of labor smart card

Long-Presse / Kirkuk - Management confirmed the province of Kirkuk on Monday, it was studying coins problem “dilapidated” which is distributed to employees and retirees in the province and is working to resolve them, while confirming that it would work on the application of the smartcard system for departments across the province and to facilitate financial transactions.

He said the technical aide to the governor of Kirkuk Ali Hammadi said in an interview to, (long-Presse), “The conservative studied, Monday, coordination with the major banks to maintain a (Rafidain and Rasheed) to resolve the problem of coins dilapidated distributed to employees and retirees in the province for the purpose of ensuring facilitate grant Currency trading and financial monetary denominations of 250, 500 and 1,000 dinars and work to replace the crumbling currency and facilitate financial transactions and ensure you get the new currency and creaking transport them to Baghdad. “…



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Commercial Solicitation


Abadi asked support from the US ambassador to keep al-Maliki for imprisonment of corruption cases

I learned ‘news agency’ of reliable Iraqi sources that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi complained to the US ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones from his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki’s attempts to topple the government and undermine the war against ‘Daash’.

She explained close Abadi Office sources told the ‘News Agency’ The Abadi said the US ambassador to al-Maliki took advantage of his influence in the Iraqi judiciary to issue a rule execution of former Iraqi MP Ahmed al-Alwani Anbar province.

The sources confirmed that al-Abadi assured the US ambassador that al-Maliki’s influence within the judiciary has become a real threat to the political process in Iraq, pointing out that he (Abadi) Contact the judiciary, one day before the issuance of a decision the death penalty against al-Alwani and asked them to defer action on the judgment, which could undermine efforts government to fight the ‘Daash’, especially if clan Alboalon which belongs former MP is one of the big clans anti Daash and participation in the war against terrorism in Anbar.

She explained the same sources who declined to give her name said Abadi request the full political support of the US ambassador to open the files of corruption against al-Maliki in order to circumscribe and minimized as a prelude to his imprisonment or forced out for Iraq…



Iraqi Dinar/Dollar auction 11-27-14

Currency Auctions Announcement No. (2828)

This daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 27-Nov-2014

The results were as follows:

25k-Iraqi-Dinar-200x96DETAILS                                                              NOTES
Number of banks                                                17
Auction price selling dinar / US$                    1166
Amount sold at auction price (US$)               172,768,000
Total offers for buying (US$)                           172,768,000

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MARKET RATE – 1198!!!

Saleh: The government is determined to apply the laws of economics

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, that the government is bound to activate all economic laws adopted earlier and did not apply so far, including customs tariffs and consumer protection and the protection of the national product laws.

Saleh added for (IMN) that “there is a tendency of the government to revitalize national industry and strengthening of all aspects.” He pointed out that “one of the priorities of government approach is the application and activating the economic laws.”

The House of Representatives has been initiated customs tariff and the protection of the national product and consumer protection laws, but did not apply during the last stage, and disable attributed to lack of readiness of infrastructure at border crossing points to the application of laws.

Saleh pointed out that “reducing expenses that the federal government began adopting does not mean financially austere as it is to stop the waste of some unnecessary expenses.”…


Iraq transfers $500 million to Kurdistan in budget deal

BAGHDAD,— The Iraqi government transferred $500 million to the autonomous Kurdistan region on Wednesday as part of a deal aimed at ending long-running oil and budget disputes, the finance minister said.

The move eases tensions between Iraq’s federal and Kurdistan governments, paving the way for a lasting settlement as well as possible increased cooperation against jihadists they are both fighting.

“The Iraqi finance ministry… on Wednesday transferred the amount of 583 billion Iraqi dinars, which equals $500 million, to the account of the regional government,” Hoshyar Zebari said at a news conference.

Upholding its side of the deal to transfer 150,000 barrels of crude per day to Baghdad’s control, the three-province Kurdish region began moving oil to federal oil tanks in the Turkish port of Ceyhan on Tuesday, Zebari said…


More interesting Headlines…

Nikolay Mladenov calls on Abadi for the issuance of a general amnesty and to promote the rule of law

New York-Iraq Press: called representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Nikolay Mladenov in his report to the UN Security Council, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to move quickly to put the priorities of the amnesty law, which is consistent with the Constitution, and as praised the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, stressed that ” Iraq without solve the political, social and economic problems will not be moving to democracy, because of the lack of agreement on the full implementation of the constitution. “…


US Congressman Tables Bill to Arm Kurds Directly

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman: “Our critical partner in the fight against IS is badly outgunned.”

Republican Congressman Ed Royce has introduced legislation that gives President Obama temporary authority to directly arm Kurds in Iraq.

Just limited resupplies of small arms have so far been provided to the Kurdistan Region, and only after the shipments are signed off by Baghdad. The legislation will provide the executive power, for three years, to provide Iraqi Kurds with heavy weapons without seeking approval from Baghdad.

Chairman Royce said, “Our critical partner in the fight against ISIL is badly outgunned. Despite being armed mainly with antiquated weapons, the Iraqi Kurdish ‘Peshmerga’ forces have proven to be the most effective ground force currently fighting ISIL.

“For months, I have urged the Administration to urgently arm the Kurds. So too have many others in Congress. This important legislation will finally allow the 190,000-strong force to get the firepower it needs to effectively fight this brutal terrorist organization.”

The legislation is a response to Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on September 18th, when he pointed out that any military assistance to the Kurds must be sent through Baghdad, according to US law passed by Congress.

“You say the administration is responsible for sending all these weapons through Baghdad. No we’re not; you are,” Kerry told Royce. “We’re adhering to U.S. law passed by Congress with respect to export-import and exports and what we are allowed to do. We have to send it to the government because that’s U.S. law. And if you want to change it to fix it, we invite you.”

However, despite the recognition of ‘Iraqi Kurds as a reliable and stable partner of the United States’, the bill insists that defeating Islamic State ‘is critical to maintaining an inclusive, unified Iraq.’

This is the first stage of passing the bill into law. Once it has been approved by the Foreign Affairs Committee, it will be presented to the House and the Senate before finally being signed into law by President Obama.


Return to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar

“The decision of zeros and a broad debate between supporters and opponents .. We wish debate broader in universities and the House of Representatives and the rest of the institutions … but an explanation of image, sound and cartoons to prepare the public for this process. However, Valenqashat healthy phenomenon for mature opinion. Especially with the availability of all the information, such as the money supply and the number of securities and cash exchange rates and others. When the basic information for any file is available, the debate becomes positive, and not just rumors and controversies in newspaper headlines and news bar.

Objections to cancel the zeros process addressed the likelihood of fraud. She cited the changing currency (15/10 / 2003- 15/1/2004), which were marred by a stampede -okasr Madh- No doubt, some of the fraud, despite the fact that this process has allowed them to achieve many things ..

1. currency unification of major currencies instead of at the time, a Swiss dinar and Saddam dinar and the dollar .. except many other traded in certain areas Kaltoman Iranian and Turkish Lira and the Jordanian dinar.

2. The single currency has allowed the organization of a successful monetary policy of the Central Bank in difficult circumstances .. lifted Iraq reserves from scratch to reach 58 billion US dollars a day .. and controlling inflation exceeded three figures before 2003 .. and reached 75% per year four years ago to reach today .. to 5.2% per annum .. and maintain currency stability and strength .. which was born tranquility markets and transactions .. The basic goals of cash does not diminish that some of the gaps and mistakes.

3. It must be recognized that the central bank restored some of the people’s money for the people .. as calculated value of 1500 dinars = dollars when changing currency and its value today .. 1180 dinars to the dollar .. any regained every citizen the equivalent of 21.3% of its cash holdings. Unlike previous policies that ate monetary assets to reach the 3,000 dinar / dollar and more.

The objections about the difficulties of the replacement process .. Vsttrah the new currency, and the two currencies will coexist for a year or two. And is withdrawn with zeros gradually whenever reach of banks, you will not get to defend .. but may allow the process to disclose fraud traded currency today .. The objections costs, the printing papers with less (1000) times the securities traded would be more feasible necessarily, knowing that copyright is an ongoing process annually for the withdrawal of the damaged leaves or to increase the money supply.

Zeros from the currency’s value will not change, and will help to ease currency trading and fragmentation, storage and calculated .. This is a good qualities of the coin, which, of course, the most important of stability and confidence in them. ”


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