MilitiaMan – Dinar Guru   Well, the dinar has been clearly been given the green light to move. The auctions are to stop, and the value of the IQD is to rise, NSCNs and coins are said to be in place where they will be needed, Alak Gov at the CBI  has been effectively announcing the need to raise the value of the IQD over the last few days, etc…   The COV-19  is deadly to some as it can be, it is nothing compared to past bugs in shear volume or statistical  numbers, therefore, the nature of the hysteria, may be used to hide and usher in the new beginnings and with that a RI with the IQD will help support that bounce Trump has so kindly given us hope for…  Lets all hang in there and pray we are truly witnessing a blessing well deserved by us all. We shall see.  imo.

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