Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat – Dinar Guru   Article:  “October 3, 2012 MIDEAST MONEY”   Quote:  “IN THE LONG TERM, THE CENTRAL BANK AIMS TO MAKE 1 DINAR EQUAL TO $1 with a combination of redenomination and appreciation, ALTHOUGH THAT WILL TAKE OVER THREE YEARS BECAUSE OF INSTABILITY in the Middle East”   (Note: date of article…is from 2012)   I want everyone to know that I am not advising you to invest or not to invest in the Iraqi dinar. I am only presenting an article with my opinion based on what they are telling us from Iraq.   It’s 2019 and the dinar is still NOT freely traded by banks outside IRAQ.   It has been over 3 years already [more like 7 years] and still no RV.   Is it time for this to happen…I feel these demonstrations may be the key to forcing this change finally to happen.   It is not a matter of having the value to support $1.00 or even $3.00.  It is instead a matter of ending the corruption and getting the political will to just do it.

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