Adam Montana

Adam Montana – Dinar Guru   Article:  “Oil and gas laws: a crux of Erbil-Baghdad tension”  Back in the forefront of ReValuation (RV) news…HCL. We’ve made it through Ramadan, budgeting, elections, and a whole slew of other issues. All of them, although lengthy at times, have sailed successfully through the turbulent waters and left us with a final component:  HCL. It’s actually on the horizon. It’s being talked about, and I’m predicting we’ll see more of this very shortly.     Adding fuel to the HCL fire: “Iraqi oil minister: OPEC agreement + will reduce stocks and achieve price stability”   WTI just crossed $60 again, and those of us watching the OIL tickers recently are well aware of how stable OIL is right now.  Those of us pairing that information with the current and ongoing situation in Iraq understand how important OIL is to Iraq’s ability to RV.   And in case anyone needed some reassurance…it’s going as perfect as we could hope for.    [post 1 of 2]

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