RVAlready – Dinar Guru   About the only thing Trump has ever said is that prosperity is coming. Just as Bill Clinton never mentioned Kuwait in public, I doubt that Trump will ever mention The Iraq RV in public….. There are …people who made good money from the Kuwait revaluation, but it was never announced in public.

BGG ~ This is not realistic commentary… it implies some corollary between President Clinton, the Kuwaiti Dinar reinstatement and President Trump and a potential Iraqi Dinar move. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, we have PLAINLY published the FACTS surrounding the Kuwaiti reinstatement over and over and over. It was nothing like the various rumors portrayed on the internet ( #FAKENEWS ).

Any comments made by President Trump regarding prosperity are tied directly to his policies and have nothing to do with any future value change of the Iraqi Dinar. Value change or no – the math just doesn’t add up. A massive change in Dinar value doesn’t even bump the needle of the US financial engine.

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