The Central Bank of Iraq signs a “technical support” document with the World Bank

The Central Bank of Iraq signs a “technical support” document with the World Bank

Twilight News / announced the bank ‘s central Iraq, on Wednesday, for the signing of the document arrangements banking with Bank International, referring to the goal of the document to obtain the support of technical and exchange of experience .

He said the bank, in a statement reported to the agency Twilight News, he signed a document arrangements for banking with a program consultant to manage the reserves of the Bank International (RAMP) Reserves Advisory & On Management the Program , explaining that it comes in the framework of its strategy for the development of management of its reserves of foreign in line with developments in the current And futuristic .

He explained that this document aims to enable the Bank central Iraq to obtain the support of technical than through the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of management of portfolio investment based on the index performance which helps to maximize resources , financial, and building the head of capital human of through the sharing of knowledge and the development of expertise in the field The financial according to the best practices in the field of reserves management .

He said the central Iraqi, to that this program was developed from by the Bank International in the year 2000 , with a view to building capacity and providing services consulting and management of assets , and is the forum for a network of specialists , and serves more than 70 members around the world , mostly from banks , central, managing the nearly From (2) One trillion dollars of sovereign assets .

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