Maliki: We change with the claimants and reject sanctions on any country
02/12/2011 15:20

Arbil, November 2 (Rn) - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Friday that his country stands with the people demanding freedom and change, but at the same time opposes the imposition of any economic sanctions on any country.

Iraq and opposed the package of economic sanctions imposed on Syria, the Arab League on the back of ignored for a plan for the introduction of observers on the situation in many cities.
Iraq is believed that economic sanctions hurt the people and not the system as is the case for him when it imposed sanctions in the nineties of the last century.
Maliki said in a statement issued by his office that "Iraq stands to the side is what is happening in the area of ​​popular demands towards freedom and change and we believe that the right of peoples to get their rights of being persecuted for a long time."
Maliki was speaking to a number of intellectuals and academics involved in the First International Conference of the

Iraqi group for Research and Strategic Studies, held in Baghdad.
He added that "everything in Iraq was the destruction and ruin as a result of policies of the former regime and international resolutions imposed on the system, either through economic sanctions and blockade, which hurt the Iraqi people did not cause harm to the system."

He said for that, "We refuse to impose economic sanctions on any country for any other reason was because this will affect peoples' systems do not."

Despite Syria's pledge earlier in November to withdraw the army from civilian areas and to allow observers to enter the violence has continued.
Damascus says that regional powers have contributed in fueling the violence that blames it on the armed groups against civilians and security forces.

In addition to the protests that come out in mostly peaceful, the gunmen attacked military targets in recent weeks. Officials say 1,100 of the security forces have been killed since the outbreak of the intifada.
And resides in Syria more than a million Iraqis and analysts expect that the impact of any economic crisis in the Syrian arena on their situation, which is trying to shun Iraq.