28-09-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)

Saif Abdul Rahman - Radio Free Iraq
Said the French ambassador in Baghdad, Denis Gauer that French companies are ready to invest in Iraq in the sectors of agriculture and rehabilitation of infrastructure projects, water and sanitation, roads and bridges.
During his meeting with the local administration in the province of Wasit, Goyer said that his country intends to implement projects that contribute to revive the Iraqi economy, and noted that the first of those steps was the revival of a memorandum of understanding signed at the beginning of the eighties between the Iraqi and French sides.

The note includes the implementation of the reclamation project agricultural land area of 45 000 acres in hand, Sheikh Saad, south of Kut, at a cost of between 50-80 million euros, the project aims to use modern technologies in farming operations and irrigation to help in ridding the land of high salinity and absorption of migration of peasants to the city.
The engineer Ali Habib Tahir said the project is one of the irrigation work task the French government intends to implement in the province of Wasit agricultural because of their importance, the adoption of modern agricultural techniques, which leads to high yield per donum and environmental improvement.
For their part, the people maintain their joy to the implementation of such irrigation projects to improve their living standards and promote their wealth of plant and animal, as described by residents of the area.
The farmer says Mazhar Atwan said the neglect of agricultural land hit by water scarcity and high salinity, which led many of the people of the area to leave their lands and seek a livelihood in the city.