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    [generals64] O.K. is a little tidbit that we have verified and it happened to a friend of mine TODAY....Precious and OKCBULLDOG can and will back up the story.....As you know, i don't tell anything that can't be verified....So, here goes....One of our members used to fly a plane you and I know it as AIRFORCE 1 for George Sr. Sorry for not telling before....He is retired and see him every Sunday...Bulldog talks to him everyday....He is in the IQD pretty a Law enforcement officer and an all around good guy. He is also into the VND....He buys 5 Million once a week (owes me a new truck also)...Today he went to a local Small town bank in the OKC Metro to buy the VND....his usual...5 milloion for $305.00...the lady said "Great" come on back..when she got there siad has to order the foreign currency from a larger bank in OKC...when she turn to the currency he said she had a real weird look on her dismay She told him let me get the Bank manager...He came over and they both looked at the screen.

    [generals64] Now, Folks this guy could care less about an IQD website so he knows nothing and clled Bulldog about it...The Bank manager said "Hey, be right back"...Our friend say what's going on...She spun her computer screen around and said all of the currencies are ZERoed OUT.....He panicked though...about that time the Bank manager walked up to him and told him this....There are 133 courrencies with an open Revaluation Decree. Our friend said ok...don't know what that means explain...the bank manager told him apparently there is a Revaluation of the currencies about to happen....(yes, The IQD was on the list)....Now, I owe Johnny an apology and I'm saying it to the world....The great part is this...if this Small bank has seen the Zeroed numbers then it has actually filtered down...More to type so hold on.

    [generals64] With the currency seen in the small banks then that is telling us of the revaluation has undobtedly been under authentic process....I'm sorry I never told you guys about him as he is just another friend of ours and is in our group....He flew Air Force One for George Bush Sr....for Four years....I have gotten 17 different stories today....I communicate with precious all the time and with Texanone67....I hope this eases your minds.....and yes this guy is definitely REal....and OKCBULLDOG knows him as well as I do...I won't push dates or rates....but this happened today in OKC

    general64 is an entirely credible guy - BGG

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    Cool beans sounds great..

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    Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing this BGG, I've always respected you and your opinions so to me this is the best news I've heard!!

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