list of international intervention for more presence in the Arab press
On: Wed, 11/30/2011 10:22
Baghdad / term
occupied (range) prestigious position among the most powerful newspapers in the Arab world.
This is witnessed by (Forbes - Middle East) revealed on Thursday evening in Dubai on its list of most newspapers presence on the Internet. This is the second time in a row that is where (Forbes - Middle East) this list which has never existed in the past.

The immortality of the blind the editor (Forbes - Middle East) The number of newspapers included in the list rose to 63 newspaper this year compared to 50 last year.
She added: We detected significant changes to the list last year, which demonstrates the success .. Through our study the differences between my list this year and the past, we found that some newspapers in the Arab world developed from their websites after it said the lesson of the previous list, where it was observed to add new online services, with a focus more on the interactive site and sites of social interaction. Which contributed to the progress of some of them in place, in addition to other entry to the list for the first time.