State law reveals Maliki's visit to Kuwait to resolve the problem, "Mubarak" and "Chapter VII"
11/27/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) Twilight News,

announced a coalition of state law, Sunday, for directing the State of Kuwait to the invitation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to visit to discuss outstanding issues between the two sides, stressing that the Iraqi government to resolve the problem of binding the port of Mubarak Kuwait and Iraq out from under Chapter VII. The MP said the coalition of state law Abdul Mahdi al-Khafaji, in an interview with "Twilight News" "The invitation by the State of Kuwait to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is a good step in the right direction to resolve the outstanding issues between the two sides," calling "The Iraqi government to take the opportunity to resolve the problem of the port of Mubarak and the country out from under Chapter VII." The al-Khafaji, the need to resolve the problem of building the port of Mubarak and out of Iraq under Chapter VII, a single file and without compromising on one of them at the expense of the other, "noting that "These two issues have proven to impact negatively on the economy of Iraq and dramatically, leading to tension in the situation between the two sides." Observers point out that the Iraqi government has failed so far to take an official position unified construction of a port Mubarak as a result of the difference between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs considers that the port will not affect the Iraqi economy, and the Ministry of Transport, which confirms that he will suffocate the ports of southern Iraq. The technical committee composed of experts under the chairmanship of the advisers in the Office of the Prime Minister Thamer Ghadban ended her recent visit to Kuwait in August last, as discussed with officials of Kuwaiti cause of building the port of Mubarak. The Prime Minister and his deputies met, last August, with the Technical Committee to discuss the report, which returned its recent visit to Kuwait to see the impact of port construction Mubarak, whether or not the Iraqi ports. The Iraqi government has demanded a formal counterpart Kuwaiti patient in building the port Mubarak to be established on the island Boubyan Kuwait, overlooking the waterway shared with Iraq, while making sure not to impact on the rights of Iraq in common water, had been rejected the last of that application is usually him illegally. and declared Iraqi Transport Minister, last month, that the technical report on port Mubarak says he will hurt "a lot" ports of Iraq and suffocating, calling on Kuwait to build it in another location, with the exception of some Iraqi officials defended Kuwait at the expense of the interests of their country. The Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler announced at a press conference in Najaf after meeting op-Sistani , the readiness of the United Nations to mediate in the reconstruction of relations between Iraq and Kuwait to normal. referred to Chapter VII consists of 13 articles, which is Resolution 678, passed in 1990 and the proposal to remove Iraq from Kuwait by force of the provisions of this chapter, Iraq is still under Tailth, because the survival of several issues pending such as the remains of Kuwaiti citizens and prisoners in Iraq and Kuwaiti property, including the archives of the Amiri Diwan, the Crown Prince's Court, and the issue of environmental awards and oil which do not relate only to the State of Kuwait and other Arab countries and companies still have some rights.

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