Foreign Minister: Arab in Baghdad soon in preparation for the summit
On: Sun 11/27/2011 6:56

Najaf / range
detection and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari yesterday near the arrival of the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Nabil el-Arabi to Baghdad to discuss arrangements for the coming Arab summit, and as he emphasized that Iraq had reservations on the imposition of economic sanctions against Syria, he noted that al-Maliki accepted an invitation from Prime Minister of Kuwait to visit Kuwait to discuss outstanding issues.

Said Hoshyar Zebari, in a press conference held yesterday in the province of Najaf, said that "Iraq's right to the establishment of the Arab summit in Baghdad is still a constant has not changed," noting that "the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Nabil Arab will to Baghdad soon to discuss arrangements for the next Arab summit."
Zebari said that "the delay that has occurred it caused revolutions Arab spring," emphasizing the desire of "Iraq in the summit timing and location decisions."
has already said the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, the middle of last September, the desire of the Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Arab visit Iraq soon to discuss the ongoing preparations for the holding of the coming Arab summit in Baghdad in the schedule.
and the Arab League, the fifth of May, was postponed Arab summit which was to be held in Baghdad to March 2012, at the request of Iraq after the consensus Arab member states due to the new reality is not appropriate for the summit and out of the box obstinacy, while expressing support for the candidate of Egypt to the post of Secretary General of the League Nabil el-Arabi.
In another matter, Foreign Minister indicated that "economic sanctions on Syria did not recognize so far and will take part of Iraq in private meetings that," pointing out that "Iraq has reservations about the impose economic sanctions on Syria because it neighboring country as well as the presence of thousands of Iraqis living in addition to the interests of trade and economic joint. "
decided the Arab League, in November 12 the current suspension of Syria until the implementation of the Arab plan to solve the crisis, as well as the withdrawal of Arab ambassadors in Damascus , while declined to Iraq for the vote on the resolution and opposed the Lebanon, Yemen and Syria.
described the Iraqi government decision as "unacceptable and very dangerous," asserting that this did not take over other countries with greater crises, while believing that the Arabs behind the internationalization of their cases in the United Nations. The consultant in the media office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had said earlier that the Iraqi delegation participating in the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which decided to suspend the membership of Syria in the Arab League, was surprised to include the topic suspended Syria on the agenda.
said Mariam Al Rais said in a statement for (long) earlier this month, "was not scheduled at that meeting suspended Syria in the Arab League, but some of the parties insisted on a draft resolution on the agenda of the special meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which form a surprise to the Iraqi delegation headed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari," She Rayes, "What was Zebari then only telephone with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to inform him of the developments, and through the contact has been agreed to take Iraq's position for declining to vote and support the reform measures undertaken by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad." denied the Chancellor uniqueness of each of the Zebari and Maliki decision "and said: and on Iraq's relationship with Kuwait, Zebari said that" Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's invitation of the Kuwaiti Prime Minister to visit Kuwait, "adding that" all outstanding issues between the two countries will be discussed during the visit. "
and his visit to Najaf, said the Minister of Foreign "The aim of the visit is to see the preparations for the province to the activities of the project Najaf, the capital of Culture for 2012, and coordination with the High Commission to provide the support required by the ministry," describing the work in the projects, the capital of culture as "a great achievement."
Zebari stressed that "The Foreign Ministry will provide all required support and will urge States, officials and prominent Arab and Islamic presence in the festival, "revealing that" Iraq has received a formal response from Qatar as participate in the festival through the Minister of Culture of the country and an official delegation. "
and declared governor of Najaf, Adnan al, on the fifth of this November, that events Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture will be launched next March and will continue until the end of 2012, as when he indicated that such activities include the establishment of ten conferences, he stressed that the government will be invited to the seven leaders of Muslim countries.
The ministers of culture in Islamic countries, agreed at their meeting in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku in August 2008 on the grounds Najaf, the capital of Islamic Culture for 2012.
The President of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Bahaa al-Araji, has revealed the demand Najaf province to provide the Committee files, contracts, and priorities that relate to projects Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture in 2012. "
he said last September that the Commission had arrived much of complaints about the existence of financial and administrative corruption in contracts concluded for projects Najaf, the capital of Islamic Culture for 2012. "
Araji said that "the Integrity Commission were not to have the documents on the subject of Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture to the Committee called for the province of Najaf to send all the primitives and the documents in dispute and which revolve around suspicions. "