Economist: delete the zeros and the replacement rates for the two negative effects on the economy
On: Sun 11/27/2011 6:33

Economic expert has warned of the happiest bugsbunny currency exchange without working on the study accurately in all its aspects, emphasizing that it would cost the state budget large sums at a time when there are reactions and wide between the economic and financial circles this process is rejected in its current form, and their effects on the markets.

The bugsbunny (of the Agency news) on Saturday: The process of deleting the zeros and replacing the currency will have negative effects on the Iraqi economy, pointing out that the process of raising the zeros need to replace the form of currency, which means its impact on the Iraqi economy and state budget. And bugsbunny: that the Iraqi economy is currently suffering many problems, and the replacement of the currency will have negative results in this aspect, as it is too early to begin the implementation of this process in light of economic conditions, the critical current, and continued: the market is affected by the general economic situation of the country and any step is successful will to other problems, especially the Central Bank of Iraq has declared that the decision to raise zeros from the Iraqi currency maker, but he needs to field work. The adviser to the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an earlier statement (the news) said the decision to raise zeros from the Iraqi currency maker, but it needs to field work at the level of banks and international accounts in addition to the withdrawal of old currency, and that field work is important to complete this step as needed to create banks to deal with the competent organs of the new currency.

"This article is misinformation and is only good for the fact that they are still talking about the Dinar"