Infallible: to resolve the security ministries before 2012 .. and Iraq: We will not offer a candidate the day after
On: Sun 11/27/2011 7:05

Baghdad / term
revealed the Kurdistan Alliance, the determination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to resolve file security ministries by the end of 2011. The head of the parliamentary bloc, Fuad Masum, told the Kurdish news agency, "said Maliki would end the crisis of the security ministries before the expiration date of the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. He explained that the file of the security ministries will be decided by the U.S. withdrawal due by the end of next month, which was confirmed by MP for the coalition in Iraq Iskandar and berries.

U.S. forces continue to withdraw its troops from Iraq in an orderly implementation of the security agreement with Iraq, which expires later this year. For his part, said a member of the Iraqi white Zuhair Araji "will al-Maliki the names of candidates of the Interior and Defense Council of Representatives during the next few days."
He pointed out that al-Maliki wants to come out the same responsibility and will take a crisis and the responsibility of the House to delay the survival of the ministries vacant. He Araji said, "will al-Maliki the names of candidates for the defense. They are not among the names of the candidates who came from the Iraqi List." continues the ministries of interior and defense Tdaran acting despite the lapse of nearly a full year to form a government because of disagreement over the names of the candidates., the said member of the Iraqi Ahmed Jubouri not the intention of his list to provide new candidates to the Ministry of Defence, pointing to the absence of any rejection exclusively by Maliki's candidates in Iraq.
Jubouri said that Iraq does not have any intention to submit new candidates to fill the Department of Defense, he said, adding he did not want to now no answer to the candidates ex- for the post of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, despite having most of the names efficient.
He pointed out that the reform of state institutions, which called for the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi is an important and necessary in order to evaluate and improve the management of the State in general because the country is undergoing in a serious condition and citizens today feel fear in the Many of Iraq's provinces.
and the withdrawal of a candidate of the existing Iraqi Ministry of Defense last week his candidacy in protest against what he called the policy of exclusion and marginalization exercised by the government, stressing that it will not be part of a government that uses its resources to target the people, and said Iraqi MP and candidate for the Ministry of Defence Salem Daly during the press conference held at Parliament House, ten days ago, "announced the withdrawal of my candidacy as defense minister in protest against the policy of exclusion and marginalization exercised by the government," adding that he would not be "part of a government that uses its resources to target the people." Daly accused the coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki, exclusivity and marginalization of the partners in the political process in reference to Iraq.