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    Question regarding Financial Strategist

    Which is best to obtain - a fee based financial strategist or salary based financial strategist? thank you.

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    Cinderalla, this is what Poppy3 had to say in response to your question ... I hope this helps! Mona

    "i have been ask this several time and this is the only answer that i can give and is what my strategist told me. This totally depends on how much a person is placing for management and what type investments they prefer to invest in .. This must be answered between the investor and client and the best agreement to benefit both parties. I and mine have a % fee base and he is paid quarterly according to how much % he has earned on my funds ???? Hope this helps and sorry to be so late in answering poppy3"
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    Love the fact that the strategist is paid on a performance based scale. IMHO it's the only way to go.

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    I will be moving to the Nashville area after the RV. Poppy3 spoke about his Financial Strategist also in the Nashville, TN area. Poppy said this gentleman was kind enough to do a presentation for some of his friends and came to Poppy3's home to do this free of charge. He also said that this man had 30 or so years of experience. I would be most grateful if someone could tell me what this mans name is and the name of his firm, because I want to learn from him and have his guidance. I was so impressed with what Poppy3 had to say regarding this mans experience-because I have none of my own. This blessing needs to be handled in a learned manner, and I can't risk goofing it up. Thank You

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