The Kurdistan region in line with the Baghdad government on a formula for the oil and gas law
25/11/2011 | (Voice of Iraq)

Dar Al-Hayat confirmed the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, reaching an agreement with the central government in Baghdad to increase its oil exports, and to the compromise formula regarding the oil and gas law the controversial . The Minister of Water Resources in the Government of the Territory drastically in a press statement: «the recent agreement between Arbil and Baghdad provided to increase the Region's exports of oil during the next year to 175 thousand barrels per day,» he said, adding that the two sides and the situation formula in accordance with Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Shahristani, to discuss the draft law of oil and gas, federal, and who hoped to send to parliament later this year ». Shahristani was threatened during a conference held in London on the power, to impose sanctions on the company «Exxon Mobil» U.S. giant has signed a contract with Arbil to explore for oil in the six sectors in the region, pointing out that «the agreement was without the knowledge of the central government, or even the U.S. administration». She spokeswoman for the U.S. State of Victoria Nuland said in a statement that the United States has warned oil companies from the dangers of political and legal big if signed contracts with any party to the Iraq before the adoption of a national agreement, stressing the need to pass laws for the oil sector of Iraq as soon as possible. She added: «years ago, the United States urges all parties in Iraq to pass the laws required for the organization of work in the oil and gas ... The sooner Iraq, so the more companies able to invest in the country legally ». files were oil contracts signed by the region with foreign companies, most of his differences with the central government in Baghdad, since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003. In the view of Baghdad that such contracts are illegal, in what government insists Kurdistan that «the time of the central management of oil wealth is over». and above all of Hawrami and the President of the Kurdish government Barham Saleh, said that we announced during a conference on oil and gas held in Erbil in the June 12, to reach agreement with Baghdad «to increase the levels of exports of the region to 175 thousand barrels per day starting next year», as well as for signing the agreement with the «Exxon Mobil». and signed the Iraqi Oil Ministry on 29 October (October) last year signed a contract with the company «Exxon Mobil» U.S. and «Shell» British - the Dutch to develop the field «West Qurna» South. And threatened the Iraqi government has repeatedly foreign companies, depriving it of its contracts of oil in the event of dealing with the Kurdistan region without reference. and different observers about the dangers and damage that you may encounter «Exxon Mobil» as a result of taking this step, and some say that the U.S. company may lose the privileges gained by the government Iraqi, and others that is a bet the company will be profitable because of its oil reserves of the region and climate-friendly investment.

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