KRG: remain committed to our contract with Exxon Mobil and the revision of the Constitution of Baghdad
24/11/2011 21:04

"Portal Iraq," Erbil - The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq Barham Salih, Thursday, to maintain the contract, which the Government signed with Exxon Mobil, stressing that the province would not give up their constitutional right to manage its resources of oil and investment projects, as the federal government in Baghdad to see Iraqi constitution, which guarantees the rights of Kurdistan in this area.

Saleh said the number of reporters on the sidelines of the opening of the market, Star City the center of the city of Sulaymaniyah, this evening, "The contract signed with Exxon Mobil to do Ptnguibat and research in the oil sites in the Kurdistan Region do not blemish it by the law of oil and gas in Iraq and the Constitution," adding "there are points of different view on the subject in Baghdad, but there are discussions to resolve the direction of the Iraqi people. "

Saleh added that "when he was asked many questions and discussions during the negotiations with the U.S. company," explaining that "the attitude of the U.S. State Department was clear and precise, he stressed the need to take into account the oil law and the Constitution Iraqis during a search its legal and political problems arising out of any contract signed with any party in Iraq. "

Saleh said, "If there are people in Baghdad believe that we Sntkhaly for the constitutional right in the management of our oil wealth or investment they are wrong," calling them to "reconsider the Iraqi constitution, which stipulates clearly the rights of Kurdistan in this area," he said.

The dispute is a long time ago between the government of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan and the central government in Baghdad over oil fields in the north. Where is the recent contracts signed between the Government of the region and international oil companies illegal.

The deputy prime minister for energy Hussain al-Shahristani denied, in the November 12, 2011, approval of contracts for oil exploration venture between Exxon Mobil and the Kurdistan region, stressing that the ministry informed the company in refusing to sign these contracts, while refuted the Ministry of Natural Resources in the region it , confirming that the semi-autonomous northern region signed an agreement with U.S. oil company on 18 October 2011 on six sectors to explore.

The Ministry of Oil in Baghdad, in the November 17, 2011, that Exxon Mobil would lose $ 150 million by the contract with the Kurdistan region, as indicated that the company did not respond today to such contracts, confirmed that the oil and gas law if passed will not confer any legitimacy on the violation of contracts, the company warned of the dissolution of the contract signed with them earlier to develop the West Qurna field in Basra.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Barham Saleh announced, in November 13, 2011, in agreement with the central government to raise the region's oil exports to 175 thousand barrels per day.

Iraq seeks through the development of oil fields and presented to the international companies, to reach a production of at least 11 million barrels per day, during the next six years, as well as 12 million barrels per day after the addition of the quantities of the other fields of national effort.