Prime Minister will deliver a lecture at the Institute for Middle East, the Japanese Research
18:08:41 2011-11-22 PUKmedia

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki in a lecture delivered at the Middle East Institute of Japan for research that Mesopotamia embraced human civilizations throughout history, and that feature of the civilization of Mesopotamia and it did not stand on the side without another has invented characters and write there, and the obelisk of Hammurabi was the first attempt to legislate laws known to mankind, and the guitar that were found in Iraq, evidence of the burgeoning art and music in the early stage of human life as well as other arts and sciences.

He re-Maliki said Iraq to exercise positive role in life, adding that the constructive role of exposure to cuts in history was the period of the previous regime of the worst and most of these interruptions of darkness.

The prime minister said that Iraq today is not under the control of one party or the same community or national one because it seeks to restore the positive role by investing its resources in order to achieve well-being of its citizens.
He said al-Maliki has gone era of wealth wasted on wars and destruction and that the time to enjoy the people
who live in the richest countries of the world's wealth and as befits its history and prestige.

The Prime Minister called to a real partnership relations with Japan, said that the Iraqi people not to the Japanese people more respect is also the Japanese companies of corporate discreet and effective.
He said al-Maliki said the Iraqi government will provide all necessary facilities for the construction of advanced relations with Japan and at different levels of political, economic, commercial, educational, cultural and others.