House of Representatives ended the first and second reading of the ten bills .. And tomorrow Showing recommendation to the government on the refusal of U.S. troops to stay
On: Tue 11/22/2011 16:15

Baghdad (news) .. ended the House of Representatives in regular session the second legislative term of the second year the second legislative session was chaired by Osama Najafi, Chairman of the House of Representatives and the presence of 190 deputies on Tuesday the first reading and the second of ten bills, this increase Nujaifi to the meeting on Thursday.
and Speaker announced the presentation of Osama Najafi's decision includes a recommendation to the government refused to stay on U.S. forces in any way after 31.12.2011, at the next meeting.

For his part, MP Hassan Sinead, Chairman of the security and defense committee that the process of withdrawal and place as agreed in the security agreement, noting that the security and defense committee in touch with the concerned authorities to follow U.S. withdrawal, which is being increased frequency of pointing out that the trainers to be relied upon to train the security forces belonging to different countries that was the conclusion of military contracts with them.
after the Council ended the first reading of bill ban the Ba'ath Party and parties and racist activities and terrorist and expiatory and submitted by the committees of security and defense, accountability, justice and legal, as the democratic system in Iraq based on political pluralism and the peaceful transition of power as the Constitution has adopted the principles of justice, equality, freedom and respect for human rights and where the Constitution provides in Article 7 of the necessity of enactment of the present in which each entity or program that adopts racism, terrorism, ethnic cleansing or atonement, or incites, facilitates, glorifies, promotes, or justifies him, especially the Baath and its symbols, under any name whatsoever.
also completed the first reading of the draft Criminal Procedure Code the military and provided the committees of defense and security, legal, and aims to expand the scope of the law and the granting of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense the power to issue a decision to increase the powers accorded to the Minister and the investigating officer and military justice, and determine the validity of the order of seizure in the imposition of the death of specific laws and to provide the necessary legal guarantees to try the military and in presence and absence in all the roles of the investigation and trial A review of the formations of military courts in line what has been established by the military judiciary.
The Council concluded the first reading of draft Law on Freedom of expression, assembly and peaceful demonstration, submitted by the committees of defense and security and legal order to design a mechanism to ensure the free expression of opinion by all available means and freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration and the right knowledge of what it does not violate public order or public morals and to identify those responsible for organizing and punish violators.
and the Council ended the first reading of the draft law of the Fourth Amendment to the Law Council of cancer in Iraq No. 63 of 1985 and submitted by the committee on health and the environment in order to expand the membership base in the cancer involvement of representatives of the ministries and stakeholders and specialists in the field of cancer diseases and to achieve the goals sought by the Council in addition to change the names of some government departments represented by the Council.
It was also during the meeting the completion of the first reading of the bill that the profession of midwife and submitted by the Committee on Health and Environment to regulate the practice of nursing and midwifery and raise them and raise the level of scientific and professional workers which and determine the conditions for granting leave their practice and the competent authority to grant and the penalties imposed in case of violation.
and completed the first reading of a bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Protocol on the privileges of the International Seabed Authority and the immunity and submitted by the Committees on Agriculture, Legal and External Relations in order to give the authorities of the International Seabed Authority and its agencies and representatives of members power, experts and delegates to work in the privileges and immunities to enable them to perform their work.
and the Council ended the first reading of the draft law of the First Amendment of the Revolution Command Council dissolved No. 120 of 2002 and the report of the Finance Committee for the purpose of the inclusion of property disposed of by the low-income exemption and to ease the burden on citizens and the principle of tax equity that the exemption set out the decision in question is no longer commensurate with inflation in the prices of real estate.
The Board concluded the second reading of Bill Second Amendment to the Law on the Ministry of Water Resources No. 50 of 2008 and submitted by the Committee on Agriculture.
on the other completed the second reading of the bill Redemption Fund funds Iraq and compensations and submitted by the Committees legal and financial.
In the interventions of Representatives MP Sabah al-Saadi on the importance of participation of Iraqi intelligence in the management of the Fund for the attributes of the information on Iraq's external relations in the framework of the oil for food that is reducing the number of ministries involved in the fund.
The student MP Hamid Buffy the addition of a representative of the provinces in the administration of the fund in addition to a certain ceiling for grant awards to members of the fund.
MP Mahmoud Hassan has suggested the establishment of a special department under the Ministry of Finance to follow up the procedures for procuring money in Iraq.
For his part, MP Latif Mustafa said the IMF should be part of the control of federal income that they have to be activated in accordance with the Constitution, demanding that the parliament is familiar with the amounts that are recovered.
in turn, saw MP Manal Hamid importance of forming an independent body chaired by the Minister of Justice and the membership of legal experts instead of forming a Board of Directors of the Fund for the restoration of people's money Iraqi.
and completed the second reading of the draft law of the First Amendment to the Military Penal Code No. 19 of 2007 and submitted by the Commission on Security and Defence.
In the House, MP Qassem Mohammad Qasim on the importance of military discipline in the evaluation of the armies in all countries, MP Saman Fawzi saw the need to make adjustments several of the bill in order to achieve ripening of usefulness.
He called for Awad al-Awadi, to clarify the law on penalties in the draft law so as to distinguish changes that took place.