Al-Maliki to Japanese companies: investment law will be a third time to facilitate the work of investors in Iraq
Date: Monday, 21-11-2011 06: 29 pm

Baghdad (newsletter).He met Prime Minister Nouri Kamil al-Maliki residence in Tokyo, Japan, today a number of Presidents and officers of large corporations and business men, led by Japanese firms Hitachi wegaix wesomotimo and head of the Center for Japanese cooperation for the Middle East and others.
Statement said the Prime Minister received (News Agency news) a copy of it: Al-Maliki called on Japanese companies to accelerate the implementation of investment projects and contribute to the reconstruction process and the ongoing construction in the country.
He stressed the Government's commitment to ensuring the rights of these companies through the investment law applicable in the country which has been amended twice and may be adjusted again to make it consistent with the movement of construction and reconstruction in the country.
Added: Maliki noted that investment opportunities and development process which we are moving in Iraq absorbed all the activities of Japanese companies and the various disciplines and diverse experiences, adding to the strength and reputation of large Japanese companies in Iraq.
Stressed that Iraq had missed a lot of time wasted previous system a lot of money and wealth on wars and destruction have not been paying attention to the suffering of the people and services.
The statement said heads of Japanese companies confirmed that large companies and even small in bulk to Japan that Iraq represents a promising market and broad and very important, since many of them started to work there and I've opened mo'khramkatb in Baghdad to accompany the movement of labour and delivery.
Hitachi mso'olwashrkh explained that they have projects in the field of oil exploration and other and seek to expand their production of electricity and water filters and pipelines of oil and gas extraction, in addition to major industrial projects for agricultural machinery and vehicles and others.
During the meeting the heads of Japanese companies talked about some of the obstacles they face in implementing projects. And aarbo to train more Iraqi experience in Japan and within Iraq referring to train hundreds of Iraqis during the recent years.