Economic Commission: political differences kept the foreign investors on Iraq
21/11/2011 10:11

Baghdad / Orr News

The committee said in the House of Representatives that the large number of political disputes between the parties and blocs expelled foreign companies to invest in Iraq. "A member of the Economic Commission Salman al-Moussawi said that" political differences and the security situation cause of the reluctance of investors to come to Iraq, "noting that" the crisis policy department in the country not only produces adverse consequences as well as those at the top that the authority did not take advantage of the global economic crisis for Iraq. "

He noted that "many obstacles prevent attracting foreign capital to invest in Iraq despite the issuance of the Investment Law and the National Authority for Investment great facilities to foreign companies."

And warned of the security and defense committee of the parliamentary political differences continued at the current stage, indicating that the general situation requires coherent to maintain the stability of the security situation in the country.

He held local officials in the province of Baghdad, is responsible for the slow implementation of investment projects To some of the ministries concerned because of the lack of understanding of the recent investment laws and the absolute dominance of most powers of provincial institutions in addition to the obstacles and constraints Avaidiat land. "

And announced that the United Nations Mission in Iraq, the poverty rate arrived in Iraq to 23% confirmed they are working on creating job opportunities for young people in the oil and gas and building the capacity of government institutions to benefit from the experience. "