Supreme Council: political reasons behind the questioning of Secretary of Baghdad in the Iraqi parliament

Khandan - Ali Naji
Confirmed leader of the Islamic Supreme Council and the National Alliance MP Mohammad Allkash, the reasons for the existence of political and media speculations behind the questioning of Secretary of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi.
And witnessing the Iraqi parliament session for the day tomorrow, questioning Saber al-Issawi, who took the post of Secretary of Baghdad for more than (7) years, as is al-Issawi leading figures in the Supreme Council, led by Mr. Hakim.
Allkash said in a statement to the site (Khandan) that the prosecutor questioned the evidence and to present evidence that the fixed confirm the existence of official corruption on Almostagob, confirming the existence of dimensions of political and media speculations behind the request questioning Secretary of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi.
He said the Attorney for the National: The al-Issawi has a lot of achievements and everyone praises them, and when he committed an error we will have our first accountants.
He was a member of the Integrity Committee in Parliament and MP for the State of Law coalition cult who, had announced that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives established during a meeting with the political blocs on Tuesday Amoaada to question the Mayor of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi, said that the questioning session comes because of the charge-Issawi issues of administrative corruption and financial , including the tender to refer to companies that are not solid.