Ali Fayad: the Commission on oil and energy discussing the parliamentary oil and gas law this week
01:47 20/11/2011

Khandan - Ali Naji
Deputy Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the National Alliance MP Ali Fayad, said his committee will discuss the draft law of oil and gas during the week.
The hospitality in a statement to the site (Khandan): The Federal Council of Ministers sent the draft law of oil and gas, which is most likely to discuss and subtraction within the oil and gas, during the week, and this is stipulated in the standards and laws, stating: that the draft law in which the terms of a broader professional competence oil field, as well as a legal passing of the State Council.
The Vice Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy, that: the final outcome of the vote on the oil and gas law in parliament would be a consensus between the political blocs, pointing to the need for the law was passed to raise the level of economic oil and dealing with investment companies better.
The Iraqi Prime Minister and President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, had discussed the steps to address the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, the Kurds and the role and participation in the political process, as well as talk about the need to preserve the democratic and constitutional order in Iraq.
Dr. Barham Saleh during his meeting with Nuri al-Maliki, to abide by the constitution and the implementation of previous agreements between the province and Baghdad, especially Tnnifz Article 140, and oil and gas law and the question of the Peshmerga and the national imports and participate in a government of national partnership.