Hashemi calls for political forces to hold a conference to discuss the situation in the country
19/11/2011 16:48

Provide the Vice-President and leader of the Iraqi List, Tareq al-Hashemi's initiative to set up a conference to correct the situation in Iraq post-American withdrawal scheduled end of the year.

Hashemi said at a news conference Saturday on the sidelines of the forum of political periodic renewal movement led by Iraq needs to unite and find a suitor political ground of mutual trust in anticipation of the difficulties of security, economic and political face of the country next year.

Hashemi criticized the refusal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the establishment of Salahuddin province, calling on him to abide by the constitution, which allows each switch to the territory of the provinces.

Hashemi said in an interview with "Radio Sawa" In the event that the Council of Ministers refused to refer the application to convert Salahuddin province, it is right to maintain action through legal channels.

In the meantime, al-Hashemi called on the government to develop plans for addressing the financial crisis in light of the expected deterioration of the economies of many developed countries, warning that Iraq was a setback in this area.

So-Hashemi urged the government not to depart from the Arab consensus in addressing the issues of revolutions and respect the will of the Arab peoples to change.